Yolomando, empresa especialista en la gestión de obras en concursos
Yolomando es una empresa especializada en la producción y gestión de obra fotográfica para fotógrafos y aficionados, especialmente para concursos y exposiciones. Poco a poco hemos ido ampliando nuestra oferta para llegar a convertirnos en una referencia en el campo de la fotografía artística.
En Yolomando intentamos ofrecer un trato cercano y ágil a todos nuestros clientes, convirtiendo sus deseos y proyectos en retos que atendemos con el máximo respeto y profesionalidad. Nos esforzamos día a día para ofreceros lo mejor y queremos seguir creciendo de vuestra mano.
Photography  Digital  DSLR  DigitalPrint  Framing  Passe-Partout  ES  eCommerce 
14 hours ago
B&W Film Developing Times | The Massive Dev Chart
The Massive Dev Chart is the world's largest source of processing times for developing black & white film. Continually updated, the chart has been online since 1995 and contains both manufacturer's published times and user submissions. All data is curated using multiple source verification and actual user feedback. To submit times to the chart please use the form on the left of this page, or email: info@digitaltruth.com

Please feel free to print and distribute this list for personal or educational use only, but do not republish in any form or post on the Internet or any other computer network.
DarkRoom  Photography  Develop  Charts  Resources  Reference 
B&W Film Developing Times | The Film Development Chart
The world's largest database of B&W film developing times. The development chart is based on the manufacturers recommendations. Search for developing times online or download the app.
Photography  DarkRoom  Develop  Charts  Resources  Reference 
Mike’s Hobby Home
I like old mechanical cameras. The gear is a lot less expensive than the new high end gear. I have also have had some fun repairing old mechanical cameras.

I also have developed a quality and inexpensive device to test the shutters of the classic film cameras, it uses a micro-controller to time and capture the events sending them over an USB to serial interface to any computer OS that supports Java or to Mac with a Free OS X App.

And It turns out that with a simple plug in sensor, there is several potential alternate uses for this device.
photography  camera  Film  repairs  Resources  EN  Free  Photo  Analog  DIY  Howto  Manuals  Guides  Tool 
11 days ago
Rick's Classic Cameras and Photography
My name's Rick Oleson and this is my web site. Most of it is dedicated to old cameras and photography; there are some other things too, including a few cartoons, some cars & related machinery....

Even though the front page doesn't change much, I do regularly add stuff to the site; so if you haven't been here in a while come in and wander around - you might find something new.

OK, you're right .... I DON'T add stuff as regularly as I used to. So, if you're interested in my Tech Notes, or an old camera review or a focusing screen or any of that stuff, this is the place.

If you happen to be that sort of person (heaven forbid), you might enjoy dropping by the Tinkerer's Corner, where you might find some ideas for wasting time and amazing (or at least bemusing) your friends!
photography  camera  Film  repairs  Resources  EN  Free  Photo  Analog  DIY  Howto  Manuals  Guides 
13 days ago
one of my favorite things to see on kijiji is somebody selling a camera and all the photos are blurry and dark. it'…
from twitter_favs
19 days ago
Retro Patents - Beautifully designed limited edition prints
Discover inspirational technology, design and gaming patents of the past. Decorate your walls with vintage prints. Your retro patent is just a few clicks away.

The moment of inception is unique. For any product or business, it's that point in time from which an idea is conceptualised, designed and developed into something special.

Last year, Aidan and I were travelling in Europe and we came across a boutique print shop that had a Harley Davidson motorcycle patent in the window. We really liked the minimalist look to it and remembered how we'd used early product prototypes for motivation in the past. There's nothing more inspiring than seeing a world beating product stripped down to its core.

On the trip home, we started brainstorming how we could apply this idea to the tech and gaming world which we both know and love. So Retro Patents was set up to scratch an itch. We wanted to capture that spark of inspiration and hang it on our walls.

We started off building our own bespoke patent prints which we put up around our houses and offices and started sending them to friends who liked them too. Then we started printing them and selling them locally to people who were just as passionate about patent art.

This evolved into the website you see today. We're excited to share Retro Patents with the world. Here's to the patent pioneers who've paved the way.

We invite you to take a look around, enjoy and shop at your leisure.
eCommerce  Patent  US  Prints  International  Store  OnLine  Art 
22 days ago
mpb.com | Buy or Sell Used Cameras & Lenses
MPB is the world’s best marketplace for used photo & video equipment. Buy or sell with us today.

MBP.com is the platform that is changing the way photographers and filmmakers trade equipment online, forever. We offer a hassle-free and secure process for sellers, and a retail experience that makes buying used equipment as simple and enjoyable as buying new.

With offices in Brighton (UK) and New York (US) our platform is available to buyers and sellers across the EU and also the whole of the US.

