Cap'n Proto
Serialization of in memory data. Can be memory mapped files. Independent of programming language.
protocol  serialization  protobuf 
17 days ago
Miro - online collaboration board
For retrospectives, facilitation, etc.
23 days ago
Retrospected - simple online retrospective
Retrospective with multiple columns / simple version
25 days ago
Atlassian Team Playbook
Tutorials by Atlasian on how to improve team work
Agile  Collaboration 
25 days ago
Block Hound
Analyze blocking calls in a Java environment
Java  Reactive 
6 weeks ago
IntelliJ Plugin Error Reporting
Using: Sentry and hooking into the JetBrains SDK
Logging  Sentry 
6 weeks ago
Zanata - Community Powered Translations
Translation Memory for Linux related formats (including plain text)
7 weeks ago
Fearless Journey
Card Game and hint providing
12 weeks ago
Effiziente Backups in der Cloud - in Objektspeicher.
Vorgestellt in iX 11/2019, S. 72
december 2019
BEM - Block__element--modifier
How to name your CSS classes and structure your page
november 2019
Schienenabstand historisch
Bill Holohan auf Twitter: "A history lesson for people who think that history doesn't matter:What's the big deal about railroad tracks? The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number.Why was that gauge used? Well, because that's the way… https://t.co/RGoqPsgXtr"
gague  train 
september 2019
Free online training for Coding
september 2019
Dilbert "The Consultant"
Man: ...And that's what I recommend. Boss: I reject your recommendation because it doesn't match what we already decided to do. Man: That's no way to run a business. Boss: Can you refer me to a less judgy consultant?
consultant  Comic 
september 2019
Toxic Tech Community / React
Post (and rant) on how technological communities react
Technology  Community 
september 2019
convert HTML to PDF
august 2019
based on Java, forked from Flying Saucer
Java  PDF 
july 2019
Snapdoc - Authenticated snapshots with history privacy in peer-to-peer collaborative editing
Authenticated snapshots with history privacy in peer-to-peer collaborative editing (Stephan A. Kollmann / Martin Kleppmann / Alastair R. Beresford)
CRDT  Cryptography  Synchronisation 
july 2019
CRDT implementaiton for example for counters, complex data types and tables (JavaScript)
CRDT  Synchronisation 
july 2019
i-doit - CMDB for Infrastructure
Configuration Management DB for Infrastructure
cmdb  ConfigurationManagement 
july 2019
Armeria - Microservice framework
For http/1, http/2, thrift, grpc, fully async
july 2019
Lyngsoe Rainwear - LR3331
Gesehen in Norwegen bei der Wahlbeobachtung
Regen  Rain  Kleidung 
july 2019
Testinfra - test your infrastructures
Python based infrastructure test tool similar to serverspec. Can run with Ansible, Salt and others
Infrastructure  Ansible  saltstack  Testen  testing 
may 2019
Swagger Diff
Empfehlung von Wolfgang Werner; er hat auch einen Markdown Output dazu geforked
Api  Web  Swagger 
may 2019
Online Database Schema Change. Using temporary table and only works on MySQL
mysql  Database 
may 2019
Apache Guacamole™
Remote Desktop and SSH in a browser
remote  ssh  cloud  desktop 
april 2019
Reverse Engineering Tool for Software (esp. Java)
software  reverse  engineering 
april 2019
Stagemonitor is a Java monitoring agent
april 2019
Apache Pulsar
Apache Pulsar is an open-source distributed pub-sub messaging system.
? Alternative to Kafka ?
Strong Durability
april 2019
Programmatically run checkstyle and findbugs, and other dependency checks from JUnit
april 2019
Rugged Software
Rugged Software Movement - I recognize that software has become a foundation of our modern world.
I recognize the awesome responsibility that comes with this foundational role. ...
april 2019
Keystrokes MS Windows
Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oShell.Run "ms-settings:defaultapps"
WScript.Sleep 1200
oShell.SendKeys "{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB} "
WScript.Sleep 500
oShell.SendKeys "{TAB} " ...
Automatisierung  from notes
march 2019
Apache Any23
Converter RDF and JsonLD and Microdata formats
rdf  semanticweb  java 
march 2019
Apache Fineract
Platform for digital financial services
march 2019
Apache Stanbol
Semantic content Management. Knowledge storage, reasoning.
march 2019
Cloud-native, Microservices, Domain-Driven Design, Kubernetes
Eberhard Wolff im Objekt Spektrum / Themen Special
march 2019
ProKi Kinderbetreuung
z. B. für Events und Veranstaltungen
march 2019
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