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Better Web Typography for a Better Web | Better Web Type
A free web typography course for web designers & web developers.
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october 2018 by aldolat
How can I extract embedded fonts from a PDF as valid font files? - Stack Overflow
You have several options. All these methods work on Linux as well as on Windows or Mac OS X. However, be aware that most PDFs do not include to full, complete fontface when they have a font embedded. Mostly they include just the subset of glyphs used in the document.
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december 2017 by aldolat
Installing 09-texlive-fonts.conf to /etc/fonts/conf.d on Ubuntu 16.04 breaks fonts in Firefox - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
I noticed that after I symlinked the 09-texlive-fonts.conf file from /etc/fonts/conf.d it interfered with fonts system wide, notably firefox. On all the fonts in the header were showing 'squares' and in other applications font glyphs were not even rendering.

Is there any way to install the TexLive fonts without interfering with the system?
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december 2017 by aldolat
Spectral is a Font That’s Interactive & Customisable
While fonts come in many forms, most, if not all of them, are usually static in design. However, fonts may soon become a lot more flexible as Google has introduced a new font type that is both customizable and interactive – called Spectral.
july 2017 by aldolat
Dario Taraborelli: Accessing OpenType font features in LaTeX
To bridge this gap I put together a table with a list of font features currently supported in XETEX, based on version 2.0 of fontspec.
LaTeX  fonts  from instapaper
january 2017 by aldolat
Type study: Sizing the legible letter « The Typekit Blog
Type study is an ongoing series of guest posts about typography on the web. In this article, Ethan Marcotte dishes up advice on font size.
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september 2012 by aldolat
Free Icon Fonts for Web User Interfaces
This roundup features 18 free icon fonts that can be used in your commercial projects. The icon fonts in this post are perfect for your app user interfaces (UIs).
webdesign  fonts  icons 
august 2012 by aldolat
exljbris Font Foundry
Well crafted (free) fonts by Jos Buivenga.
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july 2012 by aldolat
5 Google Font Combinations That You Should Start Using
Below you will see 5 examples of Google Font combinations that I think YOU should start using. (One of them is a combination that I use here on my site.)
webdesign  fonts  wordpress 
february 2012 by aldolat
LaTeX and fonts
This post explains how to use XeLaTeX and the fontspec package to use arbitrary fonts in LaTeX documents.
fonts  latex 
january 2012 by aldolat
New High-Quality Free Fonts (2012 Edition) - Smashing Magazine
In this selection, we’re pleased to present Homestead, Bree Serif, Levanderia, Valencia, Nomed Font, Carton and other quality fonts. Please note that while most fonts are available for commercial projects, some are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such in their descriptions. Also, please read the licensing agreements carefully before using the fonts; they may change from time to time.
typography  fonts  Resources 
january 2012 by aldolat
Ubuntu Font Family
The Ubuntu typeface has been specially created to complement the Ubuntu tone of voice. It has a contemporary style and contains characteristics unique to the Ubuntu brand that convey a precise, reliable and free attitude.
typography  fonts  ubuntu  Resources 
september 2011 by aldolat
Web font services - An Overview - by
This is just a personal driven overview of web font services and should not be understood as an authoritative attempt to classify the services - as it was mentioned to me.
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may 2011 by aldolat
Awesome Fontstacks
Easily create bundles of beautifully matching, free web fonts, with failsafe font stacks to back them up. Including ready-to-go CSS code!
@font-face  fonts  typography  css  webdesign 
december 2010 by aldolat
Desktop and @font-face fonts | Fontspring
OpenType for your desktop and webfonts for your sites.
typography  fonts  @font-face  webdesign  Resources 
october 2010 by aldolat
Crea il font a partire dalla scrittura manuale.
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july 2010 by aldolat
Fonts for Scholars: the Cardo Font
Cardo is a large Unicode font specifically designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists. Since it may be used to prepare materials for publication, it also contains features that are required for high-quality typography, such as ligatures, text figures (also known as old style numerals), true small capitals and a variety of punctuation and space characters. It may also be used to document and discuss the features of Unicode that are applicable to the these disciplines, as we work to help colleagues understand the value (and limitations) of Unicode.
fonts  typography  cardo  openfont  Resources 
june 2010 by aldolat
Identify Fonts
Submit the image with the font you are looking for.
fonts  typography  identify 
may 2010 by aldolat
Google Font Directory
The Google Font Directory lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Font API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers.
google  fonts  css  @font-face  Resources 
may 2010 by aldolat
Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen
Comparazione degli stili CSS di blocchi di testo in realtime.
css  text  type  fonts  webdesign 
march 2010 by aldolat
Larabie Fonts - hundreds of original, freeware fonts
Loads of free futuristic, weird and retro fonts made by Ray Larabie.
Grafica_DTP  fonts 
may 2008 by aldolat
Scangraphic Fonts
E' l'unica azienda a vendere il Simoncini Garamond completo di Maiuscoletti e numeri alti/bassi.
Grafica_DTP  fonts 
june 2006 by aldolat

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