With an ever growing team of 50 staff, we are constantly developing our custom-designed technology to ensure we continue to redefine the way photographers and videographers buy and sell equipment online.
eCommerce  Used  New  NewUsed  photography  Equipment  Lens  DSLR  UK  International  BuySell  Camera 
24 days ago
Free Online Chess for Kids - ChessKid.com - 100% Safe!
Have your kids play and learn chess at ChessKid.com - the #1 chess site for kids! 100% Safe Environment!
Chess  Lessons  Learn  EN  Children  Web  App  iPad-iPhone  iOS  iPad  iPhone  Mac 
26 days ago
Thieve - A curated list of the best products from AliExpress
AliExpress is China's largest direct buying portal. Buying direct from manufacturers is awesome. Buying cool stuff direct from manufacturers is even better.

- Curated by creatives: Thieve products are hand selected by a group of awesome creatives around the world, bloggers, photographers, designers and heaps more. Thieve lets you skip the search and get straight to buying the good stuff!

- Why buy from manufacturers? By the time a product arrives at retail, a number of costs and price margins have been added. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you can cut out all the middle men and most products have free shipping anywhere in the world!

- What’s AliExpress all about? AliExpress is the retail side of the internets largest wholesale dealer - Alibaba. It lets wholesale manufacturers to sell products direct to consumers all over the world. Because of the enormous economies of scale in production, along with the savings in middleman costs, these products are much cheaper than what you would pay in store.
eCommerce  Curated  AliExpress  Purchase  Gadgets  Electronics  WebApp 
27 days ago
Luke's Web Pages | Directory of Personal Research and Hobby Sites
However, you might still like to peruse a few of my own research and hobby sites, just for the hell of it. Some towards the bottom of the list are quite old now, among the earliest websites I ever made, but people still use them, and besides they have sentimental value!
Resources  Website  Interesting  Information  FREE  Research  Hobby  Site  Personal 
28 days ago
The Basics of Philosophy: A huge subject broken down into manageable chunks
This website was created as a personal project by Luke Mastin. He has no official training in philosophy and this site is intended as an entry level resource by a laymen for the layman. His professional website (as a web-designer) is at www.lukemastin.com, and email lukem@lukemastin.com.

-Sources Used for Philosophy Basics: There are any number of websites dealing with Philosophy, Among the many basic level sources used for this website were:

Wikipedia (probably the main single source)
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Philosophy Pages
Said What? Philosophy Quotes
"Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia" 2003
"Philosophy Made Simple" (Heinemann London Books, 1981)
"Philosophy for Beginners" Richard Osborne (Writers & Readers, 1992)
"The Great Philosophers: An Introduction to Western Philosophy" with Bryan Magee (BBC TV series, 1987)
These sources, and many others, can be researched for more, or more detailed, information.
Phylosophy  directory  reference  resources  Phylosophers  EN  Lessons  Students  Culture 
28 days ago
Welcome to Favorite Classics | A camera repair resource with articles, manuals, message forum
Every camera featured on this site is personally owned by one (or both) of the contributors. And further each of these cameras was purchased in need of various degrees of repair. To us a pristine old camera just doesn’t have the attraction…or mystic…that one with a few scrapes and scratches possesses. There is an old saying about two kinds of interesting people: Men with a future and women with a past. Indeed, it is their past that makes these old cameras so interesting.

Neither of us are in the camera repair business; nor do we wish to represent ourselves as experts. We are definitely not. Simply put, we think old cameras are fun to tinker with but they are not economically feasible to have repaired.

We both shoot Canon EOS but enjoy the feel of fine old metal cameras in our hands. But frankly, it is very difficult to find a perfectly working camera 30+ years old. So we simply found ones we liked, learned about them and revived them. Information on cameras this old is hard to locate. We know! We’ve looked. Now we wish to share what we have found.

This site is totally non-profit. We ask for nothing but we would appreciate your sharing any knowledge/photos/tech info you may have, not only on the cameras presented here but on any you may think we might be interested in. Both of us, of course, have other old cameras not displayed.
Repairs  camera  Film  Photo  Photography  Analog  Resources  DIY  Howto  Manuals  Guides  EN  FREE 
28 days ago
Ars-Imago International s.r.l. - committed to photography
ars-imago international is the second company of the ars-imago group. All Started in 2004 in Switzerland (ars-imago.ch) with the aim to offer to all the lover of the analogic photography an important place to find products and share.

In 2009 we opened the shop in Rome very close to the Vatican and supported by this store online. Starting 2011 we are partners of the Impossible Project and also distribute of many other labels in Italy such as Pictorico, Lumi, Paterson, Rollei, Adox and many more.

We are committed to photography.
eCommerce  IT  EU  Photography  Photo  Film  Analog  Polaroid  Darkroom  Camera  Used  Accessories  OnlineStore 
29 days ago
ManualsLib | Makes it easy to find manuals online!
- No registration, 100% free, easy navigation through the manual: You can view & download any manual you want without wasting your time on registration. And - what is even better - all our manuals are FREE to download.

- Save your time, money & nerves: With one click you can find the manual you need. Whether you don’t want to spend your money on a service technician or your washing machine is beeping, it doesn’t matter. ManualsLib will help you with your product without getting on your nerves.

- Search by a phrase, different manuals, print single pages: If you don’t need to print the whole manual, you can print the specific page you need. If you are not looking for the service manual, but need installation instructions, we have several different manuals and instructions so you can choose the right one.

