Northern NY County Prepares To Implement New Tax
"The public hearing on formulating the local bed tax law is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday September 3 at the County Courthouse in Malone."
news  franklincounty  tourism  taxes  economicdevelopment  politics 
Current Conditions - Adirondack High Peaks
Interior Conditions, Notices - Compiled on Thursday August 27, 2015
news  adirondacks  highpeaks  dec  hike  camp  climb  ski  essexcounty  weather  currentconditions 
2 days ago
Ongoing vandalism dismays Lake George officials
"The graffiti appears to be “tagging,” or scribbled, stylized signatures repeated in different places, that is often used by gangs to mark territory."
news  adirondacks  lakegeorge  crime 
2 days ago
Adirondack Forest Ranger Search and Rescue Highlights: 8/17-8/23/15
"Search and rescue missions often require Rangers to function in remote wilderness areas from rugged mountainous peaks to white-water rivers, and through vast forest areas from spruce-fir thicket to open hardwoods."
news  adirondacks  hike  paddle  essexcounty  hamiltoncounty  warrencounty  dec 
3 days ago
Canadian dollar slips below 75 cents for first time since 2004
"Canada’s economy relies on the ability to sell domestic resources outside its borders."
news  adirondacks  canada  border  economicdevelopment  newyork 
3 days ago
Two drown in Adirondack waterways Monday
"One drowning took place at Buttermilk Falls, a popular waterfall south of Long Lake, while the other happened in a pond near Saranac Inn."
news  adirondacks  accident  franklincounty  hamiltoncounty 
10 days ago
Paul Smith’s College Will Get $20 Million, if It Changes Its Name
"The high cost of operating, and the college’s $36,000-a-year price tag for students, means that it is 'not very selective, accepting approximately 76 percent of all applicants'... "
news  adirondacks  franklincounty  economicdevelopment  paulsmiths 
10 days ago
Adirondack Forest Ranger Search and Rescue Highlights: 8/10-8/16/15
"New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers respond to search and rescue incidents statewide."
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  hike  highpeaks  dec 
11 days ago
Visions of Summer in Essex 2015
"The sounds and smells of rural, lakeside living."
buzz  adirondacks  lakechamplain  essexcounty  essex 
12 days ago
Sentinel Mountain (3838') - Sentinel Range Wilderness - 8/15/15
"The toughest part of the hike would be the 3rd quarter; just after leaving the hardwoods."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty 
12 days ago
Where Northway runs, there were once ski trails
"Prospect Mountain used to be called Cobble Mountain and, occasionally, Rattlesnake Mountain."
buzz  adirondacks  heritage  ski  warrencounty  lakegeorge 
16 days ago
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officers Investigating Bear Attack in Fulton County
"Both the victim and his dog suffered bites, scratches and puncture wounds. The injuries to the man are not considered life threatening."
news  dec  wildlife  bear  fultoncounty  hike 
17 days ago
Essex County considers plan to tax vacation rentals
"$2,500 would be available for each of Essex County's 18 towns... If this was just going back into the pot for ROOST, I think it wouldn't fly."
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  taxes  tourism  economicdevelopment 
17 days ago
Adirondack Forest Ranger Search and Rescue Highlights: 8/3 – 8/9/15
"Search and rescue missions often require Rangers to function in remote wilderness areas from rugged mountainous peaks to white-water rivers, and through vast forest areas from spruce-fir thicket to open hardwoods."
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  franklincounty  hamiltoncounty  dec  hike  bike  paddle 
17 days ago
Little Santanoni Mountain (3500') - High Peaks Wilderness - 8/8/15
"The roundtrip distance is 21 miles so I was planning for an all day hike."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty  newcomb 
18 days ago
Paul Smith’s name change heading for court hearing
"There’s been a lot chatter about this on social media, and the move has drawn the attention of outsiders."
news  adirondacks  paulsmiths  branding  franklincounty 
18 days ago
Mother, daughter complete High Peaks adventure
"As the numbers add up, you get a little bit hooked"
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks 
18 days ago
The Black River Dam War, Reconsidered
"In 1892 the New York State Legislature created the Adirondack Park and in 1894 placed “Forever Wild” forest protection into the State Constitution."
