Alley Cat Allies | Why Trap-Neuter-Return Feral Cats? The Case for TNR
It is rare to find studies of the effectiveness of TNR. This source is probably motivated to pass along only pro-TNR research so take with a grain of salt.

I have never understood the logic of how TNR could reduce cat populations in the long term; it seems that it can only stabilize them. TNR can never neuter every cat, which means that there will remain some breeding cats. The existing healthy cat population, by consuming existing food resources, will starve a large proportion of new kittens that enter the population, thus controlling the population, but as the neutered cats die off it creates room for more kittens to survive.
cats  ecology 
2 days ago
Image Synthesis from Yahoo's open_nsfw
Prediction: some years from now some artist sanctioned by the art community will take more or less this idea and put it on a wall, and this guy will get no credit.
digital-art  new-aesthetic  computer-vision  neural-networks 
2 days ago
Washington’s foreign policy elite breaks with Obama over Syrian bloodshed - The Washington Post
<<President Obama’s departure from the White House — and the possible return of a more conventional and hawkish Hillary Clinton — is being met with quiet relief.>>

foreign-policy  washington-dc  united-states  hillary-clinton 
2 days ago
Free Software Always Costs Something | Zdziarski's Blog of Things
<< without the same financial backing that open source used to have back in the DARPA days (namely, defense grants and university backing), we’ve gone from creating software that’s developed in a resourceful setting to software that’s developed whenever we’re not busy working, changing diapers, cooking dinner; you get the idea: free software today is developed on a shoe-string budget of our time as well as financially >>

Amen. Underfunding of Free Software is one of the greatest missing public goods.
security  free-software 
2 days ago
Microsoft has quietly built a a best-in-class security organization. Maybe Google is slightly better.
security  software  microsoft  microsoft-windows 
2 days ago
Locke + Nozick = Locke — Crooked Timber
worth clicking through to the 3-part critique as well
philosophy  liberalism  libertarianism 
6 days ago
Pro-Trump Group Shares Super Racist Anti-Asian Meme | Reappropriate
25000 likes in a relatively unpopulous state --- the third largest city in Wisconsin has only 4 times that population.

No surprises, but something to remember.
13 days ago
The global expansion of a single ant supercolony
<<Given the spatial extent of the Argentine ant society we report here, there can be little doubt that this intercontinental supercolony represents the most populous known animal society.>>
animal-behavior  genetics  social-organization 
20 days ago
The Psychopath Code · GitBook
Finished 2016-10-02. I think this is exceptionally naive --- does he really think there are no psychopathic artists? does he not see the epistemological problems with the extended passages of armchair evo-psych speculation? --- but it has interesting bits.
software-development  social-engineering  sociopathy  peter-hintjens  books  booklog  psychology  finished:2016 
20 days ago
Hillbilly Elitism | Jacobin
Takes an incredible amount of time to get to the nut:

<<Sociologists Dwight Billings and Kathleen Blee’s meticulously researched study of Clay County, Kentucky, The Road to Poverty: The Making of Wealth and Hardship in Appalachia, demonstrates that elite families dominated local industry and politics, laying the groundwork for a permanent low-wage economy before the Civil War.

Likewise, historian John R. Burch’s Owsley County, Kentucky, and the Perpetuation of Poverty comes to similar conclusions about the very county Williamson lampooned. (No great defender of the welfare state himself, Burch also shows how local elites used New Deal and Great Society programs to their own venal purposes.)>>
confederate-states-of-america  white-people  white-american-ressentiment 
20 days ago
The GOP's idea candidates: 2016 will see the strongest Republican field in a generation | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<<What if they held a presidential campaign and a think tank broke out?>>

...John Dickerson muttered under his breath, masturbating furiously to his feverish fantasy of a Republican Party that bore no resemblance whatsoever to the one that existed in consensus reality.
unintentional-humor  republicans 
21 days ago
Donald Trump Might Accelerate Asian-Americans’ Drift Toward Democrats - The New York Times
My take: Republicans who think Asian-Americans are a natural fit for the Republican Party have a totally delusional idea about what the modern Republican Party stands for.
asian-american-issues  politics  trump  republicans 
21 days ago
Why so many of America’s sushi restaurants are Chinese-owned - The Washington Post
This ethnic stereotyping is largely why you can't get really good Chinese food in most places in America. If you're ever in San Francisco, go to R&G Lounge and you'll see what Chinese food can be like when you have a local population that is willing to pay for it. I recommend the beef and radish stew, and the salt and pepper crab.
food  marketing  culture 
22 days ago
Hacked Audio Reveals Hillary Clinton Sees Herself Occupying “Center-Left to Center-Right”
<<I am occupying from the center-left to the center-right. And I don’t have much company there.>>