- Discover your product: Do you know that the manual can show you new sides and features of your product? That you can look at the specifications.
PDF  EN  FREE  Manuals  Reference  Documentation  Search  DIY  Fixit  Gadgets  Electronics  Appliance 
29 days ago
Casanova Foto | Analógico
Venta de todo tipo de material para fotografía y vídeo digital y analógica , para aficionados y profesionales.
Con tiendas en Barcelona y Madrid.
eCommerce  Photography  ES  SLR  Analog  Film  Supplies  Camera 
7 weeks ago
easySPF: an Ajax enabled SPF Wizard
Sender Framework Policy (SPF) is a tool to you can use to advertise what sources are legitimately allowed to originate email for your domain names. It is useful for distancing yourself from forged email with your domain and can help protect recipients of real email from you (such as your customers and members) from some forms of phishing attacks.
dns  email  spam  tools  spf  Record  webserver 
9 weeks ago
Just Delete Me | A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.
Many companies use dark pattern techniques to make it difficult to find how to delete your account. JustDelete.me aims to be a directory of urls to enable you to easily delete your account from web services.
privacy  Background-Checks  Names  check  OnlineApp  WebApp  Username  Registration  Resources  P.I.  SocialNetworks  tools  security  Unregister  internet 
10 weeks ago
Namechk | Username, Domain & Trademark Search
Use Namechk to see if your desired username or vanity url is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on the majority of the most popular sites. Find the best username with Namechk.

Securing your brand is important. It provides consistency to your users, and allows your business to be seen and recognized in more places. Namechk has partnered with some top companies to help you ensure your brand is consistent and easy to find across the internet.
Names  Registry  check  domains  OnlineApp  WebApp  Username  TradeMark  Registration  domain  Resources  Background-Checks  privacy  P.I.  SocialNetworks 
10 weeks ago
Vacation Rentals, Rooms For Rent, Apartments & Homes - Housli
Short to long term accommodations for vacationers, students, and professionals. Housli makes it easy to find and book your next vacation rental, student accommodation, business travel accommodation, room for rent and more.
Apartments  rental  Short-Term  Villas  WebPortal  O2G  Platform  eCommerce  Travel  luxury  Resorts  Management  eBooking  UIX  Flats 
10 weeks ago
Trimble MEP | From the Office to the Field
Welcome to Trimble MEP, Hardware and Software Solutions for MEP Contractors. We have MEP Contractors covered in all aspects of the construction process from Estimating & CAD Software, to Scanning, BIM and Construction Layout tools.

A MEP Contractor works in all or most of the following fields: Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Sheet Metal (mainly HACV tubing) and Information & Telecommunication Technology.

From Estimating, Takeoff, Layout Solutions, Project Management, Asset Management, Design-Detailing, Scanning, Fabrication, BIM Collaboration to Pricing Services
Apps  Enterprise  CloudApp  iOS  Multiplatform  Mobile  Construction  FieldService  Electrimega  Architecture  EN  Top5  US  Contractor-MEP 
10 weeks ago
PHP | Getting Help
- Documentation
A good place to start is by skimming through the ever-growing list of frequently asked questions (with answers, of course). Then have a look at the rest of the online manual and other resources in the documentation section.

- Mailing Lists
There are a number of mailing lists devoted to talking about PHP and related projects. This list describes them all, has links to searchable archives for all of the lists, and explains how to subscribe to the lists.

- Newsgroups
The PHP language newsgroup is comp.lang.php, available on any news server around the globe. In addition to this many of our mailing lists are also reflected onto the news server at news://news.php.net/. The server also has a read only web interface at http://news.php.net/.

Mailing list messages are transfered to newsgroup posts and newsgroup posts are sent to the mailing lists. Please note that these newsgroups are only available on this server.

- User Groups
Chances are that there is a User Group in your neighborhood, which are generally a great resource both for beginners and experienced PHP users. Check out the User Group listing on PHP.ug to see if there is one close by.

- Events & Training
A list of upcoming events (such as user group meetings and PHP training sessions) is included in the right-hand column of the front page, and on the event calendar page. If you want to list an upcoming event, just fill out the form on this page.

- Internet Relay Chat
Otherwise known as IRC. Here you can usually find experienced PHP people sitting around doing nothing on various channels with php in their names. Note that there is no official IRC channel. Check freenode or any other major network (EFNet, QuakeNet, IRCNet, IrCQNet, DALNet and OFTC).
PHP  PHP-FPM  PHP7  LEMP  WebDesign  Documentation  WebServer  Guide  HowTo  Top1  Resources 
10 weeks ago
NGINX Documentation | Learn how to configure caching, load balancing, cloud deployments, and other critical NGINX features
nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP/UDP proxy server, originally written by Igor Sysoev. For a long time, it has been running on many heavily loaded Russian sites including Yandex, Mail.Ru, VK, and Rambler. According to Netcraft, nginx served or proxied 29.38% busiest sites in September 2017. Here are some of the success stories: Dropbox, Netflix, Wordpress.com, FastMail.FM.
WebDesign  Resources  LEMP  HowTo  Top1  Guides  NGINX  Documentation  Webserver 
10 weeks ago
MariaDB Knowledge Base | Creating a Database, Learning About Databases
Everything you need to be a MariaDB expert.
We’ve assembled a virtual collection of resources that show you how to unlock the power and flexibility of MariaDB.
MariaDB  MySQL  LEMP  WebDesign  WebServer  HowTo  Top1  Documentation  Resources  SQLite  Guides  SQL 
10 weeks ago
HTPC-GUIDES | install PHP7 + Nginx + MariaDB + WordPress on Debian Jessie
Install php7 nginx MariaDB WordPress on Debian Jessie for a lightweight LEMP stack for your web server on a VPS or dedicated server.

