Server-side bookmarklet compiler
"A nodejs module for compiling bookmarklets in server-side code and directly from the shell. You can run it on any JavaScript file—it will minify it using uglify-js, wrap it in a self executing function, and return an escaped bookmarklet."
javascript  bookmarklet 
24 days ago
Polyfill for :focus-visible
Based on the proposed CSS :focus-visible pseudo-selector, this prototype adds a focus-visible class to the focused element, in situations in which the :focus-visible pseudo-selector should match.
css  accessibility  technique 
7 weeks ago
Tweaking Text Level Styles
Accessible mark elements from Adrian Roselli.
accessibility  webdev  css  technique 
7 weeks ago
"Our Users Have no Disabilities"
Examples poking giant holes in that argument.
accessibility  examples 
9 weeks ago
Interacting With People With Disabilities
"This booklet is for anyone who wants to interact more effectively with people with disabilities."
12 weeks ago
Algo VPN
a set of Ansible scripts that simplify the setup of a personal IPSEC VPN with a cloud provider.
vpn  tools  library 
march 2018
Tritter thread on Single Market commentary
From Steve Analyst (@EmporersNewC), lots of before/after quotes.
march 2018
A set of reference stylesheets for EPUB Reading Systems.
css  epub 
march 2018
i is="the walrus" - Custom elements
Brian Kardell's article on why is= doesn't work as intended.
webdev  w3c  standards 
march 2018
Your Interactive Makes Me Sick
Plenty of examples of vestibular triggers
accessibility  animation  examples 
march 2018
Responsive Components: a Solution to the Container Queries Problem
"building components that respond to their environment." — Philip Walton
css  grid  technique 
february 2018
Brexit: The Realities of “Taking Back Control”
highlights the dilemma at the heart of the Brexit negotiations.
Brexit  research  article 
february 2018
Tory MPs' hard Brexit letter to PM
A useful list of MPs who care more about anti-EU ideology than the country.
Brexit  politics 
february 2018
boilerplate for your chrome extension
browser  plugin  tool  extension 
february 2018
Affinity Diagramming
To "Collaboratively Sort UX Findings & Design Ideas".
research  methods  technique 
february 2018
Work of TAO TAJIMA, Filmmaker
Incredible animation examples, also severe vestibular-trigger warning!
animation  example  accessibility 
february 2018
The Modern Javascript Tutorial
How it's done now. From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations.
book  javascript  programming  tutorial 
january 2018
Notes on vertical writing and CSS grid
vertical typesetting demo with CSS grid.
grid  CSS 
january 2018
Optimizing SVG Text & Image Delivery with Inline SVG
Making SVG more cachable by including an SVG file within an inline SVG.
svg  accessibility  performance  webdev 
january 2018
The Brexit options, explained
In reality, given the decision to accept full alignment of EU rules and regulations means the choice is between Norway and no-deal at all.
january 2018
Pinch zoom gestures - MDN
how to detect the pinch/zoom gesture
january 2018
How to design an accessible web
Henny's inclusive design article for netmag
accessibility  article 
december 2017
Must watch CSS talks
a collection of well-received talks about CSS, covering topics such as CSS frameworks, Sass, SVG, animation, scalability, CSS performance, tooling, mobile tips, and more.
CSS  presentations  video 
december 2017
Must Watch JS talks
A collection of well-received talks about JavaScript.
javascript  video  presentations 
december 2017
SuperTinyIcons: miniscule SVG versions of logos
Super Tiny Web Icons are minuscule SVG versions of your favourite logos. The average size is under 550 bytes!
icons  svg 
november 2017
The Economic Consequences of the Brexit Vote
"by the third quarter of 2017 the economic costs of the Brexit vote are already 1.3% of GDP." Not actual Brexit, just the vote.
Brexit  economics  research 
november 2017
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