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Cryptomator: Free Cloud Encryption for Dropbox & Others
Free client-side encryption for your cloud files. Open source software: No backdoors, no registration.
encryption  privacy  security  cloud 
may 2018 by aldolat
Cryptomator come possibile erede di TrueCrypt
Cryptomator infatti permette di creare container di file inaccessibili senza la giusta chiave, scelta dall’utente e impostata esclusivamente Client Side, senza quindi che avvenga comunicazione alcuna con server della società o terze entità ulteriori.
encryption  privacy  security  cloud 
may 2018 by aldolat
15 GB storage for free.
storage  cloud  sharing  sync 
march 2014 by aldolat
By simply dragging and dropping videos, photos, music, links and files, Cloudup lets you instantly and securely share anything, without waiting for uploads or downloads, and at no cost.
storage  sharing  cloud  streaming  social 
march 2014 by aldolat
Secure file sync and share - Cloud security by Tresorit
Keep your files safe, instantly available and easily shareable. Secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud solution.
cloud  storage 
march 2014 by aldolat
SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting by DigitalOcean
Simple Cloud Hosting. Built for developers. Deploy an SSD cloud server in 55 seconds!
hosting  cloud  vps  server 
january 2014 by aldolat
Create your own local Dropbox with AeroFS | Ars Technica
If you're looking for something that will let you use your own server for storage and looks and acts pretty much like Dropbox, AeroFS might be for you.
cloud  storage  sync  sharing  backup  letture 
october 2012 by aldolat
SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy
SparkleShare is a collaboration and sharing tool that is designed to keep things simple and to stay out of your way.
storage  sharing  sync  cloud 
october 2011 by aldolat
Free File Sharing -
Get 10 GB of Free Space, Unlimited Downloads & Transfer, Share Large Files up to 2 GB each
hosting  sharing  filesharing  cloud  storage  cloud 
october 2011 by aldolat
wnCloud is part of the Social Desktop, a project connecting you with your peers in the community. The Social Desktop aims to bring the power of online communities and group collaboration to desktop applications and the desktop shell itself. What's more, the Social Desktop integrates sharing and exchanging knowledge into your apps and the desktop itself.
networking  cloud 
november 2010 by aldolat
Wuala - Storage online sicuro – Esegui backup. Archivia. Condividi. Accedi da ovunque
Esegui backup. Archivia. Condividi. Accedi da ovunque. Tutti i dati crittografati nel tuo computer.
backup  sync  storage  sharing  cloud 
july 2010 by aldolat

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