Free and Open source Web Builder Framework. Next generation tool for building templates without coding
editor  javascript  wysiwyg 
20 days ago
GRID: A simple visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout
Learn all about the properties available in CSS Grid Layout through simple visual examples.
cheatsheet  css  reference  grid 
20 days ago
An evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server. - imthenachoman/
linux  security  sysadmin 
29 days ago
Using CSS Grid the right way
CSS Grid is fun to use but hard to learn. Here are three tips to help you understand and leverage the Grid spec.
css  dev 
29 days ago
A free visual guide to CSS
CSS Reference is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.
css  programming  reference 
6 weeks ago
a little native network debugging tool for iOS. Contribute to yagiz/Bagel development by creating an account on GitHub.
ios  networking 
8 weeks ago
10 Tools To Power Up Your Command Line
A showcase of some of the best command line tools I've discovered in recent years. If you ever use the command line, you'll probably find that at least one item on this page will make your life easier.
bash  cli  linux  shell 
10 weeks ago
Build your personal knowledge base with Trilium Notes - zadam/
javascript  markdown  tools  notebooks 
10 weeks ago
Inter UI
is a new typeface optimized for computer user interfaces
design  font  typography 
10 weeks ago
SSH Examples, Tips & Tunnels
Bounce through the network with SSH tunnels and proxies. Take your remote system administration skills to the next level with our practical SSH examples.
ssh  sysadmin  networking 
10 weeks ago
A collection of awesome lists, manuals, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more. Especially for System and Network Administrators, DevOps, Pentesters or Security Researchers.
software  tools  linux  security 
december 2018
Terminals Are Sexy
A curated list of sexy Terminal frameworks, extensions & resources for CLI lovers.
bash  cli  console 
december 2018
An Extensive Guide To Progressive Web Applications
In this article, we’ll look at the pain points of users who are browsing old non-PWA websites and the promise of PWAs to make the web great. You’ll learn most of the important technologies that make for cool PWAs, like service workers, web push notifications and IndexedDB.
november 2018
A tool for exploring each layer in a docker image. Contribute to wagoodman/dive development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  images  optimization  tools 
november 2018
This is a list of everything I've found useful in my journey of learning design, and an ongoing list of things I think you should read. For budding UX, UI, Interaction, or whatever other title designers.
design  ref 
november 2018
🖥 📊 🕹 🛠 A curated list of command line apps. Contribute to agarrharr/awesome-cli-apps development by creating an account on GitHub.
linux  tools  cli 
november 2018
Beyond console.log()
It seems like it’s cool to tell people doing JavaScript that they should be using the browser’s debugger, and there’s certainly a time and a place for that. But a lot of the time you just want to see…
javascript  programming 
november 2018
Concise Media Queries with CSS Grid
Write less CSS and organize responsive layouts with ease.
css  grids 
november 2018
Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow
ai  tutorial  ml 
october 2018
Terminal utility that allows you to use words coming from the standard input to create a nice selection window just below the cursor. Once done, your selection will be sent to standard output. More in the Wiki - p-gen/
cli  linux  shell 
september 2018
Removing jQuery from frontend
We have recently completed a milestone where we were able to drop jQuery as a dependency of the frontend code for This marks the end of a gradual, years-long transition of increasingly decoupling from jQuery until we were able to completely remove the library. In this post, we will explain a bit of history of how we started depending on jQuery in the first place, how we realized when it was no longer needed, and point out that—instead of replacing it with another library or framework—we were able to achieve everything that we needed using standard browser APIs.
javascript  jquery 
september 2018
Gapless, draggable grid layouts
javascript  layout  ui 
august 2018
Pushbar.js is a tiny javascript plugin for creating sliding drawers in web apps. It is fully customizable and dependency free.You can use it as sidebar menus or option drawers.
july 2018
A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
security  ssl 
july 2018
How to build your own Bootstrap 4 themes
Build your own Bootstrap 4 themes with this open source theme kit. Watch the demonstration video and work through the step by step guide to get started.
css  bootstrap 
june 2018
Machine Learning for Humans
The ultimate guide to machine learning. Simple, plain-English explanations accompanied by math, code, and real-world examples.
ai  tutorial 
june 2018
Vivid.JS - SVG Icons Library
JavaScript library which is built to easily customize and use the SVG Icons
javascript  svg  icon 
june 2018
the frontendian
CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) is subject tinged with dread for many web developers. Like tales of a mythical sea beast, every developer has a story to tell about the day CORS seized upon one of their web requests, dragging it down into the inexorable depths, never to be seen again.
http  javascript  security 
june 2018
Tcpdump Examples
In these tcpdump examples you will find 22 tactical commands to zero in on the key packets. Know your network with this powerful packet capture tool. Examples for http, icmp, dns, snmp and more.
linux  networking 
may 2018
Algorithms that run our universe | Your personal library of every algorithm and data structure code that you will ever encounter
may 2018
How To Make A Drag-and-Drop File Uploader With Vanilla JavaScript
In this article, we'll be using "vanilla" ES2015+ JavaScript (no frameworks or libraries) to complete this project, and it is assumed you have a working knowledge of JavaScript in the browser. This example should be compatible with every evergreen browser plus IE 10 and 11.
js  dev 
january 2018
A free visual guide to CSS
CSS Reference is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.
css  design  reference 
january 2018
A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have
framework  js 
january 2018
How to make your HTML responsive by adding a single line of CSS
In this article I’ll teach you how to use CSS Grid to create a super cool image grid which varies the amount of columns with the width of the screen. This means we don’t have to clutter up the HTML…
css  responsive 
december 2017
Evolution of <img>: Gif without the GIF
tl;dr GIFs are awesome but terrible for quality and performance Replacing GIFs with <video> is better but has perf. drawbacks: not preloaded, uses range requests Now you can <img src=".mp4">s in Safari Technology Preview Early results show mp4s in <img> tags display
video  performance 
december 2017
- Curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
december 2017
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