The Simplest Way to Offer Sharing Links
For Social Media, I'm sure I will need this at some stage.
social  web  facebook  twitter 
14 days ago
What’s happening in CSS?
Rachel Andrew's list of useful links for CSS stuff.
CSS  links  standards  w3c  browsers 
15 days ago
Creating a culture of accessibility - Dropbox
Looks good for product oriented teams, not sure about publishing style organisations?
accessibility  strategy 
23 days ago
Combining fonts
Pick glyphs from different fonts, form JakeArchibald.com
fonts  typography  css 
23 days ago
Firewall Software by GlassWire
If I return to windows at some point.
security  software  windows 
28 days ago
iPad pro prediction
That it will become a 2nd screen device for apps like Lightroom on your Mac.
prediction  apple 
29 days ago
Ionic Framework
Cross platform Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps with Ionic and Angular.
framework  ios  Android  development 
4 weeks ago
Text Adjustements for people with low vision PDF paper.
Adjusting Typographic Metrics to Improve Reading for
People with Low Vision and Other Print Disabilities. Wayne Dick
lowvision  css  research 
4 weeks ago
The first PDF reader for visually impaired people
From the Swiss National Association of and for the Blind.
PDF  software  lowvision 
8 weeks ago
Hassle-free Full Bleed with *:not()
Overcoming the universal padding CSS.
css3  layout  technique 
9 weeks ago
Complexity and Strategy
Interesting article on software complexity over time.
strategy  software  development 
9 weeks ago
Transifex - Platform for Translation
Manage translations, translate content, collaborate with translators, and automate your localization process from one central place.
i18n  tools  transcription 
10 weeks ago
How to make your app lovable
Brought up as an overlap with designing for cognitive impairment.
design  cognitive_issues 
11 weeks ago
Electron - Package Web Stack apps for desktop OSs.
Build/package cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
javascript  software  applications 
11 weeks ago
The Visual ARIA Bookmarklet
To visually observe ARIA usage within web technologies, including ARIA 1.1 structural, live region, and widget roles, proper nesting and focus management.
accessibility  tools  ARIA 
12 weeks ago
The Agile Coach
Best practices from Atlasssian.
agile  development  reference 
12 weeks ago
Least accessible webpage
Test page from GDS that tries to fail everything.
accessibility  research  testing 
12 weeks ago
TLDRLegal licenses
Software Licenses Explained in Plain English.
legal  opensource  software  reference 
february 2017
What The Fuck Just Happened Today?
In case you've lost track of Trump's reign.
news  politics  service 
february 2017
Font metrics, line-height and vertical-align - Deep dive CSS
"They have a major role in the creation of one of the less-known feature of CSS: inline formatting context."
CSS  font  dev 
february 2017
Baymard Institute UX articles
"194 articles based on findings from our e-commerce usability research"
design  research  ecommerce 
february 2017
Tech and the Fake Market tactic
Are you sure you are comfortable with what’s going to happen when everyone’s running the same apps that you are?
policy  politics  strategy 
february 2017
The reality of changing standards
A short comment from Chaals on what happens when you move the standards goal posts. Happens to be about headings.
standards  w3c 
february 2017
Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter X
Excellent little router, if you know how to use it.
hardware  networking 
january 2017
Bubble City: Preface
Online book about technology & attention, before "fake news" was a meme.
indieweb  book  attention 
january 2017
Torture flaws explained
"Here's why if Lee Hurst was strapped to a time bomb I wouldn't torture a terrorist"
policy  politics 
january 2017
Disable Your Antivirus Software (Except Microsoft's)
"antivirus software vendors are terrible; don't buy antivirus software, and uininstall it if you already have it (except for Microsoft's)."
security  software  policy 
january 2017
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