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WordPress uninstall.php file – The Complete Guide
WordPress plugins that clean up after themselves are pure awesome sauce. If you are developing a plugin that adds any sort of data to the WordPress database, it is important that the plugin removes any unwanted or unused data if and when the plugin ever is uninstalled. This complete guide explains useful techniques for doing this using the powerful and handy uninstall.php file.
WordPress  plugin  uninstall 
7 days ago by aldolat
WordPress uninstall.php file – The Complete Guide
WordPress plugins that clean up after themselves are pure awesome sauce. If you are developing a plugin that adds any sort of data to the WordPress database, it is important that the plugin removes any unwanted or unused data if and when the plugin ever is uninstalled. This complete guide explains useful techniques for doing this using the powerful and handy uninstall.php file.
WordPress  uninstall  plugin 
9 days ago by aldolat
Writing a WordPress Plugin From Scratch: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
This WordPress plugin development tutorial captures the steps I went through on a real project, including the mistakes I made and how I debugged them.
webdev  development  code  WordPress  plugin  plugin_howto 
5 weeks ago by aldolat
A Strategy for Initializing Plugin Settings
Whenever you’re working on a plugin that offers a page for its settings, there are several ways that you can save and retrieve the information.
WordPress  webdev  plugin 
october 2018 by aldolat
Error Log Monitor
This plugin adds a Dashboard widget that displays the latest messages from your PHP error log. It can also send you email notifications about newly logged errors.
WordPress  plugin  errors  logging 
august 2018 by aldolat
Lean WP
The reason we developed the Lean WP plugin is that we think that WordPress in its current shape can be cleaned up and trimmed down.

The Lean WP plugin is mostly targeted at companies that use WordPress for their company websites. At the same time we think that the plugin can also be useful for people who simply want to use the interface they have gotten so used to, without the new “features” that seem to be added with each new release.
WordPress  plugin 
august 2018 by aldolat
How to Disable Gutenberg: Complete Guide
Gutenberg soon will be added to the WordPress core. This is great news for some, not so great for others. With 99.9999% (estimate) of all WordPress sites currently setup to work without Gutenberg, the massive changes barreling down the pike are going to affect literally millions of websites. And as swell as the whole "Gutenberg" experience may seem, the simple truth is that a vast majority of site owners will not be prepared when it finally hits. Nor will many small business have time or budget to test and update client sites to accommodate ol’ Gut’.
WordPress  plugin  Gutenberg  editor 
april 2018 by aldolat
weDocs – the documentation plugin — WordPress Plugins
Create great looking documentation for your products. Organize your product documentation in your site, beautifully!
WordPress  plugin  themes  documentation 
april 2018 by aldolat
Prismatic — WordPress Plugins
Display beautiful syntax-highlighted code snippets with Prism.js or Highlight.js.
WordPress  plugin  code 
december 2016 by aldolat
Davide Pantè: Introduzione all’utilizzo di Advanced Custom Fields
Published April 26, 2016 ACF è un plugin che facilita la creazione di interfacce complesse di ogni tipo. Questo intervento prenderà in considerazione le…
WordPress  webdev  plugin  from instapaper
april 2016 by aldolat
DIY WordPress Popular Posts
Over at my code snippets site , I keep track of the most popular posts and display a list in the sidebar. It's an easy way to highlight the site's best content…
webdev  WordPress  plugin  from instapaper
april 2016 by aldolat
How to Create a School Website with WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog
Whether you’re creating a school for a single teacher or a staff of college instructors, WordPress has everything you need.
wordpress  plugin  school  courses 
march 2015 by aldolat
Plugin Authors: How to Avoid Download Prompts Associated with Screenshots on the WordPress Plugin Directory
If you’ve ever clicked on a screenshot in the WordPress plugin directory and received a download prompt, you’re not the only one. In fact, it’s a widespread issue that affects a number of plugins.
plugin  image  mimetypes  development 
january 2015 by aldolat
10 Plugins to Make Managing WordPress Content Easier - WPMU DEV
Below we’ve collected 10 useful plugins (actually more) that can help manage your content better.
wordpress  plugin  content 
april 2014 by aldolat
WordPress Database Reset
A simple way to reset the database to the state of WordPress right after you install it for the first time.
wordpress  plugin  reset 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › WordPress Reset « WordPress Plugins
Resets the WordPress database back to it's defaults. Deletes all customizations and content. Does not modify files only resets the database.
