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WordPress › BackWPup Free - WordPress Backup Plugin « WordPress Plugins
Schedule complete automatic backups of your WordPress installation. Decide which content will be stored (Dropbox, S3…). This is the free version
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march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › All-in-One WP Migration « WordPress Plugins
All-in-One WP Migration is the only tools that you will ever needs when you need to perform site migration of your WordPress blog.
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march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › WP Clone by WP Academy « WordPress Plugins
Move or copy a WordPress site to another server or to another domain name, move to/from local server hosting, and backup sites.
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › WordPress Move « WordPress Plugins
Enables you to back up your installation to restore to at any time, change the domain name in use and migrate your installation to another server.
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
WordPress › WordPress Duplicator « WordPress Plugins
Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another.
wordpress  plugin  moving  backup 
march 2014 by aldolat
luckyBackup - backup and sync utility
A powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool
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december 2013 by aldolat
How to Create a Complete WordPress Backup for Free with BackWPup
In this article we will show you how to create a complete WordPress backup for free with BackWPup.
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november 2013 by aldolat
Create your own local Dropbox with AeroFS | Ars Technica
If you're looking for something that will let you use your own server for storage and looks and acts pretty much like Dropbox, AeroFS might be for you.
cloud  storage  sync  sharing  backup  letture 
october 2012 by aldolat
DS212j Prodotti - Network Attached Storage (NAS) Synology Inc.
Synology DiskStation DS212j è una soluzione per l'archiviazione e condivisione dei file con protezione dei dati per ambienti domestici con bassi consumi energetici, silenziosità di funzionamento e affidabilità. Funzionante sul sistema operativo DiskStation Manager (DSM), offre semplicità d'uso e numerose funzioni.
server  backup  storage  nas 
may 2012 by aldolat
Iomega QuikProtect (Windows): Download Now
Il software Iomega gratuito a 32bit e 64 bit per fare backup.
nopost  backup  iomega 
december 2011 by aldolat
FOG is a Linux-based, free and open source computer imaging solution for Windows XP, Vista and 7 that ties together a few open-source tools with a php-based web interface. FOG doesn't use any boot disks, or CDs; everything is done via TFTP and PXE. Also with fog many drivers are built into the kernel, so you don't really need to worry about drivers (unless there isn't a linux kernel driver for it). FOG also supports putting an image that came from a computer with a 80GB partition onto a machine with a 40GB hard drive as long as the data is less than 40GB. Fog also includes a graphical Windows service that is used to change the hostname of the PC, restart the computer if a task is created for it, and auto import hosts into the FOG database. The service also installs printers, and does simple snap-ins.
sysadmin  cloning  ghost  backup  image 
july 2011 by aldolat
Tarsnap - Online backups for the truly paranoid
Tarsnap is a secure online backup service for BSD, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Cygwin, and can probably be compiled on many other UNIX-like operating systems. The Tarsnap client code provides a flexible and powerful command-line interface which can be used directly or via shell scripts.
backup  encryption  security 
april 2011 by aldolat
IDrive Plug-in for WordPress Online Backup
IDrive Plug-in for WordPress is an easy to use backup utility, designed specifically to backup WordPress blog data into your IDrive online backup account. It provides scheduled as well as immediate backup of WordPress blog data including files and MySQL database dump. Install and activate the IDrive Plug-in for WordPress. Through the Plug-in, create a new IDrive online backup account to start backing up your WordPress data.
wordpress  backup  plugin  storage 
october 2010 by aldolat
HOWTO build your own open source Dropbox clone – fak3r
Costruirsi un server personale simil-Dropbox e con strumenti open source.
dropbox  linux  backup  opensource  sync  ssh  rsync  lsyncd 
october 2010 by aldolat
Ozh’ Tweet Archiver (Backup Twitter With WordPress) « planetOzh
If you want to browse your own tweet history, Twitter sucks. If you have published more than 3200 tweets, Twitter lost the older ones. On the other hand, WordPress does all this fine, so I made a plugin to archive all your tweets in WordPress
wordpress  twitter  plugin  backup 
september 2010 by aldolat
Tweet Nest
A browsable, searchable and easily customizable archive and backup for your tweets.
twitter  backup  archive 
september 2010 by aldolat
Iomega QuikProtect (Windows): Download Now
Iomega QuikProtect: una specie di Dropbox locale.
storage  backup 
september 2010 by aldolat
Wuala - Storage online sicuro – Esegui backup. Archivia. Condividi. Accedi da ovunque
Esegui backup. Archivia. Condividi. Accedi da ovunque. Tutti i dati crittografati nel tuo computer.
backup  sync  storage  sharing  cloud 
july 2010 by aldolat
Backup Twitter Tweets with TwitterBackup
Are you worried about losing your Twitter tweets? I too looked for a tool to back up my Twitter updates but couldn’t find one. So – I wrote one. And you can have it for free!
twitter  backup 
may 2010 by aldolat
VaultPress protects the things you value most.
wordpress  security  backup 
march 2010 by aldolat
Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
Archiviazione file online con sincronizzazione directory (Linux, Mac e Windows)
backup  sync  storage  sharing  remote 
september 2008 by aldolat
Oosah - Homepage
Fornisce gratis 1 TB di spazio
storage  backup  sharing 
september 2008 by aldolat

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