I am migrating my Digital Ocean VPS from the smallest droplet to the 1 GB droplet. I currently run Apache, PHP, MySQL 5.5 and Varnish 3.x on this VPS droplet. I’ve been advised by many to switch to nginx and MariaDB to boost performance so I am documenting the working LEMP installation on my new droplet.
Nginx  LEMP  WebDesign  Configuration  PHP-FPM  WebServer  MariaDB  MySQL  Guide  PHP  HowTo  PHP7  Top1 
10 weeks ago
Reclaimed vintage and film cameras - Cameraventures.com
The best platform for anyone in the world to buy second hand cameras and equipment. All of our products have been inspected or fully serviced by professionals.

Cameraventures.com is the home of the world's happiest cameras.

We are a passionate group of camera enthusiasts who love to see reclaimed cameras fall into the right hands. Our team created Cameraventures to be the best and easiest platform for anyone on earth to buy a camera.

We strive to maintain a high standard of reliability and hassle-free transactions by partnering with only the most reliable retailers. This means that every product listed on Cameraventures is guaranteed to be sold and shipped by a professional company.

Over the years we've shown the world to our cameras and we're convinced that's what they enjoy the most. Make a camera happy − take it out for a venture!
eCommerce  Photography  Camera  Film  Analog 
11 weeks ago
Photographic Resources - Photography in Malaysia
Tracking back to the development of SLR photography, there are so many interesting events and happening that one might not even known to seasoned photographers. We kick start a small project by including a of the few interesting articles here that might be of interest to you. Well, we are hungry for more and welcome any informative and interesting write ups - be it hardware related or events that are of significant interest to all. You are always encouraged to mail us, if they are chosen to be publish, full credit will be given.

How Hasselblad got involved in NASA space missions ? Interesting read with the photo of the first camera on the moon.
Canon's body, Nikkor lenses, WHAT ? Enter here to find out an interesting article. Despite the great rivalry between the two big names in professional camera market, there were times both camera makers did worked hand in hand in developing a camera.
* Canon's logo. Though I am a Malaysian Chinese, a Buddhist as well, but I do agreed - the decision of changing the "original" logo of Canon was appropriate, purely based on business sense.
Photography  Film  Reference  Resources  Camera  Lens  ProAm  EN 
12 weeks ago
Camera Shutter Count
Upload an image to find out your camera's shutter count and the percentage of its shutter life expectancy already used.
photography  online  camera  tools  DSLR  Photos 
12 weeks ago
iPhone Photography School | iPhoneography Tips & Tutorials
Discover how to take incredible iPhone photos that everyone adores and that you're proud to look at years later. iPhone photography tips and tutorials.

- If you want to take better photos with your iPhone than most people take with a DSLR…
- If you’re ready to go beyond simple snapshots and start taking outstanding iPhone photos...
- If you’d like to learn from some of the most-respected iPhone photographers on Instagram...
- If your “real” camera sits on the shelf while you take most of your photos with the iPhone…
- Or if you’re already an expert iPhoneographer looking for new ideas and inspiration...
- Then you’re in the right place!

All photos on this page were sent in by our readers, who shot and edited them on iPhone.

This website was created to help you apply timeless principles of great photography using the only camera that you have with your at all times. With over 500,000 unique monthly visitors and in-depth tutorials created by some of the most admired photographers on Instagram, iPhone Photography School is the best place to master the emerging art of iPhone photography. Our free tutorials will help you take photos that are so great that you’ll be surprised not that they were taken with the iPhone…

But that it was YOU who took these photos. The best way to get started is to join 138,712 people who receive our exclusive iPhoneography email tips and video lessons that you won’t find anywhere else on this website.
iPhone  photography  ProAmGrade  tutorials  Courses  FreePaid  Resources  Guides  Howto  blog 
12 weeks ago
Us Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution, and it serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 162 million items. The collections include books, sound recordings, motion pictures, photographs, maps, and manuscripts.
Library  eLibrary  US  Resources  Reference  Government  books  history  research  archive 
12 weeks ago
Been a fan for like 7 years now.
from twitter_favs
12 weeks ago
DMARC.org | Compilation of Resources
Originally started as an informal “coalition of the willing” in 2010 focused on producing a practical technical standard, in February 2015 DMARC.org became an initiative under the Trusted Domain Project, a non-profit and tax-exempt public benefit corporation in the State of California.

DMARC.org’s mission is to promote the use of DMARC and related email authentication technologies to reduce fraudulent email, in a way that can be sustained at Internet scale.

