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postmodern/raingrams: ngrams library for Ruby
A flexible and general-purpose ngrams library written in Ruby. Raingrams supports ngram sizes greater than 1, text/non-text grams, multiple parsing styles and open/closed vocabulary models.
github  ruby  rubygems  gem  gems  machine_learning  data_science 
october 2017 by agius
ActiveObject by drexed
When ActiveSupport isn't quite Active enough for you
utilities  ruby  rubygems  gems  gem  github 
june 2017 by agius
A Ruby Gem: strict_templates
Raise errors when you do SQL within a Rails view / template
ruby  rails  gem  gems  development  sql  culture 
november 2016 by agius
Sqreen: Web Application Protection
Gem / pypi pkg / nodejs lib to screen for common security attacks
gems  rubygems  gem  netsec  library  security  saas  node  nodejs  npm 
october 2016 by agius
Faraday: One HTTP Client to Rule Them All |
includes list of keys for environment vars in middleware, testing strategies
ruby  rails  gem  gems  faraday  example 
september 2016 by agius
Save 200ms on Rails calls
By not using Net::HTTP or Excon
performance  ruby  gem  gems 
march 2016 by agius
Like ruby-toolbox, but better quality indicators
ruby  gems  search  library  reference 
june 2015 by agius

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