Come regolare il televisore per vedere meglio
Il televisore è simile ad un’automobile: funziona, ma con le giuste correzioni va molto più forte. Sulle auto si chiama tuning o assetto, sui TV calibrazione, ma la sostanza è quella. Ecco come regolare un TV per vedere meglio in ogni situazione.
televisione  TV 
11 days ago
John Byrd's answer to What is the most sophisticated piece of software/code ever written? - Quora
The most sophisticated software in history was written by a team of people whose names we do not know.

It’s a computer worm.
hacking  security  virus  worm  Software  code 
24 days ago
Font Steganography
Interesting research in steganography at the font level.
cryptography  encryption  steganography  security 
25 days ago
Firefox Send
Condivisione di file riservata e crittata. Invia file in modo sicuro, riservato e crittato, con un link che scade automaticamente per garantire che i tuoi dati non rimangano online per sempre.
filesharing  security  tools  sharing  Firefox 
27 days ago
Cryptomator: Free Cloud Encryption for Dropbox & Others
Free client-side encryption for your cloud files. Open source software: No backdoors, no registration.
encryption  privacy  security  cloud 
4 weeks ago
Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App
Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work.
notes  tools  notetaking  encryption  productivity 
4 weeks ago
Chinese Chili Oil | China Sichuan Food
Learn how to make Chinese chili oil (Chinese chili sauce), the essential seasoning for lots of Chinese cuisine, especially Szechuan style dishes.
chili  peperoncino  chinese  cuisine  recipe 
4 weeks ago
Cryptomator come possibile erede di TrueCrypt
Cryptomator infatti permette di creare container di file inaccessibili senza la giusta chiave, scelta dall’utente e impostata esclusivamente Client Side, senza quindi che avvenga comunicazione alcuna con server della società o terze entità ulteriori.
encryption  privacy  security  cloud 
5 weeks ago
Not So Pretty: What You Need to Know About E-Fail and the PGP Flaw | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Don’t panic! But you should stop using PGP for encrypted email and switch to a different secure communications method for now.
PGP  GnuPG  OpenPGP  bug  attack  exploit  email  security  privacy 
5 weeks ago
EFAIL describes vulnerabilities in the end-to-end encryption technologies OpenPGP and S/MIME that leak the plaintext of encrypted emails.
PGP  GnuPG  OpenPGP  bug  attack  exploit  email  security  privacy 
5 weeks ago
Mail criptate, c'è un bug enorme che permette di leggere i messaggi. Anche quelli già spediti
Un ricercatore europeo ha trovato un enorme bug nel sistema PGP e S/MIME utilizzato per codificare le email end to end: non solo è possibile leggere il testo delle mail crittografate in chiaro, ma si può risalire anche ai vecchi messaggi.
PGP  GnuPG  OpenPGP  bug  attack  exploit  email  security  privacy 
5 weeks ago
De-Googling my phone
I started experimenting on my old Nexus 4 by completely blanking it and installing current LineageOS 14.1 without the Google apps. This provides a nice testing ground that is completely free of any proprietary Google stuff. From that I can apply good solutions on my “production” Xperia.
telephony  Google  free_software 
6 weeks ago
Expirybot makes it easier to use PGP
Journalists, human rights defenders, lawyers, developers and proactive citizens rely on open source cryptography to keep us all safe.
OpenPGP  GnuPG  PGP  security 
6 weeks ago
GitHub - browserpass/browserpass: Chrome & Firefox browser extension for pass, a UNIX password manager.
Browserpass is a Chrome & Firefox extension for zx2c4's pass, a UNIX based password manager. It retrieves your decrypted passwords for the current domain and allows you to auto-fill login forms, as well as copy it to clipboard. If you have multiple logins for the current site, the extension shows you a list of usernames to choose from.
passwords  security 
6 weeks ago
Plasma Pass
And so I dusted off my QML knowledge and wrote Plasma Pass: a systray Plasma applet to quickly find your password and copy it into the clipboard with a single mouse click.
passwords  security  KDE 
6 weeks ago
Guida all'applicazione del Regolamento europeo in materia di protezione dei dati personali - Garante Privacy
La Guida intende offrire un panorama delle principali problematiche che imprese e soggetti pubblici dovranno tenere presenti in vista della piena applicazione del regolamento, prevista il 25 maggio 2018.
