Adirondack Rail Trail for all
Hate the idea of for-profit business hogging public corridor. Besides that, we are too dysfunctional to actually get a motor-free rail-trail. Bleh.
buzz  adirondacks  editorial  bike  train  politics  taxes  forestpreserve 
10 days ago
New Evidence for How the Adirondack Mountains Formed
"They say a column of this lighter material appears to have squeezed up under the Adirondacks, possibly expanded by heat, to form the dome-shaped mountains."
news  adirondacks  heritage 
10 days ago
Police, rangers search for man missing 3 weeks
Anyone with information about Waite is urged to call sate police at 518-897-2000. Anyone wanting to assist with the search is urged to call the forest rangers at 518-891-0235.
news  adirondacks  dec  franklincounty 
11 days ago
Railroad plans to roll out rail bikes
"ASR officials say they still plan to eventually run passenger train service all the way from Utica to Lake Placid..." << what a load of BS. Private business monopolizing public corridor for profit. Don't like this at all.
new  adirondacks  train  forestpreserve 
23 days ago
As deadline arrives, new Adirondack High Peaks wilderness plan draws fire
It's complicated. Also, we need to find a way to improve the quality of visitors to the wilderness.
news  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  conservation  dec  forestpreserve  newyork  politics  wilderness 
24 days ago
Canadian shoppers still come, despite trade disagreement
Don't believe the MSM talking points, they are trying to distract from the reality of booming economy.
news  adirondacks  border  canada  newyork  shopping  economicdevelopment  politics 
4 weeks ago
Landowner closes Little Porter Mountain trail
"Please respect private property and use one of the other two routes to the summit of the mountain."
news  adirondacks  hike  essexcounty 
5 weeks ago
Packrafters tackle invasive water plants
“There’s so many opportunities to explore beside the high peaks, besides bagging a peak.”
news  adirondacks  invasivespecies  conservation  paddle  hike  forestpreserve 
5 weeks ago
Study suggests state road salt detected in Adirondack well water
Weirdly, same thing happens to my food when I use the salt shaker. Huh.
news  adirondacks  pollution  transportation 
5 weeks ago
Protect: Gooley Club buildings should be torn down
The state needs to hold firm. It must publicly state that the Gooley Club buildings will be removed as scheduled and ensure their removal this fall.
buzz  adirondacks  editorial  conservation  forestpreserve  wilderness  heritage  politics 
6 weeks ago
Roxham Road, Champlain NY is the hidden entrance into Canada
Greyhound, Trailways, and local "taxi service" are making some cash on this.
campfire  buzz  adirondacks  clintoncounty  champlain  border  canada  quebec  politics  newyork 
6 weeks ago
Lake George part of state pilot program to reduce road salt use in winter
"It will cover an approximately 17-mile stretch of Route 9N from the village of Lake George to the town of Bolton. The program is also being tested on Mirror Lake in Essex County."
news  adirondacks  lakegeorge  warrencounty  dot  transportation  weather  conservation  pollution 
7 weeks ago
Roxham Road continues to be a hotspot for illegal crossing
"Residents see it all day and all night, taxis driving up and down the road, delivering individuals to the border."
news  adirondacks  newyork  canada  border  clintoncounty  champlain  crime  politics 
8 weeks ago
Railroad moves out of Adirondacks
Human-powered Rail Trail is best option. We all know that.
news  adirondacks  train  northcreek  warrencounty 
8 weeks ago
Decision overturns Constableville ATV law
"You wouldn’t see this happening on Park Avenue in Lowville"
news  adirondacks  atv  lewiscounty 
10 weeks ago
For sale: Former New York state prison
"The lot is 99 acres with 30 buildings on it, including everything from dining halls to dormitories."
news  adirondacks  chateaugay  prison  newyork 
10 weeks ago
Agency releases High Peaks, Boreas plans
"Adjustments to management plans would result in big changes to Adirondacks’ most popular places"
news  adirondacks  forestpreserve  apa  highpeaks  conservation 
10 weeks ago
DEC proposes moving Cascade trailhead to Mt Van Ho
"The DEC experimented with moving the Cascade trailhead and parking area to the Mount Van Hoevenberg on Columbus Day last fall."
news  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  dec  conservation  essexcounty 
10 weeks ago
Spring Recreation Tips (via @NYSDEC)
"Guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience"
news  adirondacks  hike  camp  weather  conservation  dec 
11 weeks ago
Missing hiker faces huge bill for rescue operation after he was found in luxury hotel (NH)
"He checked in around 1am which is when he sent the message to his wife, but failed to check if it had gone through."
buzz  campfire  hike 
11 weeks ago
Battle against invasive species continues in Adirondack waters
What about those species that come here just to make a better life for their offspring?
news  adirondacks  invasivespecies  conservation  wildlife  taxes  economicdevelopment  politics 
11 weeks ago
Adirondack Park Is Bigger Than Death Valley and Yellowstone Combined
"Half of the park kind of isn't a park." and the other half has a slight resemblance to a park.
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve 
11 weeks ago
Conservation of Public Lands Helps Small Businesses Thrive
"Small businesses and protected public lands fit hand in glove, drawing visitors who spend money at local retailers."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  forestpreserve  economicdevelopment 
11 weeks ago
Roxham Road resident fed up with illegal border crossings
"The more people who travel down her road, she said, the more people choose to litter."
news  adirondacks  border  newyork  canada  politics  pollution  clintoncounty 
12 weeks ago
Be considerate — it’s mud season
"While the black flies haven’t made an appearance yet, mud season brings its own sets of challenges, including soft trails, the chance for snow and icy spots."
news  adirondacks  hike  weather  highpeaks  conservation 
12 weeks ago
DEC Adirondack Outdoor Recreation Weekly Bulletin - 4/26/18
"Have a safe and enjoyable outdoor recreational experience on the lands and waters of the Adirondacks."
news  adirondacks  hike  camp  highpeaks  weather  snow  ski  dec 
12 weeks ago
Study: Outdoor rec is big business in northern New York
"That total does not include money spent by foreign visitors to this area on the northern U.S. border that welcomes a large number of tourists from Canada."
news  adirondacks  economicdevelopment  tourism  forestpreserve 
april 2018
CRIME: 7.1M gallons of partially treated sewage released into Lake Champlain
Literally. WTF. Those people in Burlington need to get their "sh*t" together. Their priorities are WRONG in so many ways.
news  adirondacks  lakechamplain  newyork  vermont  pollution  conservation  burlington  crime 
april 2018
Military uses Adirondack 'ghost' mine as simulated battlefield
"It's wet. It's cold. This is what 10th Mountain soldiers do"
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  tahawus 
april 2018
Bolton wastewater plant operator arrested
This is crazy. How much money has been spent to figure out where the crap was coming from?!
news  adirondacks  lakegeorge  warrencounty  pollution  crime 
april 2018
Five Safety Tips for Spring Hiking
"In the anticipation of reuniting with a path neglected since autumn, we rush into the wild and promptly slip while attempting to hop onto a bobbing log in the mud."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  weather 
april 2018
Buildings on the Forest Preserve
Classify them as artifacts and let them be returned to nature?
buzz  adirondacks  wilderness  heritage  forestpreserve  conservation 
april 2018
Salt levels in Mirror Lake still a concern
"Mirror Lake is central to the identity of Lake Placid."
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  lakeplacid  conservation 
april 2018
Lewis County officials discuss tightening local ATV laws
"... there could have been as many as 7,000 ATV operators on the Tug Hill Plateau for the SNIRT run, even though only 4,690 were registered, permitted participants."
news  adirondacks  atv  conservation  events  economicdevelopment  lewiscounty 
april 2018
Moving on from the Adirondack High Peaks
I actually haven't camped in the HPW since before bear canister regulation.
buzz  adirondacks  highpeaks  conservation  wilderness 
april 2018
ACR quietly pushes on
"If built as planned, the ACR would also include ski-in-ski-out townhouses, a 60-room hotel, an equestrian center and a marina on Big Tupper Lake."
news  adirondacks  adkclubresort  tupperlake  franklincounty  conservation  economicdevelopment 
april 2018
Railroad owner threatens to pull out without $5 million payment
We could have already had years of enjoyment if they had turned that into a Rail Trail (for all public human-powered modes of travel).
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  train  politics  taxes  economicdevelopment  forestpreserve 
march 2018
Minimum 2-year wait likely before any Camp Gabriels sale
In principle, this is Forest Preserve land and should remain as such. But we've already eroded protections of that sort.
news  adirondacks  franklincounty  gabriels  prison  newyork  politics  forestpreserve  economicdevelopment  taxes  conservation 
march 2018
On Becoming a Mountain Steward
"... some hikers and climbers saw any building as a danger to the alpine terrain, as well as an intrusion on the wildness: a civilizing influence that had no place in the mountains."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  forestpreserve  wilderness 
march 2018
Sporting Clubs, Hinchey Law, And The Forest Preserve
When does something become historically significant, and what exactly is worth saving?
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve  conservation  heritage  politics 
march 2018
This City Just Passed the First Bitcoin Mining Ban in the US
"Plattsburgh, New York has imposed an 18-month moratorium on Bitcoin mining to prevent miners from using all the city’s cheap electricity."
news  adirondacks  clintoncounty  plattsburgh  energy  taxes  economicdevelopment 
march 2018
Airbnb for camping app expanding to Adirondacks, Berkshires
"They also use the "run around naked rule" — can a camper run around outside their tent in the nude without being seen by the property owner or neighbors —to assess privacy and seclusion."
news  adirondacks  camp  marketing 
march 2018
Report says priests accused of sex abuse were in a dozen StLawCo towns up to early 2000s
"The Ogdensburg diocese has created the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program, which is a third-party-administered fund that compensates some victims of childhood sex abuse by priests. There is a May 31 deadline for those who qualify."
news  adirondacks  stlawrencecounty  crime 
march 2018
Warren County tourism numbers show room rates remained static, demand was up
"County leaders have been discussing for years how best to collect occupancy tax from short-term rental companies."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  tourism  economicdevelopment  taxes  politics 
march 2018
Finding variety on Lost Pond
"While parking can be tricky, there are a number of fantastic destinations that can be targeted from the little dead-end."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  essexcounty  keene 
march 2018
Is Bitcoin a Waste of Electricity, or Something Worse?
"He is the only employee of his company, and he is presently a full-time medical student on the Caribbean island of Grenada." << LOL
news  adirondacks  clintoncounty  economicdevelopment  plattsburgh  energy  taxes 
march 2018
Foreign workers again limited for summer industries
Legacy media and special interests never mention that this will inevitably raise wages for ALL labor. It will also weed out the marginal businesses that have relied on cheap, foreign labor.
news  adirondacks  economicdevelopment  politics  lakegeorge 
march 2018
Comedian rants for a week about negative reaction to racial joke
"The Enterprise staff did not attend the show, so Benjamin explained the context of the joke via Twitter."
news  adirondacks  politics  saranaclake 
march 2018
After shaping Adirondack journalism, Phil Brown steps back
"Nineteen years ago, veteran journalist and guidebook author Phil Brown helped found Adirondack Explorer magazine."
news  adirondacks  media 
march 2018
Court sides with North Elba in Old Mountain Road case
“What’s going to end up being the legacy of this case is that the State Land Master Plan does not have the authority to close a road, and pretty much every road that they’ve closed with the State Land Master Plan has been closed illegally.”
news  adirondacks  snowmobile  forestpreserve  essexcounty  wilderness  dec 
march 2018
2 State Police Helicopter Pilots Honored for Mountain Rescue
"McLain and Rumrill piloted the state police helicopter that plucked two hikers from the Albany area off the top of Algonquin Peak"
news  adirondacks  dec  highpeaks  hike  essexcounty 
march 2018
Light Pollution Is a Big Problem, But You Can Help
"Judging by the number of visible stars, my observations show that light pollution has made the night sky over Warrensburg, New York, about four times brighter since the mid-'70s."
buzz  adirondacks  astronomy 
february 2018
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