also why the hating on Scandinavia, it's a great place, I was just there last month
hillary-clinton  centrism  bullshit  politics  democrats 
22 days ago
How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet
As I've said before, the past decade has conclusively refuted the open source software quality hypothesis.
security  linux  free-software  systems  system-design 
24 days ago
This is how fascism comes to America - The Washington Post
Hits hardest when cataloging the various craven ways that people who should oppose fascists instead find excuses to support them.
fascism  trump  united-states  republicans 
24 days ago
Bald Eagles Eating Chickens at White Oak Farms — Raptor Attacks on Farm Animals
<<In a battle between a Bald Eagle and a chicken, the chicken is definitely the long shot.>>
agriculture  biology  animal-behavior 
25 days ago
Girl Power, Sexism and that Viral Hillary Millennial Selfie Swarm - Reading The Pictures
I am old and out of touch enough now that when I first saw this, I thought the crowd had turned its back on Clinton to take photos of something else.
photography  culture  politics  semiotics  hillary-clinton  mobile-computing  selfies 
26 days ago
Cam girl site uses facial recognition to match users' photographs to performers - The Verge
<<Individuals can upload photographs of anyone's face — it could be a stranger, a celebrity, or an acquaintance — and MegaCams.me will use facial recognition tech to find an adult performer who looks similar.>>

It is rare that I am genuinely surprised by a use of computing technology.
computer-vision  pornography  unexpected-results 
29 days ago
Noahpinion: What do white Americans stand to lose?
The fact that Smith finds his final conclusion puzzling is evidence of how remote his basic emotional disposition is from most ordinary people. (See also Tyler Cowen's extraordinarily naive discounting of the theory that white racism is behind Trump's rise.)
white-people  racism  united-states  trump 
4 weeks ago
Everyday Finance Politics | Jacobin
“If we broke up the big banks tomorrow . . . would that end racism? Would that end sexism?”

Was Hillary actually going around saying this shit?
identity-politics  circular-firing-squad  leftism  hillary-clinton 
4 weeks ago
Global Economic Inequality - Our World In Data
But can graphs like this capture the takeoff & extreme stratification at the very top?
visualization  economics 
5 weeks ago
Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson (@Kindle)
Finished 2016-09-05. Riveting. Maybe Stephenson's best since _Cryptonomicon_; maybe better. Reading this was an uncommonly intense experience; the tension in the first half is almost unbearably relentless. I haven't scarfed down a book at this rate in ages.

Strongly recommended, in the right mood. For maximum impact, avoid summaries of the plot and don't look at the table of contents; just plunge in. (Warning: if your eyes glaze over reflexively while reading descriptions of orbital mechanics then you might struggle with this one a bit.)

Idea for an essay: contrast this with Robert Charles Wilson's _Spin_ as a window into the differing sensibilities of two great novels, by two of the greatest living science fiction writers, tackling similar subjects.
booklog  finished:2016  fiction  science-fiction 
6 weeks ago
The Orange Trees of Marrakesh: Ibn Khaldun and the Science of Man, by Stephen Frederic Dale (@Kindle)
Finished 2016-08-??. Almost exactly the book I've wanted to read about Ibn Khaldun and his world ever since I first heard about him.

Dale's primary thesis is that Khaldun's work is best understood through the lens of the tradition of Greco-Islamic philosophy from Aristotle to Ibn Rushd. Dale pushes this line pretty hard, and I haven't read Khaldun primary sources and I don't know enough about Khaldun scholarship to judge whether this is idiosyncratic axe-grinding or a contender for the mainstream view, but Dale makes a decent case. At any rate, the book is worth reading just for its portraits of the Greco-Islamic intellectual tradition and the society of North Africa in the Middle Ages.

Most educated English-speaking people know little or nothing about Ibn Khaldun, if they have even heard the name. A book like this was sorely needed. Recommended.
booklog  nonfiction  finished:2016  philosophy  history  middle-east  islam 
7 weeks ago
The Corporation Wars: Dissidence, by Ken MacLeod (@Kindle)
Finished 2016-09-02. Feels a bit spare and lightweight for a MacLeod novel but interesting enough that I'll probably read the next one.
booklog  finished:2016  science-fiction  space-opera 
7 weeks ago
The Revolutions, by Felix Gilman (@Kindle)
Finished 2016-08-??. Lovely and unique. Gilman has one of the most distinctive sensibilities in fantasy fiction today. Recommended.
booklog  finished:2016  fiction  fantasy-fiction  science-fiction 
7 weeks ago
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