This goal is pursued primarily through education, delivered as a combination of articles, tutorials, conference presentations, and webinars.
Spam  EN  DMARC  Resources  email  SysAdmin  MailServer  Secutity  FreePaid 
12 weeks ago
Casual Photophile - Cameras and Photography
CP is an entertaining and easily understood resource for photo geeks that explores the history and continued use of vintage cameras, as well as the newest technology and trends in photography. We tell you why the camera matters. We tell stories that transport you, stories that let you stroll with a camera or lens from the comfort of your desk, stories that make you think, and stories that entertain as much as they inform.

We take this job seriously. We know your time is valuable. We understand that by reading CP you’re allowing us to become a part of your hobby and we will never take that for granted. We have a responsibility to put out engaging, thoughtful, professional content, the kind that is so hard to find in the era of blogs and forums.

The name of the site reflects a desire to talk about cameras in a casual way, eschewing the snobbery and elitism sometimes encountered in the hobby. With this in mind, CP’s primary goal is to encourage the pursuit of joyful photography in all readers regardless of their experience or knowledge level.
Photography  review  film  Camera  Analog  Blog  Lens 
12 weeks ago
STONEYCNC.com | Stoney CNC Online Shop
StoneyCNC provide a range of CNC machines, services and accessories for Stepcraft CNC and others.
eCommerce  CNC  montesdeoca  Tools  DIY  Shop  EU  PCB  automated  Milling  STEPCRAFT  Accessories  Top0  Hobby  UK 
september 2017
Stepcraft | CNC milling for hobby and industry
CNC SYSTEMS: With the STEPCRAFT 210, 300, 420, 600 and 840 we currently offer five different machine sizes. All our systems are multifunctional and can be equipped with numerous tools.

TOOLS: All STEPCRAFT Systems can be converted in no time. From the HF Spindle to the 3D Print Head to the Laser and many more: We offer the tools you need - for every project.

LEARNING AIDS: For a quick start into the CAD, CAM and CNC technique! We take you through all the concepts involved and give you many tips and tricks: From the idea to the finished workpiece.

SERVICE: Whether First Steps or Operating and Safety Instructions, our manuals support you optimally in the set-up, usage and maintenance of your products.
CNC  Laser  3DPrinter  STEPCRAFT  DE  EU  Hobby  montesdeoca  Top0  Tools  DIY  eCommerce  Shop  PCB  automated  Milling 
september 2017
High-Stakes, High-Security LEMP Setup: Nginx with MariaDB/MySQL, and PHP 7.x on RHEL/Fedora/CentOS 7 with SELinux | Cloud Insidr
The setup of an LEMP stack (NGINX, MariaDB or MySQL, and PHP) has many caveats that can impact both performance and security. Here is how to do it right
GoogleComputeEngine  LEMP  Stack  Linux  SysAdmin 
september 2017
Bulk URL HTTP Status Code, Header & Redirect Checker — httpstatus.io
Check status code, response headers, redirect location and redirect chain of a HTTP connection.
WebDesign  WordPress  tools 
september 2017
NELEK’S soapbox – A Blog and Repo for Synology DSM Packages
My new ‘hobby’ has come to a point where I’ve been releasing some of my packages to the public, and having to update their releases on a couple of synology-related forum posts. So I came to the conclusion that it would be easier to start a blog instead, and post new creations here, as well as having a convenient way to link to other DSM related news for myself and others.
Synology  Packages  Repository  Apps  Tor 
august 2017
Audience Insights & Digital Advertising | Quantcast
Quantcast Corporation is a digital marketing company that provides free audience demographics, insights, and analytics and delivers real-time advertising.
WebDesign  Internet  Snooper  Technology  Web  Tools  Analytics  Audience 
august 2017
BuiltWith.com | Website‘s Technology Lookup
- Web technology information profiler tool. Find out what a website is built with.

- Internet Technology Trends: BuiltWith® covers 20,463+ internet technologies which include analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS and many more. See how the internet technology usage changes on a weekly basis. With BuiltWith.com Technology Trends data back to November 2008.

- Lead Generation: Build lists of websites from our database of 20,463+ web technologies and over a quarter of a billion websites showing which sites use shopping carts, analytics, hosting and many more. Filter by location, traffic, vertical and more.

- Sales Intelligence: Know your prospects platform before you talk to them. Improve your conversions with validated market adoption.

