Žižek: Ecology against Mother Nature
"one is tempted to add that, if there is one good thing about capitalism it is that under it, Mother Earth no longer exists."
Review of McKenzie Wark's Molecular Red
ecology  sustainability  capitalism  philosophy 
A Guide to Thesis-Writing and a Guide to Life - The New Yorker
“A student makes hundreds of pages of photocopies and takes them home, and the manual labor he exercises in doing so gives him the impression that he possesses the work. Owning the photocopies exempts the student from actually reading them. This sort of vertigo of accumulation, a neocapitalism of information, happens to many.”
research  writing  academic 
16 days ago
Stop giving Wikipedia money | Newslines - News Search Engine
The WMF’s bloated staff of do-nothings want to be rewarded for the value that they did not create. They are laughing all the way to the bank, while they try to guilt you into giving more so they can do even less.
internet  money 
16 days ago
Animal infrastructures
"The growing temptation will be to turn to engineered animals, rather than to existing equipment or inanimate machines, to perform future urban work for us."
da  animal  infrastructure 
23 days ago
Anemone - Grasshopper
Component for making loops in Grasshopper. Would have might my fractal tree definition a whole lot simpler.
6 weeks ago
The Economist on Matthew Rognlie's theory linking inequality to housing.
"The return on non-housing wealth, in fact, has been remarkably stable since 1970 (see chart). Instead, surging house prices are almost entirely responsible for growing returns on capital."
da  capitalism  politics  economics 
8 weeks ago
Japan's Kondo Brothers Invent $7,900 Bike Wheels - Bloomberg Business
“You made this stuff on the expectation that your customers would pay more for it, without stepping back and asking whether they really would.”
japan  technology  product  fabrication  cycling 
9 weeks ago
CIAM 4 and the “Unanimous” Origins of Modernist Urban Planning | ArchDaily
The CIAM architects shared an unconditional faith in the capabilities of planning and the central role of the modern architect in shaping the society of the future and cities that were capable of functioning. The view that the contemporary city, in its “chaotic state”, was no longer able to meet the needs of its residents, and that undesirable trends and deficiencies were being further perpetuated by city authorities and other figures, was widespread not only inside the CIAM.
architecture  planning  modernism  history 
february 2015
The Polemical Snapshot: Architectural Photography in the Age of Social Media | Essays | Architectural Review
photographs that show unflattering angles, frustrated users, shoddy finishes, premature ruination and fuck-the-neighbours attitude, are still generally invisible, at least in the architectural press.
architecture  photography 
february 2015
What ISIS Really Wants - The Atlantic
The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers, drawn largely from the disaffected populations of the Middle East and Europe. But the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam.
islam  religion  war  terrorism 
february 2015
Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple - The New Yorker
Milling machines help turn a studio into a workshop; they reinforce Ive’s view that bad industrial design often starts in ignorance of what a material can and cannot do.

