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illustrated database of Japanese folklore
illustration  japan  mythology  bestiary 
5 weeks ago by aihre
breath-art (Jian Guo) | DeviantArt
Does amazing art for fantasy books and media published in China, including Book of the New Sun, Tolkien's Middle-earth, Brandon Sanderson...
artist  books  fantasy  illustration 
july 2019 by aihre
The Phoenix
Art blog of Aedan Peterson, son of singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson.
artist  blog  illustration 
march 2016 by aihre
Gallery Gerard
Gallery Gerard was founded in November of 2013 by Justin and Annie Stegg Gerard. We are studio artists who specialize in fine art and narrative illustration.
illustration  artist  gallery 
march 2016 by aihre
Fall of Gods by MOOD — Kickstarter
A fully illustrated book about the warrior Vali and his adventures. A tale that brings the Norse mythology to life.
mythology  kickstarter  illustration  art:digital 
april 2015 by aihre
Tea Spirits 2015 Calendar by Heather Penn — Kickstarter
In 2006 I began drawing tea spirits as a way to creatively channel my love of tea. Since then I've created dozens of designs, each one inspired by a different tea.
tea  animals  Kickstarter  illustration  calendar 
april 2015 by aihre
Dungeons & Dragons Pencil Test | The ArtOrder
When it comes to concept art, an artists hand skills are just one component of the consideration. In many ways, it is the way they think, and their ability to research and get beyond the expected that is often the most important aspect of their position. I am often willing to trade hand skills for creative idea generation. To that end, looking at a portfolio can only be so informative. ...I used a common industry method of getting a deeper look at a prospective artist... a “pencil test”.
art  drawing  illustration  art:concept  career 
may 2013 by aihre
- Master of Science in Biomedical Communications | University of Toronto
This two-year professional graduate program prepares students for careers in the visual communication of science, medicine, and health. Students in this interdisciplinary program explore the use of images, interactive technologies, and animation/simulation to effectively communicate complex science and health topics to a range of audiences.
illustration  medicine  biology  art  gradschool 
april 2013 by aihre
Codex 99
Codex 99 is either an occasionally updated weblog or incrementally expanded website about the history of the visual arts and graphic design.
blog  arts  design  history  architecture  illustration 
september 2012 by aihre
The ArtOrder
Art, illustration, and the dark recesses of an art director's mind
blog  illustration  artist  challenge  art:concept 
july 2009 by aihre
Grand Central Atelier
The Grand Central Atelier is a collaborative workspace for artists pursuing the methodology of historic ateliers to create drawing, painting and sculpture from life.
art  sculpture  illustration  NYC  organization  learning 
may 2009 by aihre
Parka Blogs
Graphics, illustrations, art books, stuff. Reviews of art books and design books. LOTS of pictures. Waah.
blog  illustration  design  animation  art  reviews 
december 2008 by aihre
JM Sketchbook - WW1
A set of two World War One sketchbooks ... they contain approximately 130 water-colour and pen and ink images produced by a British soldier based in France and Belgium between 1917 and 1918.
world-war  illustration  gallery 
january 2008 by aihre - Index
Illustrated graphic novels of Beowuulf and King Lear; reviewed well by Lines & Colors.
illustration  books  artist 
december 2007 by aihre
'The object of "The Word before the Deluge" is to trace the progressive steps by which the earth has reached its present state, from that condition of chaos when it "was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep," and to describe the various convulsions and transformations through which it has successively passed.'
science  ebook  illustration  history  earthsci  paleontology 
april 2007 by aihre
Michel Gagné - Books - Frienzied Fauna
Frenzied Fauna From A to Z, by Michel Gagné, out of print and reproduced online.
books  illustration  animals  weird  alphabet 
april 2007 by aihre
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