- Market Share: Get advanced technology market share information and country based analytics for all web technologies.
Architecture  Technology  Analytics  WebDesign  Tools  OnlineApp  Web  Crawler  CMS  Internet  Snooper 
august 2017
Wappalyzer - Identify technologies on websites
Wappalyzer is a cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, ecommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more.
Architecture  Technology  Analytics  WebDesign  Tools  OnlineApp  Web  Crawler  CMS  Internet  Snooper 
august 2017
Sinónimos y antónimos de pais en EL PAÍS
Conoce los sinónimos y antónimos de pais y consulta su definición, significado y traducción con nuestros diccionarios de lengua española, español-inglés e inglés-español con EL PAÍS.
dictionary  Tesaurus  free  ES 
august 2017
Diccionario | elmundo.es
Diccionario gratuito online en elmundo.es.
dictionary  reference  Tesaurus 
august 2017
Bienvenido - VoltiLux - Instalaciones Eléctricas
VoltiLux - Empresa de Instalaciones Eléctricas, Mantenimiento, Averías y Pequeñas Reformas en Las Palmas
Electrimega  web  22gradosº 
august 2017
Butkus | Film camera instruction manuals
-These pages are dedicated to full text Pentax, Nikon, Canon,
Chinon, Ricoh, Sears, Kodak, Cosina, Fujica, Miranda,
Ansco, Agfa, Konica cameras, flashes, winders, data backs,
manuals and all the images from these instruction manuals.
I have no connection to any camera company.

-This library of information is only here for your information.
-These web site contains no information on Digital Cameras
Photography  EN  Camera  Manuals  Photo  Film  Reference  Guide  FREe  Canon  Nikon  Analog  Top0  Leica  SLR  Rangefinder 
august 2017
Used Cameras & Photography Equipment Store | Buy & Sell on KEH Camera | KEH Camera
At KEH we offer only the best selection of new and used cameras and camera equipment. Shop the latest in Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Nikon cameras.
Photography  eCommerce  Camera  Film  BuySell  SLR  gear  analog 
august 2017
Lith Print: Adventures in Lith Printing and Alternative Process Photography
If you are looking to start lith printing in your own darkroom, but feel that the instruction available is lacking in detail, then you have found the site to get you started. Use the lith printing hyperlinks below to navigate round the site.
Photography  DarkRoom  Develop  Film  SLR  Analog  Pinhole  Alternative-Processing  Lith-print  EN  UK 
august 2017
Living in the forest, I feel the presence of many “treasures” breathing quietly in nature.
I call this presence “Shizuka.”
“Shizuka” means cleansed, pure, clear, and untainted.
I walk around the forest and harvest my “Shizuka” treasures from soil. I try to catch the faint light radiated by these treasures with both my eyes and my camera.
In Tao Te Ching , an ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu wrote , “A great presence is hard to see. A great sound is hard to hear. A great figure has no form.”
What he means is that the world is full of noises that we humans are not capable of hearing. For example, we cannot hear the noises created by the movement of the universe. Although these sounds exist, we ignore them altogether and act as if only what we can hear exists. Lao-tzu teaches us to humbly accept that we only play a small part in the grand scheme of the universe.
I feel connected to his words. I have always sensed that there is something precious in nature. I have an impression that something very vague and large might exist beyond the small things I can feel. This is why I started collecting “Shizuka” treasures.
“Shizuka” transmits itself through the delicate movement of air, the smell of the earth, the faint noises of the environment, and rays of light. “Shizuka” sends messages to all five of my senses.
Capturing light is the essence of photography. I am convinced more than ever that photography was created when humans wished to capture light.
I hope you will enjoy “Shizuka”, the treasures of the forest, through my photographs.

Yamamoto Masao
photographer  film  B&W  Analog  Alternative-Processing  Art 
august 2017
Black and White Photography and Fine Art Photography by Dan Massey
Black and White Photography - A collection of Limited Edition Prints by Dan Massey
Photography  development  DarkRoom  Howto  B&W 
august 2017
How to set up a Wordpress blog on Google Compute Engine | Robert Węglarek
Setting up a Wordpress blog on Google Compute Engine is not difficult. It will take you few minutes to set it up and run a blog.
WordPress  GoogleComputeEngine  Top0  WebDesign  Google  Howto  Guide 
august 2017
Jonny Reeves – Wordpress on a Google Compute Engine f1-micro
The cheapest offering on Google's cloud platform is the f1-micro instance. The f1-micro is a shared core machine which provides access to a single, virtualised CPU core (with burst capability to help with sudden load spikes) and a meagre 0.6GB of memory: these specs don't sound great ...
WordPress  GoogleComputeEngine  Top0  WebDesign  Google  Howto  Guide 
august 2017
Save the web, freely | wallabag: a self hostable application for saving web pages
With wallabag, archive the web freely. wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages.
opensource  Bookmarks  ReadLater  free  server  App  Web 
august 2017
RoboSavvy - Robots | 3D Printers | CNC | Telepresence Robots | R&D
RoboSavvy Ltd. specialises in sales, distribution, development and support of robotic and DIY products for the hobby, education and research markets worldwide. We host the most popular online community for humanoid robot builders and sell essential parts for the creation of robots and gadgets. With a wide range of products including humanoid robots, 3D printers, DIY electronics and sensors, RoboSavvy is a leading source of materials and knowledge in the area.
CNC  montesdeoca  EU  UK  Tools  DIY  eCommerce  Shop  PCB  automated  Milling 
august 2017
Sherline machines offer precision mini-benchtop manual and CNC lathes, mills, and machine shop accessories for light-industrial and home-shop use.
Sherline machines. Precision benchtop lathes milling machines CNC machine accessories for industrial and home use. Come learn about lathe and mill machines.
CNC  montesdeoca  Tools  DIY  eCommerce  Shop  PCB  automated  Milling 
august 2017
Welcome to Neo7CNC, where the future is
designing and creating things for yourself, by yourself.
CNC  Tools  DIY  eCommerce  Shop  montesdeoca  PCB  automated  Milling 
august 2017
SQWARQ | Security Utilities for your Mac
Who are you?
My name is Phil Stokes. I’m basically a one-man-band independent software developer, troubleshooter and blogger (over on my other site, applehelpwriter.com). Either here or elsewhere, I tend to slip into referring to Sqwarq as a ‘we’, as in ‘what we do is make troubleshooting software’, but really it’s mostly just me. I do get a helping hand from a few (largely) unpaid (except in beer) but richly-thanked volunteers with marketing, design and light admin duties, but if you’re ever conversing with ‘someone from Sqwarq’, it’ll be me. “The buck stops here” simply because it’s got nowhere else to go!

What do you do?
I make troubleshooting software. I’ve been doing it since 2013, and I’ve been troubleshooting macs since 2009. I started learning my craft on Apple Support Communities back when, and learned pretty much everything I know about Apple macs by spending anything between 2 and 12 hours-a-day voluntarily ‘manning the boards’ for nearly five years. ASC (as it is widely known) changed format sometime around 2014, and I moved away to focus on developing software solutions to the problems I saw users repeatedly encountering with their macs.

Are you a registered Apple developer?
Yes, I am. All my apps are codesigned with my Apple Developer signature, and if you have your mac on default Gatekeeper security settings, all will pass Gatekeeper when you download and install them.

Are your apps safe?
I’m glad you asked. Because my apps aren’t sandboxed, I take the extra precaution of having them run only in ‘user space’. What that means is that my apps, unlike almost all other security and troubleshooting software, do not require Admin (aka ‘root’) privileges to install. That’s an extra level of safety for users because it means that even if an attacker were to hijack my code, they couldn’t gain access to root privileges to take over your system. This is not true of almost all other security/troubleshooting software that you’ll find for macOS (which, of course, also isn’t sandboxed), and it’s one of the main philosophical and – perhaps more importantly – practical differences in my approach compared to other developers in the same field.
macOS  mac  apps  Utility  free  sysadmin 
august 2017
Apple Support | Mac keyboard shortcuts
By pressing a combination of keys, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device.
shortcuts  mac  MacOS  apple  Keyboards 
august 2017
Trunk.ly • How to Start and Grow a Successful Wordpress Blog
How to Start a Blog from Scratch – Free Step-by-step Guide · Blogging for Beginners · Grow Your Traffic, & Turn It Into A Full Time Job · Exclusive Offers
WebDesign  WordPress  Guides  Help  Howto  Optimization  Security 
august 2017
Tailor for WP
Creating custom layouts in WordPress shouldn’t be hard. Tailor makes it easier than ever to create beautiful and complex websites Try Live Demo Download for free! Simple and intuitive Create complex layouts by simply dragging and dropping elements relative to one another. Customize the look using our carefully selected options. Learn more → Super extensible …
WebDesign  WordPress  PlugIns  FREE  OpenSource 
august 2017
Low End Box - Cheap VPS Hosting Providers Listing & Reviews
Cheap VPS hosting providers listing & reviews. Discussions on how to host websites on bare minimum VPS.
hosting  vps  server  WordPress  WebDesign  Webhosting  VPN  Top5 
august 2017
Propiedad horizontal y comunidades de propietarios | Comunidad Horizontal
Comunidades de propietarios, propiedad horizontal y administración de fincas: normativa, jurisprudencia, manuales, formularios, foros y actualidad.
TheLaw  Condominium  ES  Jurisprudence  Apartments  building 
august 2017
Hosting en España especializado en WordPress - Webempresa
Hosting en España para ofrecer alta Velocidad y Seguridad para tu WordPress. Certificados SSL Gratis. Entra ahora y prueba 30 días sin riesgo.
hosting  internet  WordPress  ES  Server  Housing 
august 2017
SiteGround – Alojamiento Web de Alta Calidad
Alojamiento web creado para alto rendimiento, con mayor seguridad y 24/7 soporte ininterrumpido. Más de 800,000 sitios web confían en nosotros.
hosting  internet  WordPress  ES  Server  Housing 
august 2017
Raiola Networks - Hosting, VPS, Wordpress, Sysadmins
Hosting, Dominios, Hosting cPanel, Servidores VPS, Servidores Dedicados, Administración de servidores, Sysadmin, Wordpress, especialistas en Wordpress.
hosting  internet  WordPress  ES  Server  Housing 
august 2017
Publii - Open-Source CMS for Static Website
Publii is an Open-Source CMS for building Ultra-Fast and Secure Static Websites for Mac and Windows Users.
WebDesign  WebPlatform  cms  opensource  Mac  static  blog 
august 2017
HTPC Guides • Streamline your home media experience
Install and Configuration Guides for HTPC, Raspberry Pi, Home Media Server, Plex, Kodi, VPN, Linux server, Usenet, Torrents, and Media Center Setup
Synology  Torrent  HTPC  Linux  Mac  Howto  Guides 
august 2017
TIDES4FISHING | Tides times, tide table & solunar charts for fishing
Tide tables and solunar charts for fishing: high tides and low tides; sun and moon rising and setting times, lunar phase, fish activity, weather conditions...
Photography  Tide  Weather  forecast  EN  Worldwide 
august 2017
Link formatter | Glich
A simple tool for converting URLs into HTML/Markdown links.
Web  OnLine  HTML5  Tool  Markdown  Converter  Utility  via:evilpeacock 
august 2017
Scales up (or down) text so it fits perfectly to its parent container.
Ideal for flexible and responsive websites.

-No dependencies
-Easy setup
-Optimal performance by grouping DOM read and write operations
-Works with WebFonts (see example below)
-Min and max font sizes
-Support for MultiLine
-Auto update when viewport changes
-Monitors element subtree and updates accordingly
Javascript  WebDesign  Typography  Coding  ResponsiveDesign  via:evilpeacock 
august 2017
BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU fileutils, shellutils, etc. The utilities in BusyBox generally have fewer options than their full-featured GNU cousins; however, the options that are included provide the expected functionality and behave very much like their GNU counterparts. BusyBox provides a fairly complete environment for any small or embedded system.

BusyBox has been written with size-optimization and limited resources in mind. It is also extremely modular so you can easily include or exclude commands (or features) at compile time. This makes it easy to customize your embedded systems. To create a working system, just add some device nodes in /dev, a few configuration files in /etc, and a Linux kernel.

BusyBox is maintained by Denys Vlasenko, and licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 2.
linux  Synology  os  Coding  Terminal  CommandLine  Utility  tools 
july 2017
Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting
Home manufacturing tutorial for robot builders, model makers, and other hobbyists.

I'm a computer geek by day, and a hobbyist robot builder by night. I quickly learned that the craft of robotics - just like many other precision hobbies - requires either remarkably deep pockets, or a combination of outstanding manual skills and easy access to a well-equipped machine shop. Urban dwelling hobbyists who are not blessed with any of these graces tend to give up, resort to expensive and simplistic premade kits, or fall back to junkyard-quality engineering.

Curiously, the simplest tasks often prove to be the most challenging ones: many of us can program a microcontroller without breaking a sweat, but making a simple actuated joint, a gearwheel, or a cover in a desired shape, can be beyond the realm of imagination. For the past decade, we are being promised a revolution in desktop manufacturing - but unbeknownst to many, a simple, affordable, and home-workshop-friendly solution is already well within reach. The only problem with computer numerical control is that the workflows and materials suitable for small scale, hobby engineering are almost completely undocumented, and quite difficult to discover on your own.

Several years ago, I took a huge leap of faith, decided to buy a small CNC mill (Roland MDX-15), set up a resin casting workshop, and invested months of intermittent trial, error, and triumph to understand and befriend both technologies - and document them so that others don't have to go through all the pain. It was well worth it, to be sure: I can now routinely crank out remarkably cool and precise designs in no time, and with only minimal cost:

The approach also works for others; this hybrid legged robot by Marc Hamende (video) is one of my recent favorites.

If this sounds interesting, and if you are willing to spend around $2,000 to set up a CNC workshop, simply read on. Conversely, if you care only about resin casting or other non-CNC parts - you can skip the first chapter and go directly to one of the later bits:

Section 3: A crash course in CAD and CAM.

Section 4: A primer on high-performance casting resins and moldmaking work.

Section 5: A library of components for electromechanical projects.

Section 6.1: Simple part design technqiues for optimal rigidity and strength.

Section 6.2: An introduction to gear geometries and transmission systems.

Many of these sections will be applicable to other types of projects and other manufacturing processes - including hand-made and 3D-printed designs. Which brings us to...
montesdeoca  via:dexter  CNC  Mold  Casting  guide  Shop 
july 2017
"Ultimate Electronics" Book - CircuitLab
Learn from the free interactive online textbook "Ultimate Electronics: Practical Circuit Design and Analysis."
electronics  eBooks  OnLine  reference  tutorials  diy  Howto 
july 2017
Best WordPress Plugins | ManageWP.org
ManageWP.org is a non-profit, community-driven website dedicated to discovering all things WordPress. Our goal is to capture the pulse of the WordPress community by discovering best new stories every day.

The site launched in October 2013, and its membership consists of prominent community leaders, well known developers as well as editors of all the top WordPress blogs out there.

The goal of ManageWP.org is to enable people to freely share and vote on stories about all things related to WordPress and the WordPress community. We are especially proud to have helped many less known publishers that produce exceptional stories, and ManageWP.org hopes to continue to give this content an avenue to the entire community.

ManageWP.org is built with cutting edge tech including author ranking algorithm that takes inspiration from Reddit and Google's PageRank - we really hope to change the way WordPress news from high quality publishers are distributed.

Remember one thing. You are the reason this site exists, and it is solely based on the trust we have for our WordPress peers.

The website is created and maintained by ManageWP, as our way of giving back to the WordPress Foundation and Community
Wordpress  Plugins  best  rank  Reference  Resources  WebDesign  Themes 
july 2017
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