Pocket NC Company
5 Axis Desktop CNC Mills
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RoboSavvy - Robots | 3D Printers | CNC | Telepresence Robots | R&D
RoboSavvy Ltd. specialises in sales, distribution, development and support of robotic and DIY products for the hobby, education and research markets worldwide. We host the most popular online community for humanoid robot builders and sell essential parts for the creation of robots and gadgets. With a wide range of products including humanoid robots, 3D printers, DIY electronics and sensors, RoboSavvy is a leading source of materials and knowledge in the area.
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Sherline machines offer precision mini-benchtop manual and CNC lathes, mills, and machine shop accessories for light-industrial and home-shop use.
Sherline machines. Precision benchtop lathes milling machines CNC machine accessories for industrial and home use. Come learn about lathe and mill machines.
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Welcome to Neo7CNC, where the future is
designing and creating things for yourself, by yourself.
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SQWARQ | Security Utilities for your Mac
Who are you?
My name is Phil Stokes. I’m basically a one-man-band independent software developer, troubleshooter and blogger (over on my other site, applehelpwriter.com). Either here or elsewhere, I tend to slip into referring to Sqwarq as a ‘we’, as in ‘what we do is make troubleshooting software’, but really it’s mostly just me. I do get a helping hand from a few (largely) unpaid (except in beer) but richly-thanked volunteers with marketing, design and light admin duties, but if you’re ever conversing with ‘someone from Sqwarq’, it’ll be me. “The buck stops here” simply because it’s got nowhere else to go!

What do you do?
I make troubleshooting software. I’ve been doing it since 2013, and I’ve been troubleshooting macs since 2009. I started learning my craft on Apple Support Communities back when, and learned pretty much everything I know about Apple macs by spending anything between 2 and 12 hours-a-day voluntarily ‘manning the boards’ for nearly five years. ASC (as it is widely known) changed format sometime around 2014, and I moved away to focus on developing software solutions to the problems I saw users repeatedly encountering with their macs.

Are you a registered Apple developer?
Yes, I am. All my apps are codesigned with my Apple Developer signature, and if you have your mac on default Gatekeeper security settings, all will pass Gatekeeper when you download and install them.

Are your apps safe?
I’m glad you asked. Because my apps aren’t sandboxed, I take the extra precaution of having them run only in ‘user space’. What that means is that my apps, unlike almost all other security and troubleshooting software, do not require Admin (aka ‘root’) privileges to install. That’s an extra level of safety for users because it means that even if an attacker were to hijack my code, they couldn’t gain access to root privileges to take over your system. This is not true of almost all other security/troubleshooting software that you’ll find for macOS (which, of course, also isn’t sandboxed), and it’s one of the main philosophical and – perhaps more importantly – practical differences in my approach compared to other developers in the same field.
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Apple Support | Mac keyboard shortcuts
By pressing a combination of keys, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device.
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Trunk.ly • How to Start and Grow a Successful Wordpress Blog
How to Start a Blog from Scratch – Free Step-by-step Guide · Blogging for Beginners · Grow Your Traffic, & Turn It Into A Full Time Job · Exclusive Offers
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Tailor for WP
Creating custom layouts in WordPress shouldn’t be hard. Tailor makes it easier than ever to create beautiful and complex websites Try Live Demo Download for free! Simple and intuitive Create complex layouts by simply dragging and dropping elements relative to one another. Customize the look using our carefully selected options. Learn more → Super extensible …
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Low End Box - Cheap VPS Hosting Providers Listing & Reviews
Cheap VPS hosting providers listing & reviews. Discussions on how to host websites on bare minimum VPS.
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Propiedad horizontal y comunidades de propietarios | Comunidad Horizontal
Comunidades de propietarios, propiedad horizontal y administración de fincas: normativa, jurisprudencia, manuales, formularios, foros y actualidad.
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Hosting en España especializado en WordPress - Webempresa
Hosting en España para ofrecer alta Velocidad y Seguridad para tu WordPress. Certificados SSL Gratis. Entra ahora y prueba 30 días sin riesgo.
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SiteGround – Alojamiento Web de Alta Calidad
Alojamiento web creado para alto rendimiento, con mayor seguridad y 24/7 soporte ininterrumpido. Más de 800,000 sitios web confían en nosotros.
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Raiola Networks - Hosting, VPS, Wordpress, Sysadmins
Hosting, Dominios, Hosting cPanel, Servidores VPS, Servidores Dedicados, Administración de servidores, Sysadmin, Wordpress, especialistas en Wordpress.
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Publii - Open-Source CMS for Static Website
Publii is an Open-Source CMS for building Ultra-Fast and Secure Static Websites for Mac and Windows Users.
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HTPC Guides • Streamline your home media experience
Install and Configuration Guides for HTPC, Raspberry Pi, Home Media Server, Plex, Kodi, VPN, Linux server, Usenet, Torrents, and Media Center Setup
Synology  Torrent  HTPC  Linux  Mac  Howto  Guides 
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TIDES4FISHING | Tides times, tide table & solunar charts for fishing
Tide tables and solunar charts for fishing: high tides and low tides; sun and moon rising and setting times, lunar phase, fish activity, weather conditions...
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Link formatter | Glich
A simple tool for converting URLs into HTML/Markdown links.
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Scales up (or down) text so it fits perfectly to its parent container.
Ideal for flexible and responsive websites.

