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Introduction To URL Rewriting - Smashing Coding
Many Web companies spend hours and hours agonizing over the best domain names for their clients. They try to find a domain name that is relevant and…
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december 2016 by aldolat
Stop from Framing Your Content
This quick post explains how to stop the notorious site scrapers,, from stealing your content. In fact, this technique can be used to stop virtually any site that uses HTML frames to scrape your pages. Once again, the solution is one line of .htaccess to the rescue.
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april 2016 by aldolat
Perishable Press : Redirect WordPress Date Archives with .htaccess
Restructuring a WordPress website may involve removing the subdomain from URLs/permalinks. For example, I recently removed the original WP-install subdirectory from Perishable Press to simplify site structure and optimize WordPress permalinks. There are PHP scripts and WP plugins that might work for this, but in most cases .htaccess is optimal when changing URL structure and redirecting traffic.
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april 2012 by aldolat
.htaccess Files for the Rest of Us | Nettuts+
.htaccess files are used to configure Apache, as well a range of other web servers. Despite the .htaccess file type extension, they are simply text files that can be edited using any text-editor. In this article, we’ll review what they are, and how you can use them in your projects.
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january 2012 by aldolat
Huge Collection of Code Snippets: HTAccess, PHP, WordPress, jQuery, HTML, CSS | Perishable Press
Whenever I update this site, I place any removed/unused code snippets into a giant note file for future reference, just in case. There’s all sorts of different types of code and snippets that just keep growing and growing and.. and finally it gets to a point where I just need to dump everything and start fresh. That is the purpose of this post.
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september 2011 by aldolat
Reduce spam on your WordPress blog by using .htaccess
Sick of spammers? Of course, Akismet helps a lot, but your .htaccess file can also help: Today’s recipe is a snippet that prevent spam bots to directly access your wp-comments-post.php file, which is used to post comments on your blog.
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august 2011 by aldolat
the jackol’s den » htaccess Cheatsheet
Here is a simple cheatsheet for the .htaccess file
apache  htaccess  cheatsheet 
february 2011 by aldolat
The New htaccess Permalink Rules for WordPress | Digging into WordPress
What is the purpose of the new htaccess directive? Why change something that has worked so well for so long? Better have a good reason to go tampering, right? Yes, and as it turns out, this new rule is involved with canonicalization of your WordPress URLs. I don’t think it was by any means necessary, but it’s definitely an improvement over the original code. The new directive basically strips off any dangling index.php from your WordPress permalinks.
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january 2011 by aldolat
Control cache expire dates using htaccess
You can use an htaccess file to control what kind of files should be cached, and for how long.
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april 2010 by aldolat
How to: Deny comment posting to no referrer requests
If you’re a WordPress user, then you’re probably upset with the amount of daily spam comments. Sure, there’s akismet, but here’s a little .htaccess trick to prevent spammers posting on your blog.
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july 2009 by aldolat
5 Fun and Practical Htaccess Solutions - Nettuts+
Alcuni pratici e utili consigli su come impostare alcune regole di .htaccess
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july 2009 by aldolat
HTAccess Password-Protection Tricks • Perishable Press
Come proteggere con una password una directory, un file, ecc. del proprio webserver
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july 2009 by aldolat

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