Architecture no one needs is server side templating
In a blog post named The Architecture No One Needs Greg Navis claims that SPA (Single Page Applications) are “almost always worse than a multi-page app” and claims that there are alternatives that…
architecture  singlepageapplication 
3 hours ago
Installing Go And Your Workspace
Introduction If you are new to Linux or the Mac you might find installing Go to be a bit confusing. It was for me when I started learning Go. Go was the reason I stopped using Windows, which I used for 20 years. Even if you’re experienced with these operation systems, setting up Go might seem a bit of a mystery. With this in mind, let’s walk through installing Go.
golang  tutorial 
The Absolute Easiest Way to Debug Node.js — with VSCode
How to debug Node.js projects the easy way, with the help of VSCode.
visualstudiocode  nodejs 
Breaking Down Problems Is the #1 Software Developer Skill — Nick Janetakis
Learn the most important software developer skill there is, and that is how to break down problems into smaller problems.
2 days ago
The Tools I Use — Nick Janetakis
Here's a list of software and hardware that I use on a regular basis as a developer and content creator. I will be keeping it updated.
2 days ago
The lost art of whistling loudly with your fingers – if stranded it could save your life - Outdoor Revival
When most people think about loud whistling, they often think about trying to get someone’s attention or perhaps even using it as a survival skill in the
2 days ago
Web Performance 101: JS, CSS, HTTP, images & fonts | PerfPerfPerf
Learn how (and why) to make your app faster by optimizing JS, CSS, images/fonts and other things
webperformance  performance  javascript  web 
17 days ago
PipelineDB 1.0.0 - High-Performance Time-Series Aggregation For PostgreSQL
PipelineDB is an open-source relational database that runs SQL queries continuously on streams, incrementally storing results in tables.
postgresql  timeseries  pipelinedb 
17 days ago
My Serverless Adventure - Blazing Edge
Some experiences, pitfalls, best practices, and tips for building using Lambda and Serverless.
javascript  serverless  lambda 
17 days ago
5 Tools For Faster Development In React – Bits and Pieces
5 Useful tools that can speed the development of your next React.js application, focusing on components. React is great for quickly developing an entire application with a beautiful interactive UI…
17 days ago
Wix Engineering Blog
Wix engineering blog tells the story of our daily challenges and our way of solving them. Read about architecture, scaling, mobile and web development, management and more, written by our very own Wix engineers.
react  refactoring 
17 days ago
Understanding Currying in JavaScript – Bits and Pieces
Functional programming is a style of programming that attempts to pass functions as arguments(callbacks) and return functions without side-effects(changes to the program’s state). So many languages…
javascript  currying 
17 days ago
The Architecture No One Needs
Single-page apps are all the rage nowadays. Many praise their vague technical benefits while ignoring tremendous development costs.
17 days ago
Ruby on Rails — Should I still use it? – The Set List – Medium
I’ve been using Rails since 2005. It was still version 0.12 when I picked it up to create my first startup with Y Combinator. Ruby on Rails is old. Oy, I’M old. So it begs to be asked, is Ruby on…
17 days ago
Ruby on Rails Security – The Set List – Medium
We talk to a lot of folks about Rails, from VCs looking to staff their next company to new coding bootcamp grads. And one thing we see from newcomers and veterans alike is a lack of knowledge of web…
rails  security 
17 days ago
Learn How to Schedule Your Time — Nick Janetakis
Learn how to schedule your time by following these 5 steps that you can start doing today. Spoiler alert: it's free and easy.
career  lifehacks 
20 days ago
Have You Hit the Point of Diminishing Returns as a Developer? — Nick Janetakis
Investing a little bit of time into new skills will very likely improve your quality of life as a software developer and human being.
20 days ago
CSS Layout cookbook - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
The CSS layout cookbook aims to bring together recipes for common layout patterns, things you might need to implement in your own sites. In addition to providing code you can use as a starting point in your projects, these recipes highlight the different ways layout specifications can be used, and the choices you can make as a developer.
webdesign  css  reference 
21 days ago
Stop building websites with infinite scroll!
In this article, we will explain why you need to stop building websites with infinite scroll.
webdesign  infinitescrolling 
21 days ago
Was Web Development Better Back in the Early 2000s? — Nick Janetakis
I started programming in the late 1990s and got into web development at about the same time. Here's how it was different than today.
21 days ago
[EN] Domain Driven Rails Architecture
Time: 30-40 min Level: Intermediate/Advanced Code: GitHub References: The Modular Monolith: Rails Architecture – Dan Manges Counterintuitive Rails - Ivan Nem...
rails  domaindrivendesign 
21 days ago
Getting to know React DOM’s event handling system inside out
It all started when I’ve tried to redirect submitted React event handlers into another DOM element. I won’t get into details regarding the use case, but what I did was fairly logical: I’ve redefined…
22 days ago
Nine tips for Rails migration mastery
Several guidelines to help you navigate the many database changes you'll make throughout your career as a Rails developer.
rails  migration 
23 days ago
Going Vue with Nuxt – ITNEXT
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
vuejs  nuxtjs 
23 days ago
Vue.js Authentication System with Node.js Backend | Jscramber Blog
In this tutorial, we'll explore different authentication types for JavaScript applications and build a Vue authentication system with a Node.js backend.
vuejs  passportjs  authentication 
24 days ago
Well Architected Monoliths are Okay | Robert Northard
Software Engineer. Runner, Walker, and if it compiles it works...
25 days ago
A Progressive Web Application with Vue JS, Webpack & Material Design [Part 3]
This article is part of a serie that aims to build a basic but complete Progressive Web Application with VueJs, Webpack & Material Design, step-by-step and from scratch. If you have not read them…
vuejs  pwa 
4 weeks ago
Python and Django tutorial in Visual Studio Code
Python Django tutorial using the best Python IDE, demonstrating IntelliSense, code navigation, and debugging for both code and templates.
python  visualstudiocode  django  tutorial 
4 weeks ago
Vue CLI 3 — the deep dive – LogRocket
Nosa explains precisely what has changed, how to take advantage of those changes, and why you should be careful about using in production.
vuejs  vuecli 
5 weeks ago
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