My Playlist with Kiran Ahluwalia - CBC Music
I listened to this- specifically the Sahawa blues portion- driving through gas fields and it was cool and eerie.
april 2017
The world is not falling apart: The trend lines reveal an increasingly peaceful period in history.
Roger Cohen’s comment, cited here, is an almost textbook illustration of hindsight bias.
december 2014
2014 Was a Good Year: Better Than You Remember | Ramez Naam
2014 was a good year - better than you remember. #solar #internet #equality #infantmortality
equality  internet  solar  infantmortality 
december 2014
Fear of a Black President - Atlantic Mobile
"The best jobs, the richest neighborhoods, were giant set-asides for whites—universal affirmative action, with no pretense of restitution."
december 2014
Other People's Pathologies - Atlantic Mobile
People who take a strict binary view of culture ("culture of privilege = awesome; culture of poverty = fail") are afflicted by the provincialism of privilege and thus vastly underestimate the dynamism of the greater world. They extoll "middle-class values" to the ignorance and exclusion of all others. To understand, you must imagine what it means to confront algebra in the morning and "Shorty, can I see your bike?" in the afternoon. It's very nice to talk about "middle-class values" when that describes your small, limited world. But when your grandmother lives in one hood and your coworkers live another, you generally need something more than "middle-class values." You need to be bilingual."

" "You don't stick a knife in a man's backnine inches," said Malcolm X, "and then pull it out six inches and say you're making progress."
race  racism  class 
december 2014
“Christ, this again?” Or The Skewed Reporting Of Podcasts In The Wider Media: A Q&A With Maximum Fun’s Jesse Thorn | Hot Pod
Then there’s cultural biases. I think for the most part that the shows which get the attention are, without putting too fine a point on it, pretty culturally homogenous and, you know, the kind of thing a feature writer at a big newspaper would be into. There are whole parts of the industry – the business and self-help stuff, the African-American stuff, the informational stuff, the comedy that doesn’t feature people who are famous for something else – that are pretty much ignored.
podcasts  podcasting 
december 2014
A Nation Defined By White Supremacy? « The Dish
But if you go through and read the column in question you see that Coates actually says this: “I insist that racism is our heritage, that Thomas Jefferson’s genius is no more important than his plundering of the body of Sally Hemmings, that George Washington’s abdication is no more significant than his wild pursuit of Oney Judge.”

The difference between the two seems pretty obvious to me. Coates isn’t saying that Washington was nothing more than a slaveholder. He’s saying that being a slaveholder isn’t cancelled out by his role as president. He’s saying the two things are inseparable, in the face of lots of people who try to separate the historical greatness of the Founding Fathers from their faults.
december 2014
The Whiteness Project will make you wince. Because white people can be rather awful | Comment is free | The Guardian
Dow conceived the Whiteness Project when a little girl asked him what his racial identity was. He thought he didn’t have one. Then he realized that he has “the most powerful racial identity in America” – being white. Dow told me that he wanted to “create something that could help white people have the experience I had” to reflect upon white identity and privilege.

Whiteness, like all racial identities, is a relatively recent historical concept, conceived during European colonialism and American slavery as a way to empower poor whites with “whiteness” and divide them politically and economically from other disenfranchised people. 
race  culture 
december 2014
Said the Gramophone: BEST SONGS OF 2014
Said the Gramophone is one of the oldest musicblogs. We try to do just two things, well: finding good songs, and writing about them. We don't mess about with tour-dates, videos or advertising. We post new songs and old songs, write clumsy dreams of what we
music  2014 
december 2014
Let's you record ambiently and share when you want
apps  audio 
december 2014
Splice - Music Made Better | Splice
The cloud platform for music creation, collaboration, and sharing.
music  audio  apps 
december 2014
Much Ado About Podcasting | jacoBLOG
Simply recycling the morning show by offering replays by the hour or the bit isn’t truly taking advantage of podcasting’s potential. Creating proprietary content that’s interesting, compelling, and bite-sized seems so much closer to realizing podcasting’s promise - See more at:
december 2014
Transom » Joe Richman
When I first started doing radio, the thing that amazed me was the connection it was possible to make with someone when you interviewed him or her. And, if I did my job right, the listener could feel that same connection to the subject through the airwaves. It’s radio’s mysterious gift. We can bond in a real way to people we have never met. We feel like we know them. A teen mom becomes Melissa; an undocumented immigrant becomes Juan. Statistics and stereotypes turn into actual real people.
september 2014
Cover Story: Station to Station: The Past, Present, and Future of Streaming Music | Features | Pitchfork
Remember, pop music itself was born and nurtured on radio’s non-stop streams of ad-supported music—the most prominent ancestor of the feed-driven Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr landscape that shapes 21st century digital streaming.
radio  streamingmusic 
june 2014
Global Breakfast Radio follows the sunrise around the world (Wired UK)
If you want breakfast to never end, tune into this (after @daybreaknorth, of coures) Global Breakfast Radio
may 2014
Cover Story: Station to Station: The Past, Present, and Future of Streaming Music | Features | Pitchfork
When cultural critic Geoffrey O’Brien described a radio stream as “an artwork that manages the flow of information and music” within which “the thing coming up will always surpass what went before,” he could have been describing wading through a social media feed packed with audio embeds, letting YouTube sidebar recommendations guide a late-night deep-dive, or pruning a personal Pandora soundtrack designed to deliver the perfect songs, one after another.
may 2014
The best music streaming service - The Sweet Setup
it’s the only one that feels like it was built bymusic listeners and for music listeners. Rdio understands how to incorporate social features without being obnoxious, and Rdio alerts you when artists in your library add new or old releases. Whether you’ve dabbled in streaming music or not, Rdio is the perfect place to start.
rdio  spotify 
may 2014
The Pastry Box Project
Carve out the time to fill your metaphorical tank. Read a trashy novel even though Monday’s around the corner. Make some chili, because it’s delicious and you can play Threes while it cooks. And take the time to watch the squirrels while they’re tearing around the yard: those little imps are hilarious.
april 2014
The Pastry Box Project
We often get caught up in what we think we want. In an attempt to save money, we’ll grab the first thing we see, realize it was a HUGE mistake, and try to make it better, usually with more money. When possible, the best approach is to do proper research, find out what you need, and buy the best option available, the first time around.
april 2014
The Pastry Box Project
People of Earth: Stop apologizing for your ideas.

If you have an idea, own it. Just because someone else has already talked about it doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t. And so what if it’s not perfectly articulated? So what if it turns out to be wrong? So what if you change your mind later?
april 2014
A Better Embedder
This changes everything: a CBC audio embedder for anyone not in 2007. cc @misener
april 2014
Esther Perel on affairs: Spouses in happy marriages cheat and Americans don’t understand infidelity.
Very often we don’t go elsewhere because we are looking for another person. We go elsewhere because we are looking for another self. It isn’t so much that we want to leave the person we are with as we want to leave the person we have become.

we expect to be happy. We brought happiness down from the afterlife, first to be an option and then a mandate. 
marriage  relationship 
april 2014
Shut Up About "Clickbait"
Used as an epithet, the word "clickbait" presents a tautology as a criticism. You published something, and want people to read it, too.
news  reading  linkbait 
march 2014
Profanity - Matt Gemmell
In light of Justin Trudeau's salty language () some thoughts on the power of (profane) language
language  writing_example 
march 2014
2013: The Year 'the Stream' Crested - Atlantic Mobile
When the half-life of a post is half a day or less, how much time can media makers put into something? When the time a reader spends on a story is (on the high end) two minutes, how much time should media makers put into something?
newsletters  web 
march 2014
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