Crackdown On Conservation Easement Syndications
So much tax being avoided in NYS through easements. Look into it.
campfire  buzz  adirondacks  taxes  politics  conservation 
7 days ago
Why We Should Rethink How We Talk About "Alien" Species
Why not promote diversity? They might be just coming for a better life. Haha!
campfire  buzz  invasivespecies  politics  conservation 
17 days ago
Judge rules for landowners in paddling case
"Recreational use alone is insufficient to deem a waterway navigable-in-fact, and the record reveals that only a marginal segment of the general population would benefit from using the disputed waterway for recreational travel."
news  adirondacks  wilderness  politics  heritage 
25 days ago
North Country awarded $64.8M in economic development aid
"Regional-based economic development is vital for maintaining New York’s thriving, prosperous economy"
news  adirondacks  newyork  politics  taxes  economicdevelopment 
27 days ago
Dollar stores are feeding more Americans than Whole Foods
"The number of dollar stores in America now exceeds the combined total of Walmart and McDonald's locations."
buzz  campfire  adirondacks  newyork  economicdevelopment 
29 days ago
Deadly snowmobile weekend: 3 fatal accidents in Upstate NY
"The start of the snowmobiling season in the North Country this past weekend saw three fatal accidents -- two occurring on Friday evening."
news  adirondacks  snowmobile  accident 
5 weeks ago
Ti to be an Empire State Trail trailhead
Use of the terms "Trail" and "trailhead" might a marketing issue. Check Lake Champlain Bikeways <> for existing cycling information.
news  adirondacks  bike  lakechamplain  newyork  politics 
5 weeks ago
Case closed: Towns win back Old Mountain Road
Essentially, this has been a huge waste of time and money. Typical Adirondack issue.
news  adirondacks  wilderness  essexcounty 
5 weeks ago
Essex County coroner fed up with ‘lazy’ colleagues
Something tells me that this type of situation is not limited to EssexCo. Also, people in funeral business shouldn't be eligible for this job.
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  politics  taxes 
5 weeks ago
Paul Smith's College moves forward with Nordic skiing expansion at the VIC
"Future work will include include minor widening and turn reconfiguration on select trails, giving both competitive and recreational Nordic skiers an improved experience at the VIC. Also in discussion is the addition of a biathlon range."
news  adirondacks  paulsmiths  vic  ski  franklincounty 
6 weeks ago
New conservation approach - Ecoregions
We could call is a "forest preserve", maybe even "park".
campfire  buzz  conservation 
7 weeks ago
Flat Rock fire unearths opportunities for research
"This ecosystem is dependent on fire for its regeneration for there to be new growth"
news  adirondacks  fire  conservation  clintoncounty  flora  altona 
7 weeks ago
New leader for Local Government Review Board
"Constitutionally, we’re here to advise and assist the APA board on land use matters within the park"
news  adirondacks  politics  forestpreserve  apa  conservation  economicdevelopment 
8 weeks ago
Four Peaks
This article is sweet. Marty was one of the most unusual Adirondackers - a real original.
buzz  adirondacks  jay  essexcounty  camp 
9 weeks ago
Splake: "Frankenfish" or a manageable addition to Adirondack fisheries
Why do we accept that "stocking" fish and "management" of preferred species is normal?
buzz  adirondacks  fish  wildlife  politics  conservation  taxes 
9 weeks ago
Humans have altered almost the entire planet—we need to save what’s left
How about we just leave it alone and stop playing like we can control nature.
campfire  wilderness  conservation  politics  buzz 
9 weeks ago
Historic club lands returned to nature
Getting rid of buildings is a start, but that area is by no means being "returned to nature".
news  adirondacks  wilderness  conservation  heritage  camp  forestpreserve 
9 weeks ago
Clear Evidence To Stop Geotagging Specific Locations Of Your Nature Photographs
There is no specific rule about this or science. I mostly withhold information because I don't want to be responsible for someone being lost. Also, trail-widening example has nothing to do with geotagging.
buzz  adirondacks  photography  geo 
10 weeks ago
Whiteface work hinders road skiing
"The state is plowing the road for workers who are replacing an elevator that carries summer visitors from the end of the road to the summit."
news  adirondacks  ski  snow  whiteface  orda  essexcounty 
10 weeks ago
Father, son from Denmark come for hiking challenge
"There’s just so much to do around here. We’ve only seen a fraction of what the area has to offer."
news  adirondacks  hike  saranaclake  franklincounty 
11 weeks ago
DEC Announces Free Use at Prospect Mt Veteran's Memorial Parkway
"First Weekend in November and Veterans Day are Free to Honor Veterans" << should be free year-round for vets
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  dec  lakegeorge 
11 weeks ago
Man caught with nearly 1M untaxed cigarettes sentenced to prison
"A Franklin County man has been sentenced to more than a year in prison for transporting hundreds of thousands of contraband cigarettes two years ago." << The STATE is like a mafia
news  adirondacks  franklincounty  border  taxes  crime  politics 
12 weeks ago
DEC backs extended hunting camps leases, land offset (SWAP)
This is why we never should have accepted the notion of "Land Swap". UGH, the "conservation groups".
news  adirondacks  forestpreserve  conservation  hunt  camp  newyork  politics 
12 weeks ago
Former border agent denied appeal, new details in wife’s death
They waited so long to reveal that this case is still suspicious. Not satisfied.
news  adirondacks  stlawrencecounty  border  crime  newyork 
october 2018
Adirondack conservation groups opposing plan to allow camp owners to keep property
Honestly, I only skimmed this. Mainly wondering who gets to be part of "conservation groups".
