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Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App
Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work.
notes  tools  notetaking  encryption  productivity 
may 2018 by aldolat
E-Ink Tablets | Digital Paper & Notepads | Sony US
In a world overwhelmed with paper, Sony introduces a revolutionary way to work. Digital Paper from Sony, in conjunction with a cloud service, gives you the power to annotate, share, and save your documents – all from a handy device that's light enough to carry anywhere.
notetaking  notes  hardware  devices 
february 2017 by aldolat
reMarkable | The paper tablet
The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. Here to replace your notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts. Paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers.
notetaking  notes  devices  hardware 
february 2017 by aldolat
Turtl: Secure, Open Source Evernote Alternative
| Posted: August 16, 2016 | Updated: 2016-09-05T13:43:31Z Turtl is a secure, open source Evernote alternative, available for Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android.…
notes  Evernote  from instapaper
august 2016 by aldolat
GMail Notes | Notes for GMail is a way to annotate your emails
Annotate your emails right from the native Gmail™ interface, in an easy and intuitive way. Beautiful, useful - it is Notes for Gmail™
browser  plugin  notes  gmail 
september 2012 by aldolat
Plan Your Blog Posts from within WordPress with Notely -
This plugin isn’t going to win any awards for spectacular functionality, but if you’re looking for somewhere to take notes whilst you’re writing posts in WordPress, Notely will do the trick just fine.
notes  plugin  wordpress 
august 2012 by aldolat
Cornell Notetaking Method Custom PDF Generator
This quick and dirty little form will allow you, the student, to create custom notetaking sheets for any or all of your classes. The custom sheets can be blank (Cornell Style), ruled, or graph style. They are output with your name, the name of your class, and the date - that is, if you provide that information.
notebook  notes 
july 2012 by aldolat
Evernote for BlackBerry: Direct Downloads « Evernote Blogcast
Evernote è un'app che consente di prendere note da pagine web, ritagli, immagini e altro. Oltre a un'add-on per Firefox, è possibile usarlo sul proprio BlackBerry.
blackberry  evernote  notes 
september 2010 by aldolat
Tomfox - A Tomboy Extension for Firefox | Harry Coal
Una estensione di Firefox per prendere un appunto e salvarlo in Tomboy: il tutto in modo trasparente e intelligente.
firefox  tomboy  notes 
june 2009 by aldolat
Social app per appuntare note e ritagli di pagine web.
Appunti  notes  share 
may 2009 by aldolat

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