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Multifunctional network device for autonomous activity in the city environment. Its main function is communication and propaganda through the Wi-FI wireless standard. This is the hacktivism diy response to attempts by the authorities in different countries to control the Internet. The project serves as an example of the possible opposition and decentralisation of networks to ensure communications and provide notifications irrespective of whether there is access to the global internet or certain restrictions are applied.
networking  politics  art  hardware  electronics  locale  tuned-resonator 
may 2018 by akamediasystem
Jin Kuramoto: Wind
more sonic crystals, this time For The Office
tuned-resonator  sculpture  filter  audio  sound 
february 2016 by akamediasystem
For this show we set up a landscape or rather a micro ecosystem of signs and signals composed of hand-engraved text on routers, silent speakers, laser pointers and organic matter. In this landscape the works co-habit the space harmoniously. This landscape however, harbours a system of signification that is not always visible, at times manifesting a disruption that destabilises this found harmony. It is a landscape that does not reappropriate nature. Within it the borders between technology and nature become increasingly blurred, at times indistinguishable.
tuned-resonator  art  sculpture  aesthetics  theory  installation  network  technology  artist 
august 2015 by akamediasystem
ncc_hummingbird_scene1.jpg (3596×2667)
"My colleague Helen Verbanz designed hummingbird sillouhettes to morph–an illusion of the bird flapping its wings– as passersby circle the sonic crystal sculpture." (from host site, not my colleague, but Helen's site doesn't have this project documented)
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july 2015 by akamediasystem
Hiroshi Ishii's project from 2000, in which pinwheels visualize network activity
tuned-resonator  reference  ml  iot  visualization 
july 2015 by akamediasystem
A Thought in Theory: Hammerspace | A Guide to Magick and Magickal Theory
First, you are going to need an extremely high level of knowledge and understanding of planar magick, including planar shifting. Secondly you will need a high degree working understanding of barrier spells.
hammerspace  insane  theory  space  spatial  fiction  narrative  tuned-resonator 
june 2015 by akamediasystem
Holonymy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Holonymy defines the relationship between a term denoting the whole and a term denoting a part of, or a member of, the whole. That is,

'X' is a holonym of 'Y' if Ys are parts of Xs, or
'X' is a holonym of 'Y' if Ys are members of Xs.
For example, 'tree' is a holonym of 'bark', of 'trunk' and of 'limb.'
language  metaphor  etymology  tuned-resonator 
march 2015 by akamediasystem
httpry is a specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic.
http  network  traffic  software  tuned-resonator  curriculum 
february 2015 by akamediasystem
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