wordpress  plugin  reset 
march 2014 by aldolat
How to Set Up a Free Mini-Course in WordPress - WPMU DEV
There are lots of ways to give visitors to your site extra value. One such way is to let them take a free mini-course. Instead of just putting up the course and letting anyone access it, you could use the opportunity to get people onto your mailing list. In order to do that, you’ll need to put your course behind a “paywall,” even if the cost is only the submission of their email address. And so that’s what we’re going to go over in this post — setting up a free mini-course behind a payway.
wordpress  plugin  education  letture 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › BackWPup Free - WordPress Backup Plugin « WordPress Plugins
Schedule complete automatic backups of your WordPress installation. Decide which content will be stored (Dropbox, S3…). This is the free version
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › All-in-One WP Migration « WordPress Plugins
All-in-One WP Migration is the only tools that you will ever needs when you need to perform site migration of your WordPress blog.
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › WP Clone by WP Academy « WordPress Plugins
Move or copy a WordPress site to another server or to another domain name, move to/from local server hosting, and backup sites.
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › WordPress Move « WordPress Plugins
Enables you to back up your installation to restore to at any time, change the domain name in use and migrate your installation to another server.
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › WordPress Duplicator « WordPress Plugins
Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another.
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
Great Plugins For Multi-Author WordPress Blogs & Websites | Elegant Themes Blog
In this article, I would like to share with you fifteen great WordPress plugins that will help those of you who work with many authors. Each plugin can be downloaded free from the official WordPress plugin directory.
wordpress  plugin  multi-author  editor 
march 2014 by aldolat
How to Create a Complete WordPress Backup for Free with BackWPup
In this article we will show you how to create a complete WordPress backup for free with BackWPup.
wordpress  plugin  backup 
november 2013 by aldolat
How to Move a Live WordPress Site to Local Server
In this article, we will show you how to move a live WordPress site to local server.
moving  wordpress  plugin  localhost 
november 2013 by aldolat
WordPress Plugin Development from Scratch, Part 1/4: Basic Structure
Hiring a developer and creating the custom functionality can be costly for you as a freelance designer. So you should be thinking about learning the skills of plugin development.
tutorials  development  wordpress  plugin 
may 2013 by aldolat
How to create your own WordPress functionality plugin | WPCandy
A common, yet unfortunate practice in the WordPress community involves filling theme functions.php files with tweaks and functionality that is key to a site. The reason this is a bad idea, in short, is that it will tie your critical site functionality to a theme that will eventually change.
wordpress  functions  plugin  letture 
november 2012 by aldolat
GMail Notes | Notes for GMail is a way to annotate your emails
Annotate your emails right from the native Gmail™ interface, in an easy and intuitive way. Beautiful, useful - it is Notes for Gmail™
browser  plugin  notes  gmail 
september 2012 by aldolat
WordPress Plugins for Writers -- An Essential List for Authors
If you are an author with a book to sell, then it doesn’t really matter if you’re a self-published Kindle Store cowboy or a long-established writer aligned with a century old publishing house – you’re probably going to need a website to help you build a platform in order market yourself and your work. There are few better ways to go about building your author platform than with WordPress. Its relative ease of use and its flexible nature make it easy to bend to your wishes.
author  books  plugin  wordpress 
august 2012 by aldolat
Plan Your Blog Posts from within WordPress with Notely -
This plugin isn’t going to win any awards for spectacular functionality, but if you’re looking for somewhere to take notes whilst you’re writing posts in WordPress, Notely will do the trick just fine.
notes  plugin  wordpress 
august 2012 by aldolat
WordPress 2-Step Verification plugin -
WordPress 2-Step Verification (WP2SV) is a fantastic new security plugin. (FYI: There’s another Google Authenticator plugin that allows app-specific passwords but doesn’t have email as a 2-factor authentication option, which I fancy.) It uses Google’s 2-step authentication (video describing the concept is below) for your WordPress logins.
plugin  security  authentication  wordpress 
august 2012 by aldolat
WordPress Retina Images -
Based on the information above, you might feel like shying away from providing Retina-quality images at all. However, there’s a great WordPress plugin that has all the features you need, WP Retina 2x
plugin  retina  wordpress  Resources  letture 
july 2012 by aldolat
How to publish professional podcasts using WordPress (and a few other tools) | WPCandy
A long Internet Time ago I wrote a tutorial that briefly explained how to publish a podcast with WordPress. Today I’d like to revisit the topic with a lot more information, and hopefully provide the perfect launchpad for those wanting to get rolling with a podcast of their own.
podcast  wordpress  plugin  letture 
june 2012 by aldolat
Make the P2 theme even more useful with plugins built for it | WPCandy
I’ve put together a small (but hopefully growing!) list of plugins made specifically for P2, as well as a few non-P2-specific plugins that I find particularly useful when used along with the theme.
