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Pencilled In
Pencilled In seeks to highlight and showcase art by young Asian Australians.
asia  australia  writing  zine  creative 
may 2018 by aihre
Credo Magazine
Credo Magazine seeks to situate itself in this biblical tradition by teaching “what accords with sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1).
zine  christianity  church 
may 2015 by aihre
tinywords: haiku & other small poems
tinywords is an international, daily magazine of haiku and micropoetry.
daily  poetry  zine  microfiction 
august 2014 by aihre
I <3 TMR
The Media Res is a bold attempt to think through the astonishing fact of our being in the midst of things. In other words, attending to the health of the planet - and the paths of history - nourishes the health of the soul, strengthening creative visions of common futures. God, aluminum alloy, and endangered orchids all exist beyond the human, though in radically different ways. What does this mean for us and our collective becoming?
zine  commentary  metaphysics  civics  morality 
march 2013 by aihre
Clockwork Phoenix
Clockwork Phoenix is a home for stories that sidestep expectations in beautiful and unsettling ways, that surprise with their settings and startle with the ways they cross genre boundaries, that aren't afraid to experiment with storytelling techniques.
fantasy  writing  zine  storytelling 
april 2008 by aihre
un Projects
With a focus on artists, writers, artist-run initiatives and independent projects, un Projects publishes essays, artists’ work and reviews, in print and online.
zine  art:contemporary  design  BurnCity 
march 2008 by aihre
polar inertia journal
Polar inertia journal is an outlet and a resource for on going research into the networks that define the contemporary city.
urban  architecture  photography  zine  technology  modern 
january 2007 by aihre
Aeon Magazine – the digital magazine of ideas and culture
Aeon is a new digital magazine of ideas and culture, publishing an original essay every weekday. We set out to invigorate conversations about worldviews, commissioning fine writers in a range of genres, including memoir, science and social reportage.
(When I bookmarked it, it was a speculative fiction zine that went defunct.)
essays  cultural  zine  humanism  metaphysics 
june 2006 by aihre
Now you're in Trouble!
trouble is grass roots arts publishing at its best. trouble is made by artists for artists, and is dedicated to reflecting the best of the contemporary Australian art scene and the creatives who make it.
free  arts  zine  BurnCity 
october 2005 by aihre

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