GDPR  privacy  Europe 
7 weeks ago
An In-Depth Guide to iptables, the Linux Firewall - Boolean World
In this article, we’re going to take a look at how iptables works. We’re also going to look at a few examples, which will help you write your own rules. [archived at https://archive.li/hUOgS]
7 weeks ago
Usare sottochiavi OpenPGP nello sviluppo di Debian - Debian Wiki
Le sottochiavi rendono più facile la gestione delle chiavi.
security  OpenPGP  GnuPG 
7 weeks ago
Take These Steps to Secure Your Raspberry Pi Against Attackers
If you are not careful, your little hobby project might result in a security risk that acts as an entry point into your network. [Archived on https://archive.li/BeoNc]
RaspberryPi  security 
7 weeks ago
Securing your Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Documentation
The security of your Raspberry Pi is important. Gaps in security leave your Raspberry Pi open to hackers who can then use it without your permission. [Archived on https://archive.li/F0uYG]
RaspberryPi  security 
7 weeks ago
Russia is Banning Telegram
If you want secure messaging, use Signal. If you're concerned that having Signal on your phone will itself arouse suspicion, use WhatsApp.
Telegram  security  privacy  encryption 
8 weeks ago
Why You Should Stop Using Telegram Right Now 
Telegram has a wide range of security issues and doesn’t live up to its proclamations as a safe and secure messaging application.
security  encryption  privacy  Telegram 
8 weeks ago
How to Disable Gutenberg: Complete Guide
Gutenberg soon will be added to the WordPress core. This is great news for some, not so great for others. With 99.9999% (estimate) of all WordPress sites currently setup to work without Gutenberg, the massive changes barreling down the pike are going to affect literally millions of websites. And as swell as the whole "Gutenberg" experience may seem, the simple truth is that a vast majority of site owners will not be prepared when it finally hits. Nor will many small business have time or budget to test and update client sites to accommodate ol’ Gut’.
WordPress  plugin  Gutenberg  editor 
8 weeks ago
La TV svizzera indaga sull’Internet delle Cose: quante telecamere vulnerabili | Il Disinformatico
Nei mesi scorsi ho collaborato con la trasmissione Patti Chiari della Radiotelevisione Svizzera per esplorare l’Internet delle Cose.
IoT  privacy  security  TV 
9 weeks ago
Grafigata! - Sprigiona la tua creatività!
Il blog di grafica che ti fa sprigionare creatività!
Blog  graphics  Grafica_DTP 
9 weeks ago
Kern Type, the kerning game
Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Typographers call this activity kerning. Your solution will be compared to a typographer's solution, and you will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it. Good luck!
typography  kerning  design  graphics  games 
9 weeks ago
Git Large File Storage - How to Work with Big Files - YouTube
Using Git to version big files, such as binary assets, has not always been easy. Git Large File Storage (LFS) is a free, open-source extension that replaces large files with text pointers inside Git and stores the contents of those files on a remote server. This video demonstrates how to get started with Git LFS on GitHub.com, on the command line, and in the GitHub desktop clients.
git  GitHub  git-lfs  development 
9 weeks ago
Installing Git Large File Storage - User Documentation
In order to use Git LFS, you'll need to download and install a new program that's separate from Git.
git  GitHub  git-lfs  development 
9 weeks ago
Git Large File Storage
Git Large File Storage (LFS) replaces large files such as audio samples, videos, datasets, and graphics with text pointers inside Git, while storing the file contents on a remote server like GitHub.com or GitHub Enterprise.
git  GitHub  git-lfs  development 
9 weeks ago
weDocs – the documentation plugin — WordPress Plugins
Create great looking documentation for your products. Organize your product documentation in your site, beautifully!
WordPress  plugin  themes  documentation 
9 weeks ago
The GDPR Framework — WordPress Plugins
The easiest way to make your WordPress site GDPR compliant!
GDPR  privacy  Europe 
9 weeks ago
Obscure E-Mail Vulnerability
This vulnerability is a result of an interaction between two different ways of handling e-mail addresses. Gmail ignores dots in addresses, so bruce.schneier@gmail.com is the same as bruceschneier@gmail.com is the same as b.r.u.c.e.schneier@gmail.com.
security  email  Gmail 
10 weeks ago
Free Secure Email Certificate with Digital Signature
Start protecting your digital communications with Comodo secure certificate
S_MIME  cryptography  encryption  signature  free  email  privacy  certificate 
10 weeks ago
Certificates for secure electronic mail | Actalis S.p.A.
Make your email secure by sending signed and/or encrypted messages.
