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Welcome to Principia Cybernetica Web
Principia Cybernetica tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies.
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january 2018 by aihre
Essays -
This is the website of Gwern Branwen, writer & independent researcher. I am most interested in psychology, statistics, and technology; I am best known for my work on the darknet markets & Bitcoin, blinded self-experiments & Quantified Self analyses, dual n-back & spaced repetition, and modafinil.
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december 2017 by aihre
absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured
If you ever connected to the Internet before the 2000s, you probably remember that it made a peculiar sound. But despite becoming so familiar, it remained a mystery for most of us. What do these sounds mean?
audio  retro  internet  technology 
june 2017 by aihre
Science is changing our world. It is behind the transformations—social, economic, artistic, intellectual, and political—that are defining the 21st century. Through this lens, and with the newest tools of media and journalism, we aim to tell the fundamental story of our world today and to provide information and knowledge to help you prepare for the story tomorrow.
humanism  magazine  science  technology 
may 2015 by aihre
Object Lessons
Object Lessons is an essay and book series about the hidden lives of ordinary things
daily  lifestyle  technology 
may 2015 by aihre
A Boring Conference
The Boring Conference is a one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked – subjects often considered trivial and pointless, but when examined more closely reveal themselves to be deeply fascinating.
technology  convention  lifestyle  daily 
may 2015 by aihre
Apollo 13, We Have a Solution - IEEE Spectrum
Rather than hurried improvisation, saving the crew of Apollo 13 took years of preparation
history  space  spaceflight  engineering  technology 
april 2015 by aihre
Dangers of Fracking
Example of great webdesign and infographics.
webdesign  technology  graphics 
april 2013 by aihre
Welcome to the Future Nauseous
There is an unexplained cognitive dissonance between changing-reality-as-experienced and change as imagined, and I don’t mean specifics of failed and successful predictions. We live in a continuous state of manufactured normalcy.
metaphysics  technology  lifestyle  thinking  to:Instapaper  futurism 
march 2013 by aihre
STAR WARS Technical Commentaries
These pages examine particular technical aspects of STAR WARS. The motivation of this project is to synthesise and explore a self-consistent reality for that universe. There is an emphasis on topics inadequately covered by offline references.
star-wars  reference  science  technology  engineering 
march 2013 by aihre
From Power Up To Bash Prompt
This is a brief description of what happens in a Linux system, from the time that you turn on the power, to the time that you log in and get a bash prompt. Understanding this will be helpful when you need to solve problems or configure your system.
Linux  computer  technology 
december 2008 by aihre
Grand Challenges for Engineering
It’s a list of the “Grand Challenges” in engineering this century compiled by an array of experts. What’s encouraging isn’t so much the list itself ... but the big picture if offers by comparing past achievements with the challenges of today.
engineering  organization  technology  challenge  international 
february 2008 by aihre
: : : : Build Your Own Being : : : :
Welcome to Emergence and thank-you for your interest in building your own ideal human being.
exhibition  interactive  technology  BurnCity 
june 2007 by aihre
History of the Button
Tracing the history of interaction design through the history of the button, from flashlights to websites and beyond.
history  technology  design  blog  gadgets 
may 2007 by aihre
polar inertia journal
Polar inertia journal is an outlet and a resource for on going research into the networks that define the contemporary city.
urban  architecture  photography  zine  technology  modern 
january 2007 by aihre
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
technology  science  grid-computing  research  crowdsource 
june 2006 by aihre

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