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On Richard Stallman and Ubuntu | jonobacon@home
Today Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU project and Free Software Foundation wrote a critical post accusing Ubuntu of shipping spyware (which is referring to the online search capabilities of the Ubuntu dash).
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december 2012 by aldolat
Ubuntu Spyware: What to Do? — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software
One of the major advantages of free software is that the community protects users from malicious software. Now Ubuntu GNU/Linux has become a counterexample. What should we do?
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december 2012 by aldolat
How Kubuntu Did Not Change | Apachelogger's Log
There appears to be some confusion regarding the meaning of yesterday’s announcement that Kubuntu 12.04 is going to be the last release Canonical is offering commercial support for.
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february 2012 by aldolat
[Phoronix] Canonical To Drop Support For Kubuntu
After the forthcoming 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" release, Canonical will no longer be sponsoring the Kubuntu derivative and will be dropping support for this KDE-based alternative.
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february 2012 by aldolat
WordPress hack: Canonical links for comments
Duplicate content is one of the most discussed topics in terms of SEO. Happilly, with the new rel=’canonical’ attribute, you can now reduce risks of duplicate content. Here is how to implement it for your comments pages, on your WordPress blog.
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august 2009 by aldolat

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