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve  heritage 
18 days ago
Is this the most beautiful swimming hole in the Adirondacks?
Used to be my favorite-spot, many years ago. Rarely saw anyone.... Oh well.
buzz  adirondacks  essexcounty 
18 days ago
Environmental opposition growing to tank car storage plan
It's better than a pit-mine. Some enviro-orgs no longer have the authority to complain about 'misuse' of the forest preserve.
news  adirondacks  train  forestpreserve  conservation  economicdevelopment  pollution 
21 days ago
Adirondack Business Owner Hopes "I Love NY" Attraction Signs Solve Her Signage Problem
I'm surprised everyone in the entire world doesn't know (or care) about the Adirondack buffaloes.
news  adirondacks  northway  advertising 
21 days ago
WWII veterans honored at Whiteface Mountain (video)
"Veterans of the 10th Mountain Division who served in WWII thanked for service"
news  adirondacks  whiteface  events  heritage  essexcounty 
22 days ago
StLawCo faces $4.5 million budget shortfall (audio)
"Republicans took over the legislature in last November’s elections. They blamed the Democrats for financial mismanagement during the 8 years they were in charge."
news  adirondacks  stlawrencecounty  politics  taxes  newyork 
23 days ago
Adirondack Forest Ranger Search and Rescue Highlights: 7/27- 8/3/15
"New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers respond to search and rescue incidents statewide. Working with other state agencies, local emergency response organizations and volunteer search and rescue groups, Forest Rangers locate and extract lost, injured or distressed people from the backcountry."
news  adirondacks  dec  hike  essexcounty  stlawrencecounty  washingtoncounty 
23 days ago
Tourism railroad to store hundreds of oil tanker cars near Adirondack High Peaks (audio)
The Saratoga and North Creek Railroad says revenue from the storage area will prop up its excursion train operation, which has struggled financially in recent years.
news  adirondacks  train  essexcounty  warrencounty  pollution  economicdevelopment  forestpreserve  conservation 
24 days ago
The Pinnacle - Bolton Landing, NY - 8/1/15
"I don't know of a better viewpoint for Lake George that can be reached so easily."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  lakegeorge  warrencounty 
25 days ago
Documents Reveal New York State Agency’s Role in Adirondacks Mining Proposal
"A 2013 amendment to the State Constitution paved the way for the company to do additional mining in the Adirondacks, but it is still determining whether to proceed with the plan."
news  adirondacks  dec  conservation  economicdevelopment  essexcounty  lewis  politics  forestpreserve 
26 days ago
Dig Site is Lousy with Artifacts from Colonial America
"Located in woods at the edge of the 35-acre park overlooking Lake George's southern end, the overgrown line of piled stones is easy to miss."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  lakegeorge  heritage 
28 days ago
New York's Adirondack Park (video)
"Covering twenty percent of New York's total territory, Adirondack Park is the largest area of protected wilderness in the continental United States"
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve  newyork  conservation 
29 days ago
Tourism department to remain leaderless, for now
"Tourism promotion is funded by a 4 percent bed tax on hotel, motel and bed-and-breakfast rooms."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  tourism  taxes  economicdevelopment  politics 
29 days ago
A New Wave of Luxury Boathouses
"These structures feature bars, entertaining spaces and plenty of room for play"
news  adirondacks  camp  conservation  economicdevelopment  forestpreserve  heritage 
29 days ago
Illegal “Skidding” Causes a Ruckus (video)
I'm all about shredding, but the milieu that these guys are in is totally foreign to me.
campfire  bike 
4 weeks ago
Unnamed "Palmer Pond" Mountain - Hoffman Notch Wilderness - 7/26/15
"From the summit, the only views are facing east and south, but just west of the true summit is a fantastic set of ledges and rock where you can see south, west and north."
buzz  hike  essexcounty  adirondacks 
4 weeks ago
Hard Cider in the North Country: The original American tipple
"Cider was the most popular and widespread drink of Colonial America, enjoying a long and prosperous reign from the 1700s to the 1920s."
buzz  adirondacks  food  booze  heritage 
4 weeks ago
Great Escape to have police patrol in park
"They came to us because of a couple of incidents that have happened, and there were some concerns because their attendance numbers are very high this year."
news  adirondacks  lakegeorge  warrencounty  attractions  crime 
4 weeks ago
Balance at its best is evolving in the Adirondack Park
"This is our home, and we understand better than anyone how inexplicably linked our economic prospects are to a healthy, well-protected natural environment."
buzz  editorial  adirondacks  conservation  economicdevelopment  politics  forestpreserve 
4 weeks ago
Adirondack Forest Ranger Search and Rescue Highlights: 7/20-7/26/15
"Search and rescue missions often require Rangers to function in remote wilderness areas from rugged mountainous peaks to white-water rivers, and through vast forest areas from spruce-fir thicket to open hardwoods."
news  adirondacks  dec  hike  essexcounty  hamiltoncounty  herkimercounty  saratogacounty 
4 weeks ago
Revelers turn out for annual lake party at Log Bay
"The annual event takes place on the last Monday in July in and around the bay, which is one of the few places on Lake George where it’s easy to anchor and walk among the boats and floats."
news  adirondacks  lakegeorge  events  boating  booze  washingtoncounty 
4 weeks ago
Amish and lawmakers agree: more reflective tape on buggies (audio)
"Compliance with the agreement is voluntary, but Amish leaders encourage the St. Lawrence County sheriff’s department to help people comply."
news  adirondacks  stlawrencecounty  transportation 
5 weeks ago
Cuomo hits Adks to promote tourism
"The Adirondacks are truly one of New York's crown jewels and I know that once people see them for themselves, they will fall in love and keep coming back."
news  adirondacks  tourism  newyork  politics  economicdevelopment 
5 weeks ago
Adirondack Forest Ranger Search and Rescue Highlights: 7/13-7/19/15
"DEC Forest Rangers’ knowledge of first aid, land navigation and technical rescue techniques are often critical to the success of their missions."
news  adirondacks  hike  camp  essexcounty  hamiltoncounty  washingtoncounty 
5 weeks ago
State purchase opens up Opalescent
"With the acquisition of the MacIntyre East tract near Tahawus, the public now owns 12 miles of shoreline along the upper Hudson and the Opalescent."
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  forestpreserve  conservation  paddle 
5 weeks ago
Henderson Mountain (3752') - High Peaks Wilderness
"Henderson rises to an elevation of 3752'.  There is no trail to the summit, but the bushwhack is less than one mile from the trail to Bradley Pond."
buzz  hike  adirondacks  highpeaks  essexcounty 
6 weeks ago
Wright Peak Family Hike 7/11/15
"You get a nice warm up on the 0.9 mile hike to the intersection with the Marcy Dam trail and then make your way over some rolling terrain before beginning your climb in earnest."
buzz  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty 
6 weeks ago
Adirondack Forest Ranger Search and Rescue Highlights: 7/6-7/12/15
"New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers respond to search and rescue incidents statewide."
news  adirondacks  hike  dec  essexcounty  hamiltoncounty 
6 weeks ago
Enviro group wants to look at wolves, cougars
"The eastern gray wolf and cougars flourished across New York for centuries but were eliminated by hunting and bounties in the 19th century."
buzz  adirondacks  wildlife  politics 
6 weeks ago
NY tourist train and Adirondack rail trail hearings set
"Advocates of extending the Adirondack Scenic Railroad to Lake Placid instead of creating a multi-use trail had requested the Utica hearing." ...Ugh, this train-thing will never end.
news  adirondacks  train  politics 
6 weeks ago
State boat inspection stations open in Adirondacks
"Also, more than 100 events will held this week across the state in recognition of Invasive Species Week, which the governor proclaimed as July 12 – 18."
buzz  adirondacks  invasivespecies  boating  newyork  conservation 
6 weeks ago
Report: State not adequately protecting Adirondacks
"The management planning process utilized by DEC in consultation with APA is rigorous, open and transparent, inviting the public to participate throughout the entire planning process, including local government leaders and all the diverse stakeholders who care strongly in how these lands will be managed in the future."
news  adirondacks  conservation  forestpreserve  apa  dec  newyork  politics 
6 weeks ago
Wanted: Volunteers to count loons in the Adirondacks
"Volunteers in the Adirondacks are being asked to report on the number of adult and immature loons and loon chicks that they observe during the hour-long census."
news  adirondacks  wildlife  bird  conservation 
6 weeks ago
Dean of plane wrecks
"Forest Ranger Scott Van Laer tracks down the remains—and the stories— of aircraft that crashed in the Adirondacks over the years."
buzz  adirondacks  dec  accident  heritage 
6 weeks ago
"A Do Not Consume Order (DNCO) or a Do Not Consume Advisory (DNCA) is issued to the public when the water in a community’s water system contains a contaminant, such as a chemical, that cannot be removed from the water by boiling."
news  adirondacks  pollution  border 
7 weeks ago
Lake Lila, Adirondacks – Whitney Wilderness Canoe Trip
"We portaged in and paddled around the lake exploring the surrounding nature and camping for three nights."
buzz  adirondacks  hamiltoncounty  camp  paddle 
7 weeks ago
Six nights in the Adirondacks, no #EscapedPrisoners
"One mile on a slippery, potholed dirt road can be just as memorable and exciting as anything else we might do in life."
buzz  adirondacks  motorcycle 
7 weeks ago
J.P. Morgan's 120-Year-Old 'Great Camp Uncas' in the Adirondacks Can Be Yours for $3.25M
"You can now own a piece of the Adirondacks that has provided serenity for so many others for over a century."
buzz  adirondacks  camp  heritage 
7 weeks ago
End of the Line for Adirondack Scenic Railroad Expansion?
"We estimate between 190,000 to 200,000 riders annually, running a full service between Utica and Lake Placid, annual revenues between $5 and $6 million." ..... yeah right.
news  adirondacks  train  taxes 
7 weeks ago
Los Adirondack (pics and video)
"Este parque nacional está formado por montañas de hasta 1.629 metros de altura (Monte Marcy), cientos de lagos y zonas boscosas que albergan hayas, arces y abedules además de la fauna típica de estas zonas boreales como los alces y ciervos."
buzz  adirondacks 
7 weeks ago
Search continues for missing man
"39-year-old Tristan Metroze, a New York City native, was last seen after renting a car in Lake Placid on June 4th. He never returned the vehicle."
news  adirondacks 
7 weeks ago
Warning about swimming holes (ADKs too)
Enough people have died in swimming holes, please take care.
news  adirondacks  weather  accident  vermont 
8 weeks ago
A tour of the Dix Range: Macomb's 1947 Slide>Hunter's Pass 6/27/15
"For a mountain climber (especially ones who finds themselves off trail), one of the best feelings in the world is cresting the summit ridge."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty 
8 weeks ago
Bald Peak (3060') - Giant Mountain Wilderness - 6/24/15
"Bald Peak is a great half day hike from Route 9 in New Russia.  It's a good workout with 2500' of vertical gain over the course of 7.8 miles."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty 
8 weeks ago
Joe Martens to step down as DEC chief (audio)
"The move comes after Martens played a pivotal role here in the North Country changing the debate over land conservation in the Adirondack Park."
news  adirondacks  dec  newyork  forestpreserve  politics  conservation 
8 weeks ago
Adirondack Independence Day Celebrations
"Wherever you are, give yourself plenty of time to choose the perfect spot to view the fireworks."
buzz  adirondacks  events 
8 weeks ago
New Wild Walk like a High Line in the Adirondack forest
"The highly anticipated trail is expected to boost the area's tourism industry."
news  adirondacks  tupperlake  museum  attractions  franklincounty 
8 weeks ago
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