One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
The power of Oppenheimer-wide destruction is in the hands of entitled men-children, cuddled runts, who aim not to enhance human communication, but to build themselves a digital substitute for physical contact with members of the species who were unlike them.
twitter  politics 
6 days ago
The Economy: The Economy
Free online course material - overview of economics and inequality
economics  book 
4 weeks ago
Beyond Terminology: Zooming Out to Focus on Bias | Conscious Style Guide
Unconscious biases . . .
are unconscious.
can be activated outside of our control and without our consent.
don’t necessarily align with our declared beliefs.
can be held against the groups we belong to.
infiltrate everything.
academic  writing  teaching 
4 weeks ago
Heritage Futures
Assembling Alternative Futures for Heritage
Heritage Futures is an interdisciplinary research programme which aims to develop a broad, international and cross-sectoral comparative framework for understanding 'heritage' in its most expansive sense.
history  landscape  museum  academic 
5 weeks ago
House flippers triggered the US housing market crash, not poor subprime borrowers, a new study shows. — Quartz
it was wealthy or middle-class house-flipping speculators who blew up the bubble to cataclysmic proportions, and then wrecked local housing markets when they defaulted en masse
6 weeks ago
Eliminating the Human - David Byrne
Human interaction is often perceived, from an engineer’s mind-set, as complicated, inefficient, noisy, and slow. Part of making something “frictionless” is getting the human part out of the way.
socialmedia  technology 
9 weeks ago
Hypnotized by Elon Musk’s Hyperloop | The New Yorker
the trouble with the Hyperloop is not its breathless gee-whizzery. It’s the fact that it mistakes the charismatic mega-project for a viable solution to current problems. If the Hyperloop’s purpose is to address large-scale urban mobility, then there are many other options already deserving of public funding and attention—ones that do not require a hard rebooting of the entire urban world to be realized.
urban  transport  public  technology 
12 weeks ago
Stop patronizing the working class | The Outline
What out-of-touch columnists consider bona-fide symbols of working-class authenticity are often just the hallmarks of well-off white suburbanites with bad taste.
poltics  economics  society 
july 2017
When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans?
Most people talk as if Miami and Bangladesh still have a chance of surviving; most of the scientists I spoke with assume we’ll lose them within the century, even if we stop burning fossil fuel in the next decade.
july 2017
how to do nothing – Jenny Odell – Medium
; what a relief to have nothing to say, the right to say nothing, because only then is there a chance of framing the rare, and ever rarer, thing that might be worth saying.
art  spatial  work 
july 2017
Landfill levy fails to make a dent on dumps
the greatest benefits would come from increasing it to $140 per tonne for active waste (such as wood and plastics), $15 for inert waste (such as concrete, brick and soil) and $40 for incinerated waste. It says it should be applied to all landfill operators.
waste  nz 
july 2017
Chiropractors are bullshit | The Outline
Chiropractic care, I’m sorry to say, is little more than the buffoonery of a 19th-century lunatic who derived most of his medical theory from séances. It has not evolved much since its creation. Chiropractic beliefs are dangerously far removed from mainstream medicine, and the vocation’s practices have been linked to strokes, herniated discs, and even death. Chiropractors can’t replace your doctor, and I’m amazed that they’re still even allowed to practice. You shouldn’t trust them with your spine or any other part of your body, and here’s why.
june 2017
Uber Can’t Be Fixed — It’s Time for Regulators to Shut It Down
Uber’s biggest advantage over incumbents was in using ordinary vehicles with no special licensing or other formalities. With regular noncommercial cars, Uber and its drivers avoided commercial insurance, commercial registration, commercial plates, special driver’s licenses, background checks, rigorous commercial vehicle inspections, and countless other expenses. With these savings, Uber seized a huge cost advantage over taxis and traditional car services. Uber’s lower costs brought lower prices to consumers, with resulting popularity and growth. But this use of noncommercial cars was unlawful from the start.
june 2017
sIBL Archive
HDR environments for rendering
render  3d 
june 2017
I don’t need money to do research | The Research Whisperer
In our current academic world, you cannot say you don’t need money for research. You can’t say it because it’s a career-limiting move.
academic  research 
june 2017
The long, slow, rotten march of progress | The Outline
Just learn how to code, and you’ll be fine. But something’s missing. Code what? To do what? And why?