p2_theme  plugin  wordpress  Resources 
june 2012 by aldolat
Switched WP Super Cache to Quick Cache
We have switched over from WP-SuperCache to QuickCache as the primary WordPress caching plugin for our site.
cache  plugin  wordpress  Resources  letture 
february 2012 by aldolat
5 WordPress Plugins I Won't Build a Blog Without | BloggingPro
Though the full list could probably go on for quite some time, here is a list of five of the more important plugins I’ve run across and how they’ve helped to make me a better blogger over the years and are plugins I probably wouldn’t build a new site without.
plugin  wordpress  Resources  letture 
february 2012 by aldolat
Custom Classes: WordPress Plugin
For a recent project, I needed a way to add custom post and body classes on a per-post basis. Sure, I could have used a category or tag to style each post, but I hate creating custom categories and tags for the purposes of styling a post. So, I created a small plugin to let me add custom classes for individual posts.
body_class  post_class  plugin  CSS  wordpress  Resources  letture 
february 2012 by aldolat
Handling Plugins Options in WordPress 2.8 with register_setting() « planetOzh
In the upcoming WordPress 2.8 there's an interesting function set meant to help authors manage their plugin custom options. In a nutshell: whitelist your options, define how you want them to be validated, and just lean back and rely on the API to handle everything for you. Your new best friend is function register_setting(), and I'm going to recapitulate how it's supposed to be used.
options  plugin  wordpress  Resources 
february 2012 by aldolat
WordPress CMS Plugins | Digging into WordPress
To make room for new content for the DiW 3.3 update, we’re “excerpting” this section into its own blog post. Here you’ll find an extensive round-up of CMS plugins for WordPress. Includes CMS plugins for better admin functionality, user-role management, custom content display, e-commerce & shopping carts, forums, newsletters, and more.
plugin  cms  wordpress  Resources 
january 2012 by aldolat
WPCandy's Completely Unofficial Guide to Plugin UI | WPCandy
I’m writing this guide to outline a (completely unofficial) set of best practices for implementing settings pages that is consistent and current with the native WordPress administration user interface. I’ve based these guidelines on my observations and experiences with using plugins in WordPress.
wordpress  plugin  ui  Resources  letture 
january 2012 by aldolat
Image Forensics - elsamuko
Plugin per Gimp in ambito forensic.
gimp  plugin  forensics 
august 2011 by aldolat
WordPress › Log Deprecated Notices « WordPress Plugins
Logs the usage of deprecated files, functions, and function arguments, and identifies where the deprecated functionality is being used.
wordpress  plugin  debug 
august 2011 by aldolat
WordPress › AnythingSlider for WordPress « WordPress Plugins
Integrates Chris Coyier's popular AnythingSlider jQuery plugin with WordPress.
wordpress  plugin  jquery  slideshow  gallery  carousel  slider  image 
june 2011 by aldolat
Jetpack supercharges your self‑hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of
wordpress  plugin 
may 2011 by aldolat
Professional WordPress Plugin Development
Professional WordPress Plugin Development is the ultimate WordPress development learning tool, taking budding PHP developers, advanced users, and professional programmers through the steps of creating quality plugins.
wordpress  plugin  development  book  wishlist  high  Resources 
april 2011 by aldolat
21 Great Plugins to Manage Multi-Author Blogs Efficiently
Multi-Author Blogs are a popular trend that is spreading rapidly in the blogging industry. It is getting hard to keep up with the fresh content for one man bloggers therefore more and more blogs are now seeking for guest authors, co-authors, and multi-authors. This is not only a great way to expand your blog’s content, but it is a great way to attract different type of audiences. While it is a great way to produce fresh content, Managing a Multi-Author blog is no easy task. You have to make sure that the authors post on time, they have the appropriate permissions and control, and so much more. Thankfully WordPress allows us to manage a multi-author blog efficiently with the help of these amazing plugins that we will highlight in this post.
wordpress  multi-author  blogging  plugin 
february 2011 by aldolat
New Plugin: Filtered HTML for Editors | Andrew Nacin
This is in response to a published report suggesting there is a vulnerability in WordPress 3.0.4. The report is invalid, but I’m offering this plugin for sites that do not trust users given the Editor role.
wordpress  security  plugin 
december 2010 by aldolat
IDrive Plug-in for WordPress Online Backup
IDrive Plug-in for WordPress is an easy to use backup utility, designed specifically to backup WordPress blog data into your IDrive online backup account. It provides scheduled as well as immediate backup of WordPress blog data including files and MySQL database dump. Install and activate the IDrive Plug-in for WordPress. Through the Plug-in, create a new IDrive online backup account to start backing up your WordPress data.
