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DOBBS | DERI Online Browsing Behavior Study
Firefox browser add-on that keeps track of users' browsing behavior
browsers  firefox  plugin  tracking 
august 2013 by alastc
Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar
Best way to see ARIA landmarks and other accessibility properties.
firefox  accessibility  plugin 
august 2013 by alastc
Keyboard controls for ARIA landmarks
A firefox plugin to enable keyboard navigation to ARIA landmarks
firefox  plugin  ARIA  landmarks 
may 2013 by alastc
Firefox landmarks pluggin
Allows keyboard navigation of WAI-ARIA landmarks
firefox  keyboard  ARIA 
january 2013 by alastc
Firefox – tons of tools for web developers! ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Looks like the ultimate list. I've got most of the ones I want, but looks like a good place to point people.
plugin  firefox  links 
november 2011 by alastc
Firefinder Firebug extention
Find elements in Firebug with Xpath or CSS selectors
firefox  extension  css  webdev 
june 2009 by alastc Tabs on the side?
Interesting, partly because this is a fantastic way of developing - taking on the best community pluggins. (Obviously, this wouldn't be so good for the developer if they were selling it)
firefox  opensource  ui  browser 
april 2009 by alastc!
Service to reduce the files sizes of images. I don't understand how this can be a free service.
service  firefox  extension  optimisation  yahoo 
december 2008 by alastc
Wingman - in browser HTML validation
Uses a firefox pluggin to send the HTML you're viewing to a 3rd party for validation, as you go through. Has site management features like turning off some errors.
standards  plugin  html  firefox 
september 2008 by alastc
Mac:Accessibility Tasks - MozillaWiki
a number of problems that are blocking support for VoiceOver. This sectionsummarizes them.
voiceover  osx  firefox  bugs 
august 2008 by alastc
Firefox and OS X’s VoiceOver
Difficult situation, difficult choice. Good outline.
voiceover  firefox  osx  article 
august 2008 by alastc
AJAX:WAI ARIA Live Regions
Useful doc from someone implementing ARIA and using it.
accessibility  ajax  aria  firefox  research  mozilla 
april 2008 by alastc
Fluid - Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard
Running Firefox (Gecko at least) on a site-by-site basis.
applications  browser  firefox  osx 
february 2008 by alastc
Ten Ways to Make More Humane Open Source Software
And goes through distinctive things about three OSS apps that lead to their usability.
article  firefox  interfaces  opensource  usability  UI 
october 2007 by alastc
Dumb Quotes [Dive Into Greasemonkey]
Transforming dumb quotes to smart ones, i.e. pretty quotes.
firefox  javascript  programming  reference  greasemonkey 
august 2007 by alastc
YSlow for Firebug
analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow based on the rules for high performance web sites.
development  extension  firefox  plugin  admin  yahoo 
july 2007 by alastc
Firebug for iPhone, some people are just too clever. Creating a python server to act as a proxy...
development  firefox  javascript  mobile  safari  tool 
july 2007 by alastc
FireBug Tips and Tricks
a quick and dirty set of its most powerful features.
firefox  javascript  programming  tutorial 
may 2007 by alastc
Mozilla's interest in Microformats
Pres by Alex Faaborg, including past/present/future of people's interaction styles with the browser, and what a microformat aware browser could look like.
firefox  microformats  presentation  mozilla 
may 2007 by alastc
Redesign of Notifications in Firefox
For version 3, making the experience more consistent, and trying not to get in the way. Not sure about the modality issues though.
firefox  browsers  ui  article 
march 2007 by alastc
Multiple versions of Firefox (windows)
Whichever Firefox you run tends to try and use your default profile, which can cause issues. I have a profile per version of Firefox, which this enables.
firefox  tutorial 
january 2007 by alastc
Mozilla developer center
Lots of front-end code and Mozilla oriented coding stuff.
firefox  html  javascript  mozilla  css  webdev 
january 2007 by alastc
Firefox hacking and extensions, I use primarily for the Mr Tech extension that makes upgrading other extensions easy.
firefox  extension 
january 2007 by alastc

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