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Unix Toolbox
This document is a collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users. This is a practical guide with concise explanations, however the reader is supposed to know what s/he is doing.
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28 days ago by aldolat
Oh, shit, git!
Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem. So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I eventually got myself out of them in plain english.
Git  vcs  development  cheatsheet 
october 2018 by aldolat
the jackol’s den » htaccess Cheatsheet
Here is a simple cheatsheet for the .htaccess file
apache  htaccess  cheatsheet 
february 2011 by aldolat
HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet by Woork
HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet is an useful cheat sheet for web designers and developers designed by me. This cheat sheet is essentially a simple visual grid with a list of all HTML tags and of their related attributes supported by HTML versions 4.01 and/or 5. The simple visual style I used to design this sheet allows you to find at a glance everything you are looking for.
html5  cheatsheet  webdesign  html  code 
september 2009 by aldolat
23 Extremely Helpful Wordpress Help Sheets And Resources | Graphic and Web Design Blog - Inspiration, Resources and Tools
This list features not only wordpress help sheets, but also SEO optimization articles, online theme generator and coding tips showing where you can look further if you’ve got problems with coding.
wordpress  cheatsheet  reference 
july 2009 by aldolat

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