Project Atlas
uses mapbox to produce webmap style interface for building drawings
drawing  map  software 
22 days ago
NZAA Site Viewer
ArchSite nz archaeological database
gis  archaeology  nz 
4 weeks ago
OSMnx: Python for Street Networks - Geoff Boeing
visualise urban solid/void patterns viz nolli
python  gis 
5 weeks ago
The Inscrutable Apartment | misfits' architecture
Not connecting rooms every possible way and not having windows on every possible surface suggest a different way of appreciating the space inside an apartment and the space outside as well.
interior  architecture  apartment 
8 weeks ago
Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Two: Understanding Uber’s Uncompetitive Costs | naked capitalism
there is no basis for assuming Uber is on the same rapid, scale economy driven path to profitability that some digitally-based startups achieved... Uber has grown because consumers have been choosing the company that only makes them pay 41% of the cost of their trip; there is no evidence that taxi customers in a competitive market would pay more than twice as much for the service quality advantages Uber investors have been subsidizing.
economics  transport  capitalism 
12 weeks ago
Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part One – Understanding Uber’s Bleak Operating Economics | naked capitalism
Uber has greatly oversold its case. There are no grounds for believing that Uber will ever be profitable, let alone justify its lofty valuation, absent perhaps the widespread implementation of driverless cars... Uber passengers were paying only 41% of the actual cost of their trips; Uber was using these massive subsidies to undercut the fares
economics  transport  infrastructure 
12 weeks ago
Black Ecology: A Pessimistic Moment | Larval Subjects .
" Insofar as being is a-teleological, there is nothing that environments ought to be."
ecology  nature  philosophy  ooo 
november 2016
Panama: The Hidden Trillions by Alan Rusbridger | The New York Review of Books
“The economic system is, basically, that the rich and the powerful exited long ago from the messy business of paying tax,”
economics  money 
october 2016
Laurie Penny | Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless
Modernity would have us mooning after ourselves like heartsick, slightly creepy teenagers, taking selfies and telling ourselves how special and perfect we are.
psychology  capitalism  feminism 
july 2016
6 powerful "look into" verbs (+ 1 to avoid) | 43 Folders
it all still should come back to widgets and how they get cranked.
productivity  gtd 
july 2016
Remarks at the SASE Panel On The Moral Economy of Tech
Approaching the world as a software problem is a category error that has led us into some terrible habits of mind.
technology  politics 
june 2016
Cities Are Not as Big a Deal as You Think
"The UN estimates that only one in eight people live in a megacity. “The seven of eight people who are not living in the megacity of the future are going to live in horizontal forms of cities that are disconnected in some way or another from their nearest center city,”"
urban  city  da 
june 2016
Architectures - YouTube
series of short videos on individual buildings
architecture  documentary  video  history 
february 2016
Relativity v quantum mechanics – the battle for the universe | News | The Guardian
Just as a pixel is the smallest unit of an image on your screen and a photon is the smallest unit of light, he argues, so there might be an unbreakable smallest unit of distance: a quantum of space.
physics  science 
november 2015
Rising seas threaten to drown important mangrove forests, unless we intervene
The typical mangrove forest sequesters several times more carbon dioxide than a tropical rainforest of comparable size.
sea  mangrove  flora  sustainability  mangere 
october 2015
How PowerPoint is killing critical thought | Andrew Smith | Comment is free | The Guardian
Bullet points enforce a rigidly hierarchical authority, which has not necessarily been earned.
academic  teaching 
october 2015
Geocentric direction systems use uphill, uptown instead of north/south: Found in Bali, NYC, etc
Balinese has what is called a geocentric directional system, based on geographic landmarks rather than points on a compass. Really, what the word kaja means is "uphill"—that is, "towards the biggest mountain in the area."
landscape  geography  territory  navigation 
october 2015
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