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WordPress › AnythingSlider for WordPress « WordPress Plugins
Integrates Chris Coyier's popular AnythingSlider jQuery plugin with WordPress.
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june 2011 by aldolat
WordPress Theme Tip: Force an Image Size » Otto on WordPress
Image sizing is always a problem for themes. Theme designers want their theme to be pixel perfect in all cases, but WordPress wants the user to have some form of control. With image sizes, WordPress lets the user pick the size of their image thumbnails and so forth. In that case, using those becomes problematic for certain places in the theme which need pre-defined image sizes.
Here’s the quick and easy solution: add_image_size. This function lets you create custom image sizes that can be used by your theme. Plugins can do the same sort of things, of course, but this really comes in more useful as a theme developer’s tool.
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june 2010 by aldolat
Mark Jaquith: New in WordPress 2.9: Post Thumbnail Images at Your vBulletin Resource The Staff Lounge
Many WordPress themes, especially those with “magazine-like” layouts, use an image to represent each post. It might just be on the front page. It might be alone, or alongside an excerpt. Until now, there was no standardized way to do this. Many themes would require you to tediously enter a Custom Field with the value being the URL you wanted to use. Often you had to do cropping yourself. With WordPress 2.9, theme authors can easily enable Post Thumbnail selection UI and call those image using simple template tags.
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june 2010 by aldolat

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