It’s really demeaning to think that, in this deep desire to be liked, you’ve compromised giving clear, unambiguous feedback,”
studio  apple  product 
february 2015
you can’t always write what you want | patter
The question of wanting to write can get in the way of starting to write, but only if you let it. Sometimes, as in the case of bureaucratic writing and writing for other people, it’s the sense of responsibility that gets it going and done. For the vast majority of other academic writing, it’s a matter of finding a technique and a set of tools that will allow you to start, despite any reluctance you feel. The way to get going will differ from person to person – it might be mulling it over, speed writing, or beginning with a simple list or something else. You just have to try things until you find what works for you.
writing  academic 
february 2015
Factory Shop & Tours | Studio Ceramics
We welcome schools, rest homes and groups into our factory.  Guided Tours are by arrangement and generally take around 45 – 60 minutes.  Learn how the whole production process takes place.  We show you the creation of our ceramics from start to finish.  Our mould maker is on site on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
ceramic  teaching  studio  fabrication 
january 2015
Haunted Empire | Asymco
Boards (and hence shareholders) are deliberately hiring a scapegoat for sins as yet unknown. Luxury and violence are thus finely balanced in what is called “Executive Search”.
january 2015
Educators want University Entrance review after thousands of students miss cut - National - NZ Herald News
More than 20,500 Year 13 students - 58 per cent - achieved NCEA Level 3 last year. That's the new entry level requirement for students wanting to go to university which is down from 71 per cent in 2013 and lower than 10 years ago when 64 per cent of students gained UE.
education  nz  academic  teaching 
january 2015
What the Web Said Yesterday - The New Yorker
The footnote, a landmark in the history of civilization, took centuries to invent and to spread. It has taken mere years nearly to destroy. A footnote used to say, “Here is how I know this and where I found it.” A footnote that’s a link says, “Here is what I used to know and where I once found it, but chances are it’s not there anymore.”
archive  internet  writing  academic  information 
january 2015
These are the 10 commandments of Hinduism in the 21st century - Quartz
Hinduism in the future will increasingly seek to become a component of national and political identity, similar to the association that Christianity and Islam have established in other parts of the world. Thus, Hinduism will identify itself with a particular geographic entity—the South Asian subcontinent—and incorporate the notions of “us” and the “other.”
hindu  india  religion 
january 2015
Bryan Appleyard » Blog Archive » Physics: Superstitions and Allegories?
If, say Unger and Smolin, our theories don’t work, then we should ditch the theories, not invent imaginary and forever undetectable worlds.
mathematics  physics  science  theory 
january 2015
The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of "jaywalking" - Vox
the word "jay" meant something like "rube" or "hick" — a person from the sticks, who didn't know how to behave in a city. So pro-auto groups promoted use of the word "jay walker" as someone who didn't know how to walk in a city, threatening public safety.
pedestrian  walking  urban  street  car 
january 2015
Owen Hatherley: What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas
"There is an alternative to ‘learning from’, and it’s not a return to arrogant form-giving, it’s ‘working with’."
place  urban  da 
january 2015
Sam Jacob on post digital representation in architecture
"collage is now seamless, and not being able to see the join makes collage work in a very different way. In short, it's Photoshop rather than Grasshopper that is the real site of productive digital speculation."
da  representation  drawing  parametricism  collage 
january 2015
The geometry of urban labour markets « transportblog.co.nz
In a composite city, people do not simply commute to the nearest offices – they will actually travel to jobs all throughout the city. The “urban village” idyll simply doesn’t happen in real life.
auckland  density  labour  work  transport 
january 2015
The smartest cities rely on citizen cunning and unglamorous technology | Cities | The Guardian
A close reading leaves little room for doubt that vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Cisco and Hitachi construct the resident of the smart city as someone without agency; merely a passive consumer of municipal services – at best, perhaps, a generator of data that can later be aggregated, mined for relevant inference, and acted upon. Should he or she attempt to practise democracy in any form that spills on to the public way, the smart city has no way of accounting for this activity other than interpreting it as an untoward disruption to the orderly flow of circulation.
urban  smartcity  technology 
january 2015
Comment> Michael Sorkin - The Architect's Newspaper
The logjam you don’t even know you’re stuck in will be broken by a shift in representation.
representation  architecture 
january 2015
Slavoj Žižek on the Charlie Hebdo massacre: Are the worst really full of passionate intensity?
The problem is not cultural difference (their effort to preserve their identity), but the opposite fact that the fundamentalists are already like us, that, secretly, they have already internalized our standards and measure themselves by them.
terrorism  philosophy  culture 
january 2015
Diamonds Are Bullshit
Let’s agree that diamonds are bullshit and reject their role in the marriage process. Let’s admit that as a society we got tricked for about century into coveting sparkling pieces of carbon, but it’s time to end the nonsense.
material  economy  society 
january 2015
#JeSuisCharlieHebdo? | AL JAVIEERA
t’s surprising to have to spell out these notions, but here goes…

One can condemn violence and at the same time sustain a critical stance against Charlie Hebdo.

One can condemn the “asymmetric warfare” of masked gunmen and also reject racism, tyranny, and hate.

One can denounce cold-blooded massacres while also unsubscribe from the horrible, orientalist titillation of Charlie Hebdo cartoons and the mental passivity of liberalism.
terrorism  paris  france  rights 
january 2015
How Much Public Space Does a City Need? – Next City
The UN argues that streets should be counted as public space alongside parks and plazas.
from twitter_favs
january 2015
How our photo obsession is threatening our memories - Quartz
when the students took photos, they remembered fewer objects overall and remembered fewer details about the objects and their location in the museum, compared to those they had only observed.
memory  photography  teaching 
december 2014
Untitled (http://www.arch2o.com/20-tips-for-being-a-successful-architect/)
"Submission is better than fighting back." Everything wrong with architectural office culture in one delusional list.
from twitter_favs
december 2014
Smart cities 'will destroy democracy'
"As the tech companies bid for contracts, Haque observed, the real target of their advertising is clear: “The people it really speaks to are the city managers who can say, ‘It wasn’t me who made the decision, it was the data.’”"
da  urban  surveillance  technology  infrastructure 
december 2014
EconoSpeak: "Cake without Flour" -- Duncan Foley on the Dilemmas of Economic Growth
Many people today are dazzled by the apparently magical ability of innovators to appropriate enormous revenues on the basis of ideas and their manipulation alone. This phenomenon has understandably spawned theories of a "new" economy, supposedly based on new principles of the creation of value. Classical-Marxist political economy, in contrast, locates incomes to innovation not in new principles of the creation of value, but in new (or newly important, since most of these "business models" have actually been around for a long time) modes of appropriation of surplus value.
december 2014
The Art of Literature, by Arthur Schopenhauer : On Thinking for Oneself.
"A library may be very large; but if it is in disorder, it is not so useful as one that is small but well arranged."
academic  writing 
december 2014
CGSociety - Building 3D with Ikea
Today, around 60-75% of all IKEA’s product images (images showing only a single product) are CG.
rendering  graphics  furniture 
december 2014
Sleep deprivation is killing your career – Quartz
"The negative effects of sleep deprivation are so great that people who are drunk outperform those lacking sleep."
from twitter
december 2014
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