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Firefox Send
Condivisione di file riservata e crittata. Invia file in modo sicuro, riservato e crittato, con un link che scade automaticamente per garantire che i tuoi dati non rimangano online per sempre.
filesharing  security  tools  sharing  Firefox 
may 2018 by aldolat
Chrome & Firefox now force .dev domains to HTTPS via preloaded HSTS
Chrome 63 (out since December 2017), will force all domains ending on .dev (and .foo) to be redirected to HTTPS via a preloaded HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header. Update 07/02/2018: Firefox now also forces .DEV domains to HTTPS.
webdev  Firefox  Chrome  https  certificate  development  Google 
march 2018 by aldolat
Installing 09-texlive-fonts.conf to /etc/fonts/conf.d on Ubuntu 16.04 breaks fonts in Firefox - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
I noticed that after I symlinked the 09-texlive-fonts.conf file from /etc/fonts/conf.d it interfered with fonts system wide, notably firefox. On all the fonts in the header were showing 'squares' and in other applications font glyphs were not even rendering.

Is there any way to install the TexLive fonts without interfering with the system?
LaTeX  Firefox  fonts  forum 
december 2017 by aldolat
Siphon - Sync Add-ons
Add-on di Firefox per sincronizzare le estensioni fra più installazioni del browser.
firefox  extension  plugin 
march 2010 by aldolat
CSS3 - Columns
The ever more delayed CSS 3 specification has a Multi-column layout module. Unsurprisingly, this module specifies ways and means of creating multi-column texts. This page contains a few tests of the column declarations.
css  css3  layout  webdesign  firefox  webstandards  colonne  columns 
july 2009 by aldolat
Using audio and video in Firefox - MDC
Firefox 3.5 introduced support for the HTML 5 audio and video elements, offering the ability to easily embed media into HTML documents. Currently, Ogg Theora, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV format media is supported.
video  firefox  ogg  html  html5  mozilla  audio  development 
july 2009 by aldolat
Tomfox - A Tomboy Extension for Firefox | Harry Coal
Una estensione di Firefox per prendere un appunto e salvarlo in Tomboy: il tutto in modo trasparente e intelligente.
firefox  tomboy  notes 
june 2009 by aldolat
Forum di Mozilla Firefox
I forum di discussione su Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla  Firefox 
may 2008 by aldolat

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