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Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress - Envato Tuts+ Code Tutorials
In this series, we're taking a look at the basics of PHP, the basics of object-oriented programming, how to do so within the context of WordPress, and we're even looking at the beginning of more intermediate concepts such as inheritance.
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22 days ago by aldolat
WordPress: perché usare l’approccio OOP | Gabriele Romanato
In questo articolo introdurremo alcuni dei concetti chiave per programmare in modo object-oriented in WordPress. Un requisito necessario è la conoscenza dell’OOP in PHP oltre che la conoscenza di base del funzionamento di WordPress.
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december 2016 by aldolat
Create WordPress Plugins with OOP Techniques | Nettuts+
Object-oriented code, among other things, can help organize and add reusability to your code. In this tutorial, I will teach you the basics of writing a…
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december 2016 by aldolat
Understanding The Concept Of Visibility In Object Oriented PHP
I’ve been writing a lot recently about principles of object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP, including magic methods . OOP is great in that it promotes…
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may 2016 by aldolat
WordPress OOP Introduction
In this article I will be creating a reusable class-encapsulated functions.php file, that you can use for your future WordPress sites.
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may 2016 by aldolat
Object-Oriented PHP for Beginners
For many PHP programmers, object-oriented programming is a frightening concept, full of complicated syntax and other roadblocks. As detailed in my book, Pro PHP…
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april 2016 by aldolat
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Code for WordPress Plugins - WPMU DEV
Daniel Pataki Last updated April 10, 2016 #code #object oriented programming Object-oriented programming can be difficult to wrap your head around but is…
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april 2016 by aldolat
Create WordPress Plugins with OOP Techniques - Tuts Code Article
In this tutorial, I will teach you the basics of writing a WordPress plugin using object oriented techniques.
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december 2014 by aldolat
Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress: An Introduction - Tuts Code Tutorial
This series is going to focus solely on those who are wanting to learn to build more complex solutions with WordPress. You may be someone who is comfortable with building themes and/or simple plugins, but are looking to advance your skill set by learning object-oriented programming.
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august 2014 by aldolat

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