For a few lucky companies selling these moronically “smart” objects, there are ludicrous millions in investor funding. Not because they’re any good, but because markets are volatile and governments are issuing negative-yield bonds and there’s nowhere else for all the ruling class’s extra money to go. Time is not moving us forwards. There has not been progress. The tech boom is not the first trembling steps of a new era. Its growth and dynamism is the halo of rot spreading over the globe.
code  capitalism  economy 
june 2017
Polynesian Lexicon Online
comparative dictionary of polynesian languages
language  pacific 
june 2017
Protocols of Moron | Corey Pein
I propose a simpler definition: conspiracy theorists are shitty detectives. They are inquisitive minds who don’t know what questions to ask. They are knowledge-hunters forever lost in the weeds. They are epistemologists who constantly mistake correlation for causation, and who cannot begin to compensate for their own biases because they believe they already possess the answers.
society  news 
may 2017
Clarity & Consistency in Architecture | misfits' architecture
Robert Venturi and Post-Modernism have a place in the history of architecture’s meta-aesthetics for reducing architecture to a style toolkit once again and kicking the architecture can a bit further down the road. 
architecture  postmodernism 
may 2017
another hoax article gets through, apparently | Object-Oriented Philosophy
The lesson of Sokal-type hoaxes is not, as the perpetrators believe, that entire disciplines are merely worthless. Instead, the real lesson is how easy it is to become a second-hand thinker, circulating purely in the element of the jargon of your own discipline, without seeing things first hand or making any contact between your words and reality.
may 2017
Notes From An Emergency
This nationalism makes skillful use of online tools, tools that we believed inherently promoted freedom, to advance an authoritarian agenda
politics  socialmedia 
may 2017
The Massively Big Autopoiesis of Architecture Post | misfits' architecture
you’d think someone who’s written approximately 400,000 words would have developed some sort of a way with them
architecture  parametricism 
may 2017
Architectural Myths #20: The Villa Savoye | misfits' architecture
the huge architectural cultural construct that is the Villa Savoye, rests on a building that was never intended to happen. We’re led to believe LC cared about VS when, given what else was on the cards for him careerwise, it’s more likely he wanted VS done and forgotten.
history  modernism 
may 2017
Contingent No More | Maximillian Alvarez
You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of subjects who adhere more faithfully to the myth of meritocracy than academics.
academic  teaching 
may 2017
The Myth of a Superhuman AI – Backchannel
The assumptions behind a superhuman intelligence arising soon are:
Artificial intelligence is already getting smarter than us, at an exponential rate.
We’ll make AIs into a general purpose intelligence, like our own.
We can make human intelligence in silicon.
Intelligence can be expanded without limit.
Once we have exploding superintelligence it can solve most of our problems.
In contradistinction to this orthodoxy, I find the following five heresies to have more evidence to support them.
Intelligence is not a single dimension, so “smarter than humans” is a meaningless concept.
Humans do not have general purpose minds, and neither will AIs.
Emulation of human thinking in other media will be constrained by cost.
Dimensions of intelligence are not infinite.
Intelligences are only one factor in progress.
ai  technology  software 
april 2017
'We've got nowhere to send them' | Radio New Zealand News
People who were forced to sleep in cars should be given somewhere safe to park with showers and toilets, he said.
auckland  housing  homeless  nz  mangere 
april 2017
Death by Twitter – The New Inquiry
@tejucole, Aug. 29: Scoop, scoop, scoop, spark. Four of those who were collecting petrol from a damaged tanker in Benue died right there.

@tejucole, Aug. 25: Children are a gift from God. In the returns department: a baby girl, left by the side of Effiom Ekpo Street in Calabar.

@tejucole, Aug. 23: O believers! Know that during the Hajj, a Jeddah hotel housing 34 Nigerian pilgrims went up in flames, and none were harmed.

@tejucole, Aug. 22: Even if one does not believe in ghosts, 2,700 of them continue to draw salaries from the Imo State payroll.

@tejucole, Aug. 19: The Nigerian police motto is “the police is your friend,” but Taiwo, 25, beaten in Alapere for not paying a bribe, has his doubts.

@tejucole, Aug. 14: An Air Force officer in Bayelsa who mistook himself for a cop mistook the baker Paul Wisdom for a thief and shot him in the head.
twitter  writing  nigeria 
april 2017
Mobile phones are not always a cure for poverty in remote regions
" isolated individuals do not become better connected when they get a mobile phone."
technology  poverty 
march 2017
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