-No dependencies
-Easy setup
-Optimal performance by grouping DOM read and write operations
-Works with WebFonts (see example below)
-Min and max font sizes
-Support for MultiLine
-Auto update when viewport changes
-Monitors element subtree and updates accordingly
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BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU fileutils, shellutils, etc. The utilities in BusyBox generally have fewer options than their full-featured GNU cousins; however, the options that are included provide the expected functionality and behave very much like their GNU counterparts. BusyBox provides a fairly complete environment for any small or embedded system.

BusyBox has been written with size-optimization and limited resources in mind. It is also extremely modular so you can easily include or exclude commands (or features) at compile time. This makes it easy to customize your embedded systems. To create a working system, just add some device nodes in /dev, a few configuration files in /etc, and a Linux kernel.

BusyBox is maintained by Denys Vlasenko, and licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 2.
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Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting
Home manufacturing tutorial for robot builders, model makers, and other hobbyists.

I'm a computer geek by day, and a hobbyist robot builder by night. I quickly learned that the craft of robotics - just like many other precision hobbies - requires either remarkably deep pockets, or a combination of outstanding manual skills and easy access to a well-equipped machine shop. Urban dwelling hobbyists who are not blessed with any of these graces tend to give up, resort to expensive and simplistic premade kits, or fall back to junkyard-quality engineering.

Curiously, the simplest tasks often prove to be the most challenging ones: many of us can program a microcontroller without breaking a sweat, but making a simple actuated joint, a gearwheel, or a cover in a desired shape, can be beyond the realm of imagination. For the past decade, we are being promised a revolution in desktop manufacturing - but unbeknownst to many, a simple, affordable, and home-workshop-friendly solution is already well within reach. The only problem with computer numerical control is that the workflows and materials suitable for small scale, hobby engineering are almost completely undocumented, and quite difficult to discover on your own.

Several years ago, I took a huge leap of faith, decided to buy a small CNC mill (Roland MDX-15), set up a resin casting workshop, and invested months of intermittent trial, error, and triumph to understand and befriend both technologies - and document them so that others don't have to go through all the pain. It was well worth it, to be sure: I can now routinely crank out remarkably cool and precise designs in no time, and with only minimal cost:

The approach also works for others; this hybrid legged robot by Marc Hamende (video) is one of my recent favorites.

If this sounds interesting, and if you are willing to spend around $2,000 to set up a CNC workshop, simply read on. Conversely, if you care only about resin casting or other non-CNC parts - you can skip the first chapter and go directly to one of the later bits:

Section 3: A crash course in CAD and CAM.

Section 4: A primer on high-performance casting resins and moldmaking work.

Section 5: A library of components for electromechanical projects.

Section 6.1: Simple part design technqiues for optimal rigidity and strength.

Section 6.2: An introduction to gear geometries and transmission systems.

Many of these sections will be applicable to other types of projects and other manufacturing processes - including hand-made and 3D-printed designs. Which brings us to...
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"Ultimate Electronics" Book - CircuitLab
Learn from the free interactive online textbook "Ultimate Electronics: Practical Circuit Design and Analysis."
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Best WordPress Plugins | ManageWP.org
ManageWP.org is a non-profit, community-driven website dedicated to discovering all things WordPress. Our goal is to capture the pulse of the WordPress community by discovering best new stories every day.

The site launched in October 2013, and its membership consists of prominent community leaders, well known developers as well as editors of all the top WordPress blogs out there.

The goal of ManageWP.org is to enable people to freely share and vote on stories about all things related to WordPress and the WordPress community. We are especially proud to have helped many less known publishers that produce exceptional stories, and ManageWP.org hopes to continue to give this content an avenue to the entire community.

ManageWP.org is built with cutting edge tech including author ranking algorithm that takes inspiration from Reddit and Google's PageRank - we really hope to change the way WordPress news from high quality publishers are distributed.

Remember one thing. You are the reason this site exists, and it is solely based on the trust we have for our WordPress peers.

The website is created and maintained by ManageWP, as our way of giving back to the WordPress Foundation and Community
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RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service
RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.
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RSSUnify - Combine multiple RSS feeds for free
With no limits on the number of combined feeds you can create or how many requests can be made on each. Create combined RSS feeds from multiple sources.
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Ollinger's Guide to Photographic Enlargers
Years ago I was reading a book about camera collecting, and I wished there were something similar for enlargers. I thought about writing one myself but never got around to it.

These days there would be too little demand for it, but I still think the information would be useful. So instead of writing a book, I made a website.

Enlargers are like typewriters; they're still around and a few people use them, but they're fading fast as people get out of their darkrooms in favor of digital editing and printing. But I still enjoy darkroom work and working with enlargers is the best part of it.

For a long time I figured the internet would take care of it—there's so much information out there already; but as I tried looking up information on enlargers, I found precious little had made it onto the net.

So this is my attempt to catalog photographic enlargers. I started with the relatively easy ones, Beseler and Omega, the Ford and Chevy of American enlargers, and I am expanding from there. I apologize in advance for all the n/a's in the tables. I began by simply listing the enlargers I had information on. Then I was lucky enough to find some resources that listed many model makes and names, and I decided to add them to the tables as placeholders.

Please note that I am not an expert, simply an enthusiast. I have only owned a few of the enlargers I've listed here, and I make it clear in the notes where that's the case. I am heavily indebted to outside sources for much of the information gathered here.
Enlarger  Darkroom  Film  Analog  Photography  Resources  Manuals  guide 
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David Kachel | Fine Art B&W Film Photography
Definition of a fine art photographer: A person who applies decades of hard-won skill and experience to the task of turning vast amounts of expensive equipment and materials into landfill… and a few dozen really exceptional photographs. As for the itinerant part (see logo above), true to that claim I have recently relocated to Arizona from Texas. …
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Rolands Nikon Pages
The first four pages here catalog most Nikon rangefinder and F-mount SLR lens that I know of. The format of each page is similar, but due to lack of space I split them into pages which cover different information:

-Serial numbers: Detailed list of lens versions and subversions with serial numbers and dates of production.

-Specifications: Detailed specifications of all Nikon lenses.

-Accessories: Filter size, Hoods, Cases and Teleconverters.

-Nikon Lenses: Summmary of the other three pages - serial numbers, specifications and accessories.

-Nikon Cameras: Serial numbers and specifications of Nikon cameras (DSLRs so far...)

-Nikon Ai Modifications: Complete list of Ai modification parts and other related information.
Nikon  photography  SLR  Lens  Reference  Resources  Camera  Film  Analog 
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Analyse your HTTP response headers
SecurityHeaders.io was created by me, Scott Helme. I'm an Information Security Consultant and blogger based in the UK and you can regularly find me writing on my blog at scotthelme.co.uk or you can follow me on Twitter @Scott_Helme.

I built securityheaders.io after deploying security headers like CSP and HSTS to my own site. I wanted a quick and easy way to check if other sites were using these headers and I figured I'd turn it into a useful tool for everyone to use!

There are services out there that will analyse the HTTP response headers of other sites but I also wanted to add a rating system to the results. The HTTP response headers that this site analyses provide huge levels of protection and it's important that sites deploy them. Hopefully, by providing an easy mechanism to assess them, and further information on how to deploy missing headers, we can drive up the usage of security based headers across the web.
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Google Fonts
Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography

We believe the best way to bring personality and performance to websites and products is through great design and technology. Our goal is to make that process simple, by offering an intuitive and robust directory of open source designer web fonts. By using our extensive catalog, you can share and integrate typography into any design project seamlessly—no matter where you are in the world.
Discover Great Typography

Our font directory places typography front and center, inviting users to explore, sort, and test fonts for use in more than 135 languages. We showcase individual type designers and foundries, giving you valuable information about the people and their processes, as well as analytics on usage and demographics. Our series of thematic collections helps you discover new fonts that have been vetted and organized by our team of designers, engineers, and collaborators, and our default sort organizes fonts based on popularity, trends, and your geographic location. You can also create your own highly customized collections by filtering families, weights, and scripts, plus test color themes, and review sample copy. Collections can be shared, making it easy to collaborate on projects and ensure typography is optimized and streamlined throughout the design and engineering process.

All the fonts in our catalog are free and open source, making beautiful type accessible to anyone for any project. This means you can share favorites and collaborate easily with friends and colleagues. Google Fonts takes care of all the licensing and hosting, ensuring that the latest and greatest version of any font is available to everyone.

ScMake the Web Faster

Google Fonts makes product and web pages run faster by safely caching fonts without