S_MIME  cryptography  encryption  signature  free  email  privacy  certificate 
10 weeks ago
Pubblicare documenti: da “Google Docs“ a “Read the Docs” senza fermate intermedie
Oggi esistono diverse soluzioni per rendere un formato di pubblicazione di documenti più comodo, una delle più efficaci è Read the Docs.
documentation  docs  development 
10 weeks ago
Read the Docs
Crea, ospita e sfoglia la documentazione.
documentation  docs  development 
10 weeks ago
Cloudflare lancia il DNS sicuro, veloce e nasconde i dati agli operatori
Il DNS è un servizio che può influire sulla sicurezza, sulla privacy e sulla velocità di navigazione in internet. Cloudflare lancia il primo servizio per privati totalmente gratuito, sicuro e attento alla privacy.
DNS  server 
11 weeks ago
Convert LastPass csv file to pass
Convert the LastPass csv exported file into the standard structure of pass password manager. Pass is the standard UNIX password manager. [archived in https://archive.li/mFp5m]
password  passwords 
11 weeks ago
Determinare la data in cui è stata scritta una pagina web
Durante le attività di OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) si può riscontrare l’esigenza di attribuire una datazione più precisa possibile ad una pagina web. Talvolta può essere necessario riuscire ad individuare un giorno o addirittura un orario ascrivibile alla creazione della pagina, ad esempio per rilevare casi di contraffazione della stessa.
forensics  webpages  date 
12 weeks ago
AVM FRITZ!Box 7590: addio al passato
Ci siamo, a distanza di mesi dalla presentazione ufficiale in Italia e una discreta manciata di settimane dall’averlo messo in pista al posto dell’ormai pensionato (e riutilizzato, ci mancherebbe) 4040, posso parlarti di FRITZ!Box 7590, modem router che taglia di netto con il passato per il fattore estetico (abbandona il rosso pieno e le pinne di squalo laterali), ma al quale interno batte potente il cuore del Fritz!OS (6.83 a oggi che scrivo l’articolo), che difficilmente delude.
router  networking  network  from pocket
march 2018
Cambridge Analytica e Facebook. I dati personali valgono oro ma le persone li regalano
Convincere qualcuno a votare per un partito non è molto diverso dal convincerlo a comprare il dentifricio di una marca ben precisa, basta solo sapere su cosa fare leva.
privacy  Facebook 
march 2018
TaskBlast: Project Management Software Tailored for Software Teams
Project Management Software built for Software Teams. As powerful as Jira, As simple as Trello.
project_management  task_management  Trello 
march 2018
GDPR: How it Affects WordPress Site Owners and Developers - WPMU DEV
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few months, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard of GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation.
GDPR  privacy  Europe 
march 2018
Use a .dev domain? Not anymore. – Medium Engineering
For years, programmers used .dev domains for testing their code. Those days are over.
Internet  webdev  development  https  Google  certificate  DNS 
march 2018
Chrome & Firefox now force .dev domains to HTTPS via preloaded HSTS
Chrome 63 (out since December 2017), will force all domains ending on .dev (and .foo) to be redirected to HTTPS via a preloaded HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header. Update 07/02/2018: Firefox now also forces .DEV domains to HTTPS.
webdev  Firefox  Chrome  https  certificate  development  Google 
march 2018
How to set up a print server on a Raspberry Pi | Opensource.com
Network your printer with a Raspberry Pi and the CUPS print server.
RaspberryPi  print  server 
march 2018
Peperoncini...La guida completa sulla coltivazione del peperoncino piccante.
Guide relative a tutte le fasi della coltivazione del peperoncino [copia archiviata: https://archive.is/3tvIv]
peperoncino  coltivazione  chili 
march 2018
Protecting Code Integrity with PGP — Part 4: Moving Your Master Key to Offline Storage
Here in part 4, we continue the series with a look at how and why to move your master key from your home directory to offline storage.
GnuPG  gpg  security  cryptography  keys 
march 2018
New Team Forms to Facilitate GDPR Compliance in WordPress Core – WordPress Tavern
GDPR applies to all businesses, organizations, sectors, situations, and scenarios, regardless of a business’s size, head count, or financial turnover. A small app studio is every bit as beholden to these rules as a large corporation.
GDPR  privacy  Europe 
march 2018
Per quanto voi vi crediate assolti - Wittgenstein
No, la cosa da dire meno superficiale e facile è un’altra, direi, e riguarda tutto il 32% che vota M5S o tutto il 17% che vota Lega, mezza Italia che vota: ed è che dal sistema dell’informazione e degli esperti passa e attecchisce presso la maggioranza degli italiani la parte semplificata dei messaggi e non quella complessa delle analisi.
Politica  politics 
march 2018
Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme
Uncode is a pixel-perfect Theme designed with terrific attention to details, flexibility and performance. Each concept can be easily imported. Start with any of these layouts or create your own.
WordPress  webdesign  themes 
february 2018
FreeDNS - Free DNS - Dynamic DNS - Static DNS subdomain and domain hosting
Why is it free? It's quite simple. We wanted a challenge... that's it.
ddns  DNS 
february 2018
YBlog - Learn Vim Progressively
You want to teach yourself vim (the best text editor known to human kind) in the fastest way possible. This is my way of doing it. You start by learning the minimal to survive, then you integrate all the tricks slowly.
Vim  editor  tutorials 
february 2018
Where is Starman? Track Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster's Current Location.
On February 6th, 2018, at 2045 UTC, the first Falcon Heavy was launched into space. It contained a very special payload, a Tesla Roadster with Starman.
SpaceX  FalconHeavy  Starman  Tesla  Roadster  earth  space 
february 2018
Free WordPress Themes • Cryout Creations
Our WordPress themes are beautiful, responsive and seriously customizable.
They also have a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor. Get to know them!
WordPress  themes 
february 2018
KDE Project Security Advisory
Plasma Desktop: Arbitrary command execution in the removable device notifier
KDE  Plasma  security  USB 
february 2018
Uh-oh. How just inserting a USB drive can pwn a Linux box – HOTforSecurity
In short, if a USB memory stick is plugged into a vulnerable computer has a volume label containing the characters `` or $(), the text contained within the characters will be executed as shell commands.
KDE  Plasma  security  USB 
february 2018
Il braccialetto e l'innovazione
Dirò solo ai giornali che non hanno alcun titolo ad inondarci con i loro fiumi di parole sulle fake news se loro stessi oggi mostrano di esserne i primi e più convinti produttori...
fake-news  readings 
february 2018
How Much Swap Should You Use in Linux?
How much should be the swap size? Should the swap be double of the RAM size or should it be half of the RAM size? Do I need swap at all if my system has got several GBs of RAM?
sysadmin  ram 
january 2018
Perché le razze non esistono scientificamente - Il Post
Ma spesso facciamo degli errori quando ne spieghiamo le ragioni scientifiche.
human  race  science 
january 2018
How to Auto Update WordPress Salts
Even after the security keys and salts have been initially set, it's a good idea to update them every so often. Anything you can do to make your site more secure is generally a good idea.
WordPress  security  salt  update 
january 2018
Your smartphone is making you stupid, antisocial and unhealthy. So why can’t you put it down? - The Globe and Mail
A decade ago, smart devices promised to change the way we think and interact, and they have – but not by making us smarter. Eric Andrew-Gee explores the growing body of scientific evidence that digital distraction is damaging our minds
smartphone  psychology  damage  readings 
january 2018
ck :: zypper vs. apt and rpm vs. dpkg command comparison ::
The following table shows a comparison of the most important and most used commands for package/software management in SuSE and Debian systems.
Linux  Ubuntu  OpenSUSE  apt  zypper  comparison 
january 2018
Spamnesty - Home
Spamnesty is a way to waste spammers' time. If you get a spam email, simply forward it to sp@mnesty.com, and Spamnesty will strip your email address, pretend it's a real person and reply to the email. Just remember to strip out any personal information from the body of the email, as it will be used so the reply looks more legitimate.

That way, the spammer will start talking to a bot, and hopefully waste some time there instead of spending it on a real victim. Meanwhile, Spamnesty will send you an email with a link to the conversation, so you can watch it unfold live!
spam  email  bot  mail 
january 2018
How to Create a Multilingual Website with Divi and Polylang | Divi Theme Help & Tutorials
This time I’m going to write a quick guide on how you can create a multilingual website with Divi theme and Polylang. So you will need the Divi theme and the Polylang plugin. Polylang is free and you can download it from the WordPress plugin repository here.
Page archived here: https://archive.is/AhBcy
WordPress  Divi  translation  language 
january 2018
Questo sito è stato creato da un piccolo gruppo di appassionati di penne stilografiche, come quaderno di appunti virtuale dove raccogliere le loro informazioni e poterle condividere.
penna  stilografica  wiki  calligraphy 
december 2017
How can I extract embedded fonts from a PDF as valid font files? - Stack Overflow
You have several options. All these methods work on Linux as well as on Windows or Mac OS X. However, be aware that most PDFs do not include to full, complete fontface when they have a font embedded. Mostly they include just the subset of glyphs used in the document.
fonts  PDF 
december 2017
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