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starts out with some astute observations, but ends with a rather cliched endorsement of the "find yourself" type activities that occur to people seeking experiential thrill, rather than e.g. building a lasting legacy or other hard things that, for some, will add up to a more meaningful life
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Why the Economic Fates of America’s Cities Diverged - The Atlantic
I find the end of this narrative fundamentally muddled and wrong in important ways, particularly when it turns to the tech industry, but it's an interesting historical survey.
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Refugee camps are the "cities of tomorrow", says aid expert
<<"These are the cities of tomorrow," said Kleinschmidt of Europe's rapidly expanding refugee camps. "The average stay today in a camp is 17 years. That's a generation.">>
4 days ago
E.W.Dijkstra Archive: The strengths of the academic enterprise (EWD 1175)
<<In the Western world, 66 institutions have enjoyed a continuously visible identity since 1530. Among those 66 are the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church and the Parliaments of Iceland and the Isle of Man. What makes these 66 so interesting —and I owe the knowledge of this fact to our President Dr. Berdahl— is that the remaining 62 are all universities!>>
dijkstra  academia  history 
8 days ago
The Guardian goes all-in on AWS public cloud after OpenStack 'disaster’ | Cloud Computing | Computerworld UK
I've been saying for years that OpenStack is basically "all the cloud losers band together and try to make a competitor to AWS" and this is basically what I would expect from any org that doesn't have spectacular amounts of engineering resources to burn trying to adopt OpenStack.
cloud-computing  software-engineering  openstack  open-source-software  amazon-web-services 
9 days ago
nom 1.0 is here! REJOICE! - Clever Cloud Blog
<<nom is a parser combinators library witten in Rust that I started about a year ago. Its goal is to let you write parsers that are safe by default, fast, and abstract all of the dangerous or annoying details of data consumption.>>
software  tools  libraries  parsing  rust 
12 days ago
The Auto Industry Won’t Create The Future — Backchannel — Medium
<<One of the biggest vectors for disruption in cars is the existing manufacturer/dealer model. The model where auto companies sell to dealers who, in turn, sell (with terrible experiences) to drivers is an idea who time has come and gone. Tesla, as the first successful direct-to-consumer auto brand, has this right. They don’t have dealers, they have showrooms. They don’t haggle with us over price. (I remember once hearing car companies defend this practice by stating that consumers actually prefer to haggle over price.) How does the industry react to this modern model of engagement, allowing one to actually know and understand one’s customer? They sue to protect dealers.>>
business  automobiles  futurism  apple  google  tesla  detroit 
13 days ago
glorious-spoon: sidneyia: I realize most... - shine like thunder cry like rain
<<These things are not normal. These things are not how just societies are built. They are the hot water that an entire generation of lobsters has been raised to swim in without noticing. The undercurrents in the internet movement calling itself Social Justice that disturb the older generation are, essentially, the dirty tactics of the Bush administration and its unholy marriage of neocons and fundies–rebranded with a new set of acceptable targets, but with the tactics themselves unquestioned.>>

Personally I think this is both laying rather too much on one cause, and somewhat overstating how widespread this flavor of extremism is, but there is something to it perhaps.
internet  culture  social-justice  rhetoric 
6 weeks ago
Practical Data Science - Udemy
<<Statistics, on the other hand, has not changed significantly in response to new technology. The field continues to emphasize theory, and introductory statistics courses focus more on hypothesis testing than statistical computing.>>

Oh, now you're just trolling.
statistics  data-analysis  computer-science  bullshit 
6 weeks ago
Why airplane makers keep trying to patent horrifying seating arrangements - The Washington Post
Honestly, the first one discussed in this article sounds pretty nice: the seats recline completely and you can lie down flat with your feet up, which is way way better than the typical economy seat today.
travel  design  ergonomics 
7 weeks ago
Discrimination and Worker Evaluation
<<We develop a model of self-sustaining discrimination in wages, coupled with higher unemployment and shorter employment duration among blacks. While white workers are hired and retained indefinitely without monitoring, black workers are monitored and fired if a negative signal is received. The fired workers, who return to the pool of job-seekers, lower the average productivity of black job-seekers, perpetuating the cycle of lower wages and discriminatory monitoring. Under suitable parameter values the model has two steady states, one corresponding to each population group. Discrimination can persist even if the productivity of blacks exceeds that of whites.>>
economic-inequality  social-inequality  racism  models 
7 weeks ago
Antecedents and Consequences of Gender Swapping in Online Games - Song - 2015 - Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication - Wiley Online Library
<<An online survey was conducted with 318 male players of MMORPGs in Korea. Players swapped gender in games to gain benefits from other players under the condition of anonymity rather than to represent their own gender identity. Men playing female avatars displayed more socially amiable behaviors conventionally characterized as more feminine. Moreover, players were more willing to purchase virtual goods to decorate their gender swapped avatars, mediated by their emotional attachment to their avatar.>>

But is the increased social amiability purely calculation? My experience with online gaming, and other extended online interactions, is that a cynically calculated presentation of self is mentally exhausting and difficult to sustain. The only way to make it work at all is not merely to pretend, but to become the character, at least to some extent, as the method actors do; and even then it is difficult and partial. Furthermore, I have to conclude that some part of the appeal of assuming these identities must surely be the opportunity itself to slip the straitjacket of masculinity and assume the more amiable feminine identity.
games  social-software  gender 
8 weeks ago
The model minority is losing patience | The Economist
<<The Ivies deny running a racial quota. But in its comment on the Asian groups’ complaint, Harvard defends the use of race as a criterion in admission—“a class that is diverse on multiple dimensions, including on race, transforms the educational experience of students from every background and prepares our graduates for an increasingly pluralistic world”—and describes its admissions process as “holistic”, meaning it takes into account considerations wider than mere test scores.

Many Asian parents think this is wrong. They woke up a long time ago to the need to counter the stereotype of the maths-nerd Asian who does nothing but work, and encouraged their children to diversify—into music, debating, charity work, sports, everything that is supposed to increase students’ chances of admission. But many who have excelled in those areas, including Mr Wang and Irene Liu, a student from Massachusetts with a similarly stellar CV, were rejected by the Ivy League.>>
racism  america  higher-education  asian-american-issues 
8 weeks ago
A Facelift for Shakespeare - WSJ
I've thought that Shakespeare's language was aging out of visceral comprehensibility for modern English speakers for a long time, and in fact I've been meaning to blog about it (as about so many things)...
culture  mortality  literature  history  via:marginalrevolution 
8 weeks ago
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