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After the bubble burst: How homebuying fared in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa
Homebuying in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa rose 81 percent in the past 10 years. In the first quarter of 2008, housing’s bubble was bursting and it was just months before the global financial collapse that led to the Great Recession. This three-month period still stands as Orange County’s slowest-selling start to any year in CoreLogic’s database that dates to 1988.
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Dice Insights: 5 Career Mistakes Holding Millennial Tech Pros Back
Dice Insights
Like the generations before them, Millennials have a unique set of values, attitudes and behaviors that influence the way they work, communicate and handle their careers. While many of the traits attributed to the Millennial workforce are widely viewed as strengths, others may actually hinder their career progress and earning power. Could generational differences be holding you back? Here are some ways that Millennial tech pros are secretly sabotaging their careers. Thinking that Hard Work Will Read the full story
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Summer  2018  June  Trends  Demographics  Millennial  Careers  from iphone
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Debt.com: More Millennials Are Moving to The Suburbs
After years of renting in cities, younger homebuyers need a place for a family. Read the full story
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june 2018 by ahasteve
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