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httpry is a specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic.
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february 2015 by akamediasystem
Google Speech API – Full Duplex PHP Version | mike pultz
So this is a follow up to my post a while ago, talking about how to use the Google Speech Recognition API built in to Google Chrome. Since my last post, Chrome has had some significant upgrades to this feature- specifically around the length of audio you can pass to the API. via Pocket
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december 2013 by akamediasystem
Speech Recognition with the Raspberry Pi - observing
In my current set-up, I'm using a "less than top of the line" usb audio adapter and microphone. I don't know whether they or the RPi are limiting speech recognition performance. My true intent is to use a bluetooth headset, but that has been an even greater challenge on the RPi, so far. via Pocket
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october 2013 by akamediasystem

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