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HTTP Request Smuggling
Whitepaper from WatchFire on writing funky requests w/ CLRFs that make servers do stupid things
docs  article  whitepaper  academic  learning  education  infosec  netsec  security 
april 2018 by agius
How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot
In Chrome, using devtools, without installing any third-party stuff
chrome  screencast  screen  tools  tips  reference  article 
march 2018 by agius
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
Apple's new laptop vs FAA regulation on battery size vs Intel's lack of LPDDR4 RAM vs how much battery life?
apple  article  mac  macos  intel  hardware  laptop 
november 2016 by agius
The More Things Change - bitquabit
React + Flux is the same widget-painting idempotent model that Windows 1.0 had. Now for the web!
react  reactjs  js  javascript  programming  culture  article 
january 2016 by agius
Peter Watts » The Beast Upon Your Shoulder, The Price Upon Your Head.
tl;dr use VR to add a creepy dude with a camera to your online experience when Facebook is tracking you
privacy  funny  article 
december 2015 by agius
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