wordpress  backup  plugin  storage 
october 2010 by aldolat
Use the power of WordPress to transform online content into an electronic book.
wordpress  plugin  publishing  ebook  books 
october 2010 by aldolat
Ozh’ Tweet Archiver (Backup Twitter With WordPress) « planetOzh
If you want to browse your own tweet history, Twitter sucks. If you have published more than 3200 tweets, Twitter lost the older ones. On the other hand, WordPress does all this fine, so I made a plugin to archive all your tweets in WordPress
wordpress  twitter  plugin  backup 
september 2010 by aldolat
DevPress | WordPress Themes & Plugins
We are designers and developers with a common interest, tic-tac-toe playing with WordPress. Working together to build smarter themes and plugns, DevPress is the result of our collaborative effort.
wordpress  development  themes  plugin  Resources 
september 2010 by aldolat
Top 5 Excellent E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress
With the internet being used more and more by your average consumer, you may be wanting to start your own online shop so you can unleash your products to all those potential customers. I’m sure you know that there are countless ways to do just this, but here I’m going to talk specifically about e-commerce plugins for WordPress.
Maybe you’ve heard about the odd plugin that allows you to sell products from your WordPress blog, but you might not know exactly what they are. To help you on your way to selling your products, I’m going to tell you about the five best e-commerce plugins for WordPress.
wordpress  plugin  ecommerce  shopping 
september 2010 by aldolat
How to Write a “Most Popular By Views” WordPress Plugin | Nettuts+
As you continue writing for WordPress more and more, the level of difficulty and complexity of your plugins will eventually reach far beyond the simple back-end data manipulation, as demonstrated in our beginner’s article. In this installment we’ll cover in-depth: database interaction, Admin Widgets, and Sidebar Widgets. Today’s example will be a custom built “Most Popular by Views” plugin, which creates an admin area widget for us to view, and a sidebar widget for visitors to see.
wordpress  plugin  views 
june 2010 by aldolat
Flattr Button for WordPress without a Plugin
There is a lot talking about Flattr and the idea certainly is worth a try. That's why I wanted to test and integrate Flattr in our blog. However, I don't really like the Plugin and that's why I created a small little function, which integrates the button as you can see right under the tweets of each post.
flattr  wordpress  micropayment  functions  plugin 
june 2010 by aldolat
Your First WordPress Plugin: Simple Optimization | Nettuts+
WordPress is the largest blogging platform available on the internet today; and with the official release of version three just around the corner, it’s only going to get bigger. As such, over the next few self-contained tuts, we’re going to learn the ins and outs of WordPress plugin development, starting with the creation of our first simple plugin, “Simple Optimization.”
wordpress  plugin  plugin_howto  Resources 
june 2010 by aldolat
WordPress › WP Dummy Content « WordPress Plugins
One pain of theme development is setting up all the pages and blog posts in order for you to see how your site will look one by one by one. No more! WP-Dummy-Content is a Wordpress plugin that will generate a bunch of pages, sub-pages and posts which you specify. Titles and content are automatically generated for you as well, and you have a few choices as to the type and length of content. One click generates an entire site. Choose what type of content to insert: single paragraph, multi paragraphs, styled (lists, blockquotes, links, etc.), or random. One click DELETES all content created by the plugin!
plugin  wordpress  content  generator 
april 2010 by aldolat
SP Courseware « WordPress Plugins
ScholarPress Courseware enables you to manage a class with a WordPress blog. The plugin give you the ability to ad and edit a schedule, create a bibliography bibliography and assignments, and manage general course information. Designed primarily for use in higher ed courses, but could easily be adapted for other uses.
wordpress  plugin  school  education  Resources 
april 2010 by aldolat
Siphon - Sync Add-ons
Add-on di Firefox per sincronizzare le estensioni fra più installazioni del browser.
firefox  extension  plugin 
march 2010 by aldolat
15 Useful Twitter Hacks and Plug-Ins For WordPress - Smashing Magazine
In this article, we have compiled 15 most useful Twitter plug-ins, hacks and tips for WordPress to help you get the most out of Twitter in your WordPress blog.
wordpress  twitter  plugin 
march 2010 by aldolat
WordPress › PHP Code Widget « WordPress Plugins
The normal Text widget allows you to insert arbitrary Text and/or HTML code. This allows that too, but also parses any inserted PHP code and executes it. This makes it easier to migrate to a widget-based theme.
wordpress  plugin  widgets 
september 2009 by aldolat
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