news  adirondacks  conservation  camp  dec  heritage  stlawrencecounty  forestpreserve  hunt 
october 2018
Road salt lawsuit looms as residents fight contamination
Lawsuit ... who is gathering clients? I guess the salt companies need to pony up some monies for salaries and studies.
news  adirondacks  pollution  politics  taxes  paulsmiths  forestpreserve  newyork 
october 2018
Officials Celebrate Phase One Completion Of Adirondack Gateway Project (audio)
Reporting the "official" narrative only is why people don't trust legacy fake news anymore.
news  adirondacks  taxes  northhudson  essexcounty  politics  economicdevelopment  camp 
october 2018
DEC: Weekend shuttle to trailheads was a success
Mt Van Ho Hiker Parking and Shuttle to repertoire of nearby trailheads. Do it.
news  adirondacks  hike  dec  orda  highpeaks  essexcounty  conservation 
october 2018
StLawCo no longer designated by state as fiscally stressed
The booming economy is the lifeline that has allowed this to happen. Now is the time to make significant changes for the future.
news  adirondacks  stlawrencecounty  economicdevelopment  taxes  politics 
september 2018
Adirondack horse camp operators charged with fraud
"Ausable Equine Center, Saddleback Ranch, XTC Ranch, High Peaks Resources, High Peaks Equine Resources LLC, Adirondack Equine Center, Emerald Springs Ranch, The Ranch Camp, Adirondack Horse Rescue, Lake Placid Equestrian Academy, Wild Horse Camp, Wild Horse Ranch Camp, ADK Wild Horse Camp."
news  crime  adirondacks  franklincounty 
september 2018
Occupancy tax audit finds some not paying
"We can even get liens on property and go after people individually if we have to." << run to the gun if you can't get your tariff
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  taxes  tourism  marketing 
september 2018
‘Decidedly Different’ is Saranac Lake’s new brand
"The community is very different from what we see in other places."
news  adirondacks  saranaclake  marketing  tourism 
september 2018
Controlling the Lamprey population in Lake Champlain (Killing)
This is selective genocide of a species because of special interests, emotions, and fear.
news  adirondacks  lakechamplain  wildlife  pollution  conservation 
september 2018
Study of High Peaks Trails Finds 130 Miles Need Major Work
"Relocation, Reconstruction Needed to Prevent Damage to Water, Wildlife, Forests"
news  adirondacks  hike  conservation  forestpreserve  newyork 
september 2018
The Adirondack Trail Ride 2018 - 550MI (885KM)
"A journey from the southern foothills to the rugged interior, and on to the vast north and the picturesque Champlain Valley."
buzz  adirondacks  events  bike 
september 2018
Peaks slammed Labor Day weekend
Summit Stewards reach half-million contact milestone. Survey: Many would support some trail closures
news  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  conservation  essexcounty 
september 2018
Inspector General finds persistent security lapses at Clinton-Dannemora, other state prisons
"It’s been three years since inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora."
news  prison  newyork  dannemora  crime  adirondacks 
september 2018
County includes Airbnb in updated occupancy tax law
"Clinton County will now require a 3 percent tax on short-term vacation rentals"
news  adirondacks  clintoncounty  taxes  lodging  tourism  politics 
september 2018
Moose swims across Lake Champlain, then drowns fleeing crowd of people
"It was really rough out there, probably 4- to 5-foot swells and high wind."
campfire  lakechamplain  wildlife  moose  conservation  vermont 
september 2018
Bikepackers Chase Adventure First, Glory Last
"Here’s the story behind the 575-mile sufferfest—and how multiday, self-supported rides evolved from fringe pursuit to mainstream endeavor."
buzz  adirondacks  bike  events 
august 2018
DEC kills bear at campground
"50+ incidents were reported there this summer, with multiple bears involved"
news  adirondacks  wildlife  dec  bear  camp  conservation  wilderness  forestpreserve 
august 2018
Ausable River stopped flowing through the Chasm
"Ausable Chasm owner looks for answers after water flow plummeted Saturday morning"
adirondacks  news  ausableriver  essexcounty  keeseville 
august 2018
Peaks Don't Need Permits
Ah.... concentration or dispersal of impact, so much debatable!
buzz  adirondacks  highpeaks  hike  conservation  wilderness  forestpreserve 
august 2018
NYCO land swap has failed to save jobs
NO SURPRISE: "Five years later, voter-approved land swap fails to materialize as mine drops local workers"
news  adirondacks  nyco  lewis  forestpreserve  politics  conservation  essexcounty  wilderness 
august 2018
Adirondack paddling trial starts Monday
"Case stems from 2009 canoe paddle for Adirondack Explorer article"
news  adirondacks  media  paddle  wilderness  forestpreserve  politics  newyork 
august 2018
Black bears continue to raid campsites on Saranac lakes
"DEC wildlife staff and environmental conservation officers have been negatively conditioning bears."
news  adirondacks  wildlife  bear  conservation  saranaclake  dec  camp 
august 2018
Universiade is fully official after FISU signing today in Switzerland
"New York lawmakers approved Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposal to invest $62.5 million investment into Olympic Regional Development Authority"
news  fisu  essexcounty  newyork  politics  taxes  events  economicdevelopment  lakeplacid  orda 
august 2018
Governor’s eagle feather tale lands with legal thud
"Federal law prohibits non-Native Americans from keeping eagle feathers"
news  adirondacks  politics  wildlife  newyork  conservation  bird  crime 
august 2018
‘I was doing what thousands of athletes have done’
"He was 51 miles into a 56-mile training run in the Adirondacks."
news  adirondacks  bike  accident 
august 2018
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