Clarity & Consistency in Architecture | misfits' architecture
Robert Venturi and Post-Modernism have a place in the history of architecture’s meta-aesthetics for reducing architecture to a style toolkit once again and kicking the architecture can a bit further down the road. 
architecture  postmodernism 
another hoax article gets through, apparently | Object-Oriented Philosophy
The lesson of Sokal-type hoaxes is not, as the perpetrators believe, that entire disciplines are merely worthless. Instead, the real lesson is how easy it is to become a second-hand thinker, circulating purely in the element of the jargon of your own discipline, without seeing things first hand or making any contact between your words and reality.
2 days ago
Notes From An Emergency
This nationalism makes skillful use of online tools, tools that we believed inherently promoted freedom, to advance an authoritarian agenda
politics  socialmedia 
4 days ago
The Massively Big Autopoiesis of Architecture Post | misfits' architecture
you’d think someone who’s written approximately 400,000 words would have developed some sort of a way with them
architecture  parametricism 
13 days ago
Architectural Myths #20: The Villa Savoye | misfits' architecture
the huge architectural cultural construct that is the Villa Savoye, rests on a building that was never intended to happen. We’re led to believe LC cared about VS when, given what else was on the cards for him careerwise, it’s more likely he wanted VS done and forgotten.
history  modernism 
13 days ago
Contingent No More | Maximillian Alvarez
You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of subjects who adhere more faithfully to the myth of meritocracy than academics.
academic  teaching 
19 days ago
The Myth of a Superhuman AI – Backchannel
The assumptions behind a superhuman intelligence arising soon are:
Artificial intelligence is already getting smarter than us, at an exponential rate.
We’ll make AIs into a general purpose intelligence, like our own.
We can make human intelligence in silicon.
Intelligence can be expanded without limit.
Once we have exploding superintelligence it can solve most of our problems.
In contradistinction to this orthodoxy, I find the following five heresies to have more evidence to support them.
Intelligence is not a single dimension, so “smarter than humans” is a meaningless concept.
Humans do not have general purpose minds, and neither will AIs.
Emulation of human thinking in other media will be constrained by cost.
Dimensions of intelligence are not infinite.
Intelligences are only one factor in progress.
ai  technology  software 
23 days ago
'We've got nowhere to send them' | Radio New Zealand News
People who were forced to sleep in cars should be given somewhere safe to park with showers and toilets, he said.
auckland  housing  homeless  nz  mangere 
6 weeks ago
Death by Twitter – The New Inquiry
@tejucole, Aug. 29: Scoop, scoop, scoop, spark. Four of those who were collecting petrol from a damaged tanker in Benue died right there.

@tejucole, Aug. 25: Children are a gift from God. In the returns department: a baby girl, left by the side of Effiom Ekpo Street in Calabar.

@tejucole, Aug. 23: O believers! Know that during the Hajj, a Jeddah hotel housing 34 Nigerian pilgrims went up in flames, and none were harmed.

@tejucole, Aug. 22: Even if one does not believe in ghosts, 2,700 of them continue to draw salaries from the Imo State payroll.

@tejucole, Aug. 19: The Nigerian police motto is “the police is your friend,” but Taiwo, 25, beaten in Alapere for not paying a bribe, has his doubts.

@tejucole, Aug. 14: An Air Force officer in Bayelsa who mistook himself for a cop mistook the baker Paul Wisdom for a thief and shot him in the head.
twitter  writing  nigeria 
7 weeks ago
Mobile phones are not always a cure for poverty in remote regions
" isolated individuals do not become better connected when they get a mobile phone."
technology  poverty 
7 weeks ago
Reverse Outlines | Explorations of Style
My favourite revision strategy is the reverse outline. Simply stated, a reverse outline is an outline that we create from an existing text; rather than turning an outline into a text, we are turning a text into an outline. Regardless of whether or not you create an outline before you write, creating one after you have written a first draft can be invaluable. A reverse outline will reveal the structure—and thus the structural problems—of a text.
academic  teaching  writing 
8 weeks ago
Minimalism: another boring product wealthy people can buy | Life and style | The Guardian
“Look at me! Look at all of the things I have refused to buy, and the incredibly-expensive, sparse items I have deemed worthy instead!”
interior  minimalism  capitalism 
11 weeks ago
Project Atlas
uses mapbox to produce webmap style interface for building drawings
drawing  map  software 
february 2017
NZAA Site Viewer
ArchSite nz archaeological database
gis  archaeology  nz 
january 2017
OSMnx: Python for Street Networks - Geoff Boeing
visualise urban solid/void patterns viz nolli
python  gis 
january 2017
The Inscrutable Apartment | misfits' architecture
Not connecting rooms every possible way and not having windows on every possible surface suggest a different way of appreciating the space inside an apartment and the space outside as well.
interior  architecture  apartment 
december 2016
Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Two: Understanding Uber’s Uncompetitive Costs | naked capitalism
there is no basis for assuming Uber is on the same rapid, scale economy driven path to profitability that some digitally-based startups achieved... Uber has grown because consumers have been choosing the company that only makes them pay 41% of the cost of their trip; there is no evidence that taxi customers in a competitive market would pay more than twice as much for the service quality advantages Uber investors have been subsidizing.
economics  transport  capitalism 
december 2016
Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part One – Understanding Uber’s Bleak Operating Economics | naked capitalism
Uber has greatly oversold its case. There are no grounds for believing that Uber will ever be profitable, let alone justify its lofty valuation, absent perhaps the widespread implementation of driverless cars... Uber passengers were paying only 41% of the actual cost of their trips; Uber was using these massive subsidies to undercut the fares
economics  transport  infrastructure 
december 2016
Black Ecology: A Pessimistic Moment | Larval Subjects .
" Insofar as being is a-teleological, there is nothing that environments ought to be."
ecology  nature  philosophy  ooo 
november 2016
Panama: The Hidden Trillions by Alan Rusbridger | The New York Review of Books
“The economic system is, basically, that the rich and the powerful exited long ago from the messy business of paying tax,”
economics  money 
october 2016
Laurie Penny | Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless
Modernity would have us mooning after ourselves like heartsick, slightly creepy teenagers, taking selfies and telling ourselves how special and perfect we are.
psychology  capitalism  feminism 
july 2016
6 powerful "look into" verbs (+ 1 to avoid) | 43 Folders
it all still should come back to widgets and how they get cranked.
productivity  gtd 
july 2016
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