Aims to be the biggest checklist of inclusive design considerations
accessibility  design  list 
7 days ago
Styling vertical Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian text
how to use CSS to produce vertical text for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Mongolian.
internationalisation  i18n  CSS  languages 
12 days ago
Client-side API Design Principles
"a small-but-growing set of design principles collected by the W3C TAG while reviewing specifications."
api  web  w3c 
12 days ago
GOV.UK elements
This guide shows how to make your service look consistent with the rest of GOV.UK.
design  guidelines  styleguide 
5 weeks ago
Cypress.io | JavaScript End to End Testing
"Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser."
automation  browser  javascript  selenium  testing 
5 weeks ago
tota11y – an accessibility visualization toolkit
Highlights headings, contrast, link text, labels, alt text, landmarks.
accessibility  testing  tool 
5 weeks ago
Brexit and Article 50 paper
Pages 40-41 of this excellent paper puts argument for "good faith" unilateral A50 revocation, exit by treaty.
Brexit  research 
5 weeks ago
Your Data is Being Manipulated – Data & Society: Points
"we need to start building the infrastructure necessary to limit the corruption and abuse of that data "
data  ethics 
6 weeks ago
Jaws bug tracking
An open tracker from TPG that should feed into the development of Jaws.
bugs  jaws  accessibility  paciello 
6 weeks ago
howto-components: Literate code examples for common UI patterns.
a collection of web components that implement common web UI patterns using modern web technologies like Custom Elements v1 and ESnext with a special focus on accessibility.
library  javascript  standards 
6 weeks ago
Research Report on Web Accessibility Metrics
How to present pass/fail info with WCAG success critera
guidelines  wcag  w3c 
7 weeks ago
The Executive Computer
Prediction of smartphones from 1992.
history  mobile 
7 weeks ago
Infusion Pattern Library Builder
a documentation builder for inclusive designers.
documentation  tool  library  patterns 
7 weeks ago
On-demand live region
A tiny module for making screen readers announce text on demand, without a visual change to the interface.
javascript  accessibility  screenreader  technique 
7 weeks ago
xiao. - progressive routing
a small, accessible, framework agnostic, dependency free, browser-driven routing system.
framework  javascript  accessibility  from iphone
7 weeks ago
An event for CSS position:sticky
Not sure on compatibility yet though.
events  javascript 
8 weeks ago
Cheatsheet for JavaScript knowledge
a cheatsheet for JavaScript you will frequently encounter in modern projects and most contemporary sample code.
cheatsheet  javascript  reference 
8 weeks ago
Accessibility, News and You
The BBC news accessibility roles thingy.
accessibility  BBC 
9 weeks ago
Introducing GitFlow
A branching model for Git. It has attracted a lot of attention because it is very well suited to collaboration and scaling the development team.
git  process  tutorial 
9 weeks ago
Color Arrangement Test
A very well known and established type of color blindness tests are hue discrimination or arrangement tests.
colour  color  testing  research 
10 weeks ago
Fonts don't matter - Axess Lab
Pick one, then move on to something more important.
fonts  accessibility  tutorial 
10 weeks ago
takes care of most boilerplate when writing native web components, allowing you to focus more on the content, and write leaner code.
javascript  library 
10 weeks ago
The ‘Britain Alone’ scenario
"how Economists for Brexit defy the laws of gravity"
Brexit  economics 
august 2017
Accessibility · Bootstrap
A brief overview of Bootstrap 4s features and limitations for the creation of accessible content.
framework  accessibility  documentation 
august 2017
The Brexit Blog: A reply to John Redwood
Useful rebuttal of typical brexiter points.
Brexit  article 
august 2017
Paradox of tolerance - Wikipedia
"We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant."
strategy  philosophy 
august 2017
Inside The Partisan Fight For Your News Feed
"Politics changes perspectives, but money really changes people’s perspectives"
news  strategies  socialsoftware 
august 2017
AirVPN - The air to breathe the real Internet
Allows for tunnel to be port-forwarded or wrapped in SSL.
security  vpn 
august 2017
Accessible theme park
How one man built a $51m theme park for his daughter.
accessibility  real-world 
august 2017
Using viewport units to scale fixed layouts
Hmm, I think the new Zoom SC could do with a failure example for this.
css  technique  responsive  accessibility 
august 2017
The Evolution of Trust
Interesting game / thought experiment about cooperation and trust.
strategy  game 
july 2017
Accessibility for Axure prototypes
"The Approachable Guide to Prototyping for Accessibility with Axure RP"
prototyping  axure  accessibility  tips 
july 2017
Apple’s refusal to support PWAs
"Apple’s refusal to support Progressive Web Apps is a detriment to future of the web."
apple  web  strategy 
july 2017
Plex Media Scanner via Command Line
For things like getting a list of movies
linux  tool  media 
july 2017
Passwords Evolved
Authentication Guidance for the Modern Era.
troyhunt  security  authentication 
july 2017
Microsoft Video Indexer
generate an editable time-stamped transcript, emotion recognition, image to text conversion of video content, speaker recognition and keyword extraction.
video  tool  research 
july 2017
a command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and a few more sites.
python  video  youtube 
july 2017
Hemingway Editor
Helps you to simplify your writing.
writing  app  tool 
july 2017
Image for Windows
TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite
backup  software  utilities  windows 
july 2017
jFont-Checker - github
Checks for the existence of a specified font.
font  javascript  technique 
july 2017
JavaScript really is overtaking the world
And why people need to keep up with HTML/CSS.
article  javascript  webdev 
july 2017
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