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gitsec — gitsec documentation
gitsec is an automated secret discovery service for git that helps you detect sensitive data leaks.
git  secrets  github  server  netsec  infosec 
july 2018 by agius
Tell Me When it Closes
Get 1 email when an issue or PR closes
(instead of getting a million emails by subscribing)
api  github  tools  notifications  email  thoughtbot  app  oauth 
april 2018 by agius
Home · bettercap/bettercap Wiki
Sniffing, spoofing, deuth, and other network shenanigans
go  golang  security  infosec  netsec  wifi  network  github 
april 2018 by agius
awslabs/aws-config-rules: Example AWS Config rules
[Node, Python, Java] Repository of sample Custom Rules for AWS Config.
aws  github  example  nodejs  node  python  java  javascript  js  lambda  security  netsec  devops  compliance 
february 2018 by agius
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