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Updates to Add-on Review Policies | Mozilla Add-ons Blog
With the transition to the WebExtensions API, we have updated our policies to better reflect the characteristics of the new technology, and to better clarify the practices that have been established over the years.
mozilla  firefox  add-ons  policy  beware  article  blog 
8 days ago by aeng
Thunderbird/Add-ons Guide 57 - MozillaWiki
Describes changes needed to maintain extension compatibility with Thunderbird 57 and beyond.
mozilla  thunderbird  add-ons  extensions  api 
17 days ago by aeng
WebExtensions - Source code submission - Mozilla | MDN
If you don't provide source code with clear instructions and the reviewer cannot evaluate your extension, it may be rejected.
mozilla  firefox  webextensions  add-ons 
4 weeks ago by aeng
management.uninstallSelf() - Mozilla | MDN
WebExtension API. Uninstalls the calling add-on.
mozilla  webextensions  api  reference  mdc  devmo 
11 weeks ago by aeng
Mozilla License Headers — Mozilla
This page gives copy-and-pasteable license headers for Mozilla code.
mozilla  mpl  license 
october 2017 by aeng
AddonManager - Mozilla | MDN
Method getStartupChanges() to get the add-ons that have changed, e.g. new installation, version upgraded; use the constants STARTUP_CHANGE_INSTALLED and STARTUP_CHANGE_CHANGED to differentiate between the two states.
mozilla  firefox  add-ons  extensions  api  javascript  mdc  devmo 
september 2017 by aeng
WebExtensions dynamic context menu - Add-ons / Add-on Support - Mozilla Discourse
Discussion about the context menu's delayed updating when it is being updated real-time.
mozilla  firefox  webextensions  forum  add-ons 
august 2017 by aeng
Incompatible change to sessions.restore API in Firefox 54 | Mozilla Add-ons Blog
'sessions.restore' now returns an object instead of an array. With this change, the API now matches the spec and its behavior in Google Chrome.
mozilla  firefox  firefox54  webextensions  sessions  api  readme  mdc  devmo 
june 2017 by aeng
Embedded WebExtensions - Mozilla | MDN
Starting in Firefox 51, you can embed a WebExtension in a classic bootstrapped extension or an Add-on SDK add-on.
mozilla  firefox  webextension  embedded  bootstrapped  extensions  article  mdc  devmo 
may 2017 by aeng
Bootstrapped extensions - Mozilla | MDN
Bootstrapped extensions are special extensions that, instead of using overlays to apply their user interface to the application, programmatically insert themselves into the application. This is done using a special script file that's included in the extension that contains functions the browser calls to command the extension to install, uninstall, start up, and shut down.
mozilla  firefox  bootstrapped  extensions  xul  javascript  article  mdc  devmo 
may 2017 by aeng
Add-on Compatibility for Firefox 54 | Mozilla Add-ons Blog
Due for release on 13 June 2017: "Remove -moz-appearance. This doesn’t apply to CSS sheets loaded using a chrome:// URL, but it does affect inline CSS styles in XUL and JavaScript code." Regression test Clippings and Panic Button.
mozilla  firefox  firefox54  readme  release  add-ons  compatibility 
april 2017 by aeng
Add-ons in 2017 | Mozilla Add-ons Blog
By the end of 2017, and with the release of Firefox 57, we’ll move to WebExtensions exclusively, and will stop loading any other extension types on desktop. Throughout the year we’ll expand the set of APIs available, add capabilities to Firefox that don’t yet exist in other browsers, and put more WebExtensions in front of users.
mozilla  firefox  add-ons  news  update  article  blog 
december 2016 by aeng
Firefox 53: exclusive content process for local files - gHacks Tech News
Keep an eye on this. Maybe IndexedDB will finally work for file:// HTML pages?
mozilla  firefox  electrolysis  e10s  multiprocess  article  ghacks 
december 2016 by aeng
WebExtensions in Firefox 52 | Mozilla Add-ons Blog
The sessions API was added to Firefox, with sessions.getRecentlyClosed and sessions.restore APIs. These allow you to query for recently closed tabs and windows and then restore them.
mozilla  webextensions  api  firefox  add-ons  blog 
december 2016 by aeng
File and Directory Entries API - Web APIs | MDN
The File and Directory Entries API simulates a local file system that web apps can navigate within and access files in. You can develop apps which read, write, and create files and/or directories in a virtual, sandboxed file system.
mozilla  web  api  files  directory  mdc  devmo 
december 2016 by aeng
WebExtensions - Mozilla | MDN
WebExtensions are a cross-browser system for developing browser add-ons. To a large extent the system is compatible with the extension API supported by Google Chrome and Opera. Extensions written for these browsers will in most cases run in Firefox or Microsoft Edge with just a few changes. The API is also fully compatible with multiprocess Firefox.
mozilla  webextensions  development  api  mdc  devmo 
november 2016 by aeng
SQLite Templates | MDN
Templates may use a datasource that is retrieved from an Sqlite database, such as those used by the mozStorage API. This allows information from the database to be used to generate XUL content.
mozilla  xul  template  sqlite  howto  mdc  devmo 
november 2016 by aeng
Sqlite.jsm - Mozilla | MDN
The Sqlite.jsm JavaScript code module is a promise-based wrapper around the Storage/SQLite interface.
mozilla  storage  sqlite  api  programming  database  javascript  module  guide  mdc  devmo 
september 2016 by aeng
Storage - Mozilla | MDN
Storage is a SQLite database API. It is available to trusted callers, meaning extensions and Firefox components only.
mozilla  storage  sqlite  api  programming  database  guide  mdc  devmo 
september 2016 by aeng
How to intercept modal dialogs? - Add-ons / Development - Mozilla Discourse
We want to intercept all modal dialogs (alert(), confirm(), etc.) from a given tab. The add-on code will then close or suppress them. Do you know something that makes this possible?
mozilla  development  add-ons  xul  forum 
may 2016 by aeng
WebExtensions API Survey
Add-ons are moving to a new development model called WebExtensions. We need your help prioritizing the APIs that should be supported. Learn more about WebExtensions here:
mozilla  webextensions  api  addon  development  survey 
april 2016 by aeng
getSelection from the chrome process • mozillaZine Forums
Use the gContextMenuContentData.selectionInfo property to get selected text, instead of gContextMenu.focusedWindow.getSelection(), which will fail on e10s. Forum URL:
mozilla  firefox  e10s  forum 
march 2016 by aeng
Adapting to multiprocess ff • mozillaZine Forums
See the message from @lithopsian, posted December 16th, 2015, 7:36 am, and check out the comments about the use of gContextMenuContentData. URL:
mozilla  firefox  e10s  forum 
january 2016 by aeng
Message manager - Mozilla | MDN
Message managers provide a way for chrome-privileged JavaScript code to communicate across process boundaries. They are particularly useful for allowing chrome code, including the browser's own code and extension code, to access web content when the browser is running web content in a separate process.
mozilla  firefox  electrolysis  e10s  multiprocess  guide  mdc  devmo 
january 2016 by aeng
The Future of Developing Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Add-ons Blog
Announcement on August 21, 2015: new WebExtensions API for Firefox extension development, Electrolysis, extension signing, and deprecation of XPCOM- and XUL-based add-ons
mozilla  firefox  development  addons  add-ons  announcement  news 
august 2015 by aeng
Fix for installing unsigned add-ons in Firefox Dev and Nightly - gHacks Tech News
The advice given in this article won't apply to future versions of Firefox (likely version 42)
mozilla  firefox  addons  add-ons  unsigned  bypass  howto  article  ghacks 
august 2015 by aeng
RDF being phased out? - Google Groups
Google Groups discussion about the possible phase-out of the RDF XPCOM APIs. Original URL:!topic/
mozilla  rdf  api  deprecated 
december 2014 by aeng
Fwd: PSA: JavaScript, const, and you - Google Groups
Describes changes to the usage of the 'const' keyword in ECMAScript 6. To jump to this Google Groups post, follow this URL:!topic/firefox-dev/xi--kIy1-2k
mozilla  javascript  syntax  readme  developer  googlegroups 
november 2014 by aeng
XUL Migration Guide - Mozilla | MDN
This guide aims to help you migrate a XUL-based add-on to the SDK.
mozilla  xul  addon  sdk  api  extension  migration  mdc  devmo 
september 2014 by aeng
The message manager | MDN
Message managers provide a way for chrome-privileged JavaScript code to communicate across process boundaries. They are particularly useful for allowing chrome code, including the browser's own code and extension code, to access web content when the browser is running web content in a separate process. Available starting in Firefox 32.
mozilla  firefox  firefox32  javascript  api  messagemanager  article  mdc  devmo 
august 2014 by aeng
Tabbed browser - Mozilla | MDN
Here you should find a set of useful code snippets to help you work with Firefox's tabbed browser.
mozilla  firefox  browser  tabbed  tab  api  howto  samples  mdc  devmo 
june 2014 by aeng
nsISessionStore - XPCOM Interface Reference | MDN
Provides a means for extensions and other code to store data in association with browser sessions, tabs, and windows.
mozilla  xpcom  api  reference  nsISessionStore  mdc  devmo 
march 2014 by aeng
AddonManager - Mozilla | MDN
The AddonManager object is the global API used to access information about add-ons installed in the application and to manipulate them.
mozilla  api  addon  extension  development  AddonManager  module  mdc  devmo 
february 2014 by aeng
Supporting per-window private browsing | MDN
Firefox 20 introduced per-window private browsing mode, in which private user data is stored and accessed concurrently with public user data from another window.
mozilla  firefox  private  api  article  mdc  devmo 
february 2014 by aeng
CustomizableUI.jsm - Mozilla | MDN
The CustomizableUI.jsm JavaScript code module allows you to interact with customizable buttons and items in Firefox's main window UI using a carefully constructed API.
mozilla  firefox  javascript  module  api  CustomizableUI.jsm  mdc  devmo 
february 2014 by aeng
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