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SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting by DigitalOcean
Simple Cloud Hosting. Built for developers. Deploy an SSD cloud server in 55 seconds!
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january 2014 by aldolat
WPDensity: The Free WordPress Hosting Project -
WPDensity is being created as a mix between a hosted WordPress solution and a hosting company where users can manage their own installations.
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october 2012 by aldolat
Free File Sharing -
Get 10 GB of Free Space, Unlimited Downloads & Transfer, Share Large Files up to 2 GB each
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october 2011 by aldolat
Andrea Beggi » WordPress: cambiare hosting
Quello che segue è un esperimento: si tratta di appunti presi in tempi diversi per preparare la mia presentazione al WordCamp di Milano.
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may 2011 by aldolat
How to move WordPress site to new server with zero downtime |
It often comes as a topic and I decided to write a quick tutorial on how to move your WordPress site from one host to another with zero downtime.
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april 2011 by aldolat
Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex
There are times when you need to move WordPress around within your server, and times when you need to move WordPress from one server to another. You don't need to reinstall. WordPress is flexible enough to handle all of these situations.
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april 2011 by aldolat
Move your WordPress blog to a new domain in 10 steps! - Yoast
A friend recently asked me how to move his blog, which is on /blog/ on his domain, to a new domain on it's own. The steps are easy, but have to be taken in the right order to make sure you're not annoying your users and the search engines
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april 2011 by aldolat
Moving WordPress to a new domain or server « Steve Taylor
Moving WordPress’s location—be it to a new domain, a new server location, or both—has never been as easy as it might be. Here I’m going to document my own process for achieving this, and try to keep it updated with new ideas and lessons learned.
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april 2011 by aldolat
Automated Web Hosting - Servizi Web Hosting, Server Dedicati, Server Virtuali, Registrazione Domini & Colocation
october 2010 by aldolat
BlueHost.Com - Products
Mi sa che l'anno prossimo mi ci trasferisco
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january 2010 by aldolat

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