Hemingway Editor
Helps you to simplify your writing.
writing  app  tool 
8 hours ago
Image for Windows
TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite
backup  software  utilities  windows 
8 days ago
jFont-Checker - github
Checks for the existence of a specified font.
font  javascript  technique 
10 days ago
JavaScript really is overtaking the world
And why people need to keep up with HTML/CSS.
article  javascript  webdev 
11 days ago
Shut up JAWS
in non-browser applications.
accessibility  technique 
20 days ago
Caching Nameserver - Spamassassin Wiki
Useful for enabling some of the checks without hammering the services.
spamassassin  admin  DNS 
20 days ago
React Armory
A simple method for learning about React
React  javascript  tutorial 
21 days ago
Battery Status Not Included: Assessing Privacy in Web Standards
They looked at "web measurement data from late 2016 and confirm that the majority of scripts used the API for fingerprinting."
privacy  standards  research 
25 days ago
Shower HTML presentation engine
Need to look into this for future presentations.
github  html  javascript  presentation 
27 days ago
React’s Five Fingers of Death
Master these five concepts, then master React.
React  javascript  tutorial 
27 days ago
Cognitive accessibility process trumps guidelines
My comment about plain language, usability and accessibility
accessibility  wcag21  usability  COGA 
27 days ago
Controlling Spatial Navigation
From Florian’s Blog, how to arrow around a screen in 2D.
browsers  accessibility 
28 days ago
Time Well Spent
Excellent video / poem about digital addiction.
design  policy 
28 days ago
Visual Impairments: - NCBI Bookshelf
"evidence on the testing of contrast sensitivity, followed by other visual functions"
lowvision  accessibility  research 
4 weeks ago
Responsive Display Text
Using viewport units to size text, carefully.
css  typography  responsive 
4 weeks ago
W3C's Mastadon instance
A federated micro-blogging platform
social  software  service 
4 weeks ago
The State of CSS
Interesting, but makes you very reliant on the frameworks.
article  webdev  css 
5 weeks ago
Grid by Example
Usage examples of CSS Grid Layout.
design  grid  reference  css 
5 weeks ago
Terrorists’ Use of the Internet
Would like to read, but too expensive. Will check later.
book  policy  security 
5 weeks ago
Lighthouse tool from Google
Automated tool for improving the quality of web pages.
javascript  performance  webdev 
5 weeks ago
Horror Vacui, the fear of white space
Good examples of sites and interfaces which fill in every pixel.
UX  design  article 
5 weeks ago
Electronic Signature & Online Contract Software.
5 weeks ago
Touchscreen detection
A small script to detect if the user has a touchscreen (not if they are using it).
touch  mobile  javascript 
6 weeks ago
A blockchain explanation
That your parents could understand
blockchain  article 
6 weeks ago
"Accounting software, simplified"
business  service 
6 weeks ago
Working on an iPad
Some tips and apps from Joe Leech.
ipad  app  links 
6 weeks ago
User Centered Design Canvas
"First UX tool combining user needs with business goals"
ucd  tool 
6 weeks ago
The Brexit no-one wanted
What people said then, and what is happening now.
Brexit  politics 
6 weeks ago
Bad surveillance in UK, 2015
Public bodies made 1,119 errors in use of phone and web data in 2015
privacy  surveillance 
7 weeks ago
Chinese language on the web
Chinese writing history and writing mode CSS.
CSS  languages 
7 weeks ago
The Simplest Way to Offer Sharing Links
For Social Media, I'm sure I will need this at some stage.
social  web  facebook  twitter 
10 weeks ago
What’s happening in CSS?
Rachel Andrew's list of useful links for CSS stuff.
CSS  links  standards  w3c  browsers 
10 weeks ago
Creating a culture of accessibility - Dropbox
Looks good for product oriented teams, not sure about publishing style organisations?
accessibility  strategy 
11 weeks ago
Combining fonts
Pick glyphs from different fonts, form JakeArchibald.com
fonts  typography  css 
11 weeks ago
Firewall Software by GlassWire
If I return to windows at some point.
security  software  windows 
12 weeks ago
iPad pro prediction
That it will become a 2nd screen device for apps like Lightroom on your Mac.
prediction  apple 
12 weeks ago
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