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A command-line installer for Windows
windows  cli  apps 
16 days ago by adamvig
asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
Supports Linux and macOS. Records terminal sessions with a text-based instead of video-based approach.
screenrecording  terminal  linux  macos  apps 
5 weeks ago by adamvig
Shotcut - Home
Free, open source video editor.
crossplatform  apps 
6 weeks ago by adamvig
NetSpot WiFi Analysis
Tool for analyzing WiFi signal in a home or office. Can overlay signal strength on a floorplan. $50 for home license.
apps  macos  windows 
11 weeks ago by adamvig
themer takes a set of colors and generates text editor themes, terminal themes, and desktop/device wallpapers.
12 weeks ago by adamvig
A tool for testing and debugging your Vue + Vuex applications.
web  webtools  vuejs  apps 
december 2017 by adamvig
How to Live Without Google
Alternatives to all Google services that protect privacy.
google  privacy  apps 
september 2017 by adamvig

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