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Use a Passphrase
Generate a passphrase or test your password's strength
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10 days ago by aldolat
Before You Use a Password Manager – Stuart Schechter – Medium
I cringe when I hear self-proclaimed experts implore everyone to “use a password manager for all your passwords” and “turn on two-factor authentication for every site that offers it.” As most of us who perform user research in security quickly learn, advice that may protect one individual may harm another. Each person uses technology differently, has a unique set of skills, and faces different risks.
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june 2019 by aldolat
GitHub - browserpass/browserpass: Chrome & Firefox browser extension for pass, a UNIX password manager.
Browserpass is a Chrome & Firefox extension for zx2c4's pass, a UNIX based password manager. It retrieves your decrypted passwords for the current domain and allows you to auto-fill login forms, as well as copy it to clipboard. If you have multiple logins for the current site, the extension shows you a list of usernames to choose from.
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may 2018 by aldolat
Plasma Pass
And so I dusted off my QML knowledge and wrote Plasma Pass: a systray Plasma applet to quickly find your password and copy it into the clipboard with a single mouse click.
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may 2018 by aldolat
Convert LastPass csv file to pass
Convert the LastPass csv exported file into the standard structure of pass password manager. Pass is the standard UNIX password manager. [archived in]
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april 2018 by aldolat
OTPGen for BlackBerry 8300
A one-time password generator. Supports MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 hashing, output as six words and hexadecimal numbers. Conforms to RFC 2289 (works with s/key, OPIE etc.). More info:
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december 2010 by aldolat
HTAccess Password-Protection Tricks • Perishable Press
Come proteggere con una password una directory, un file, ecc. del proprio webserver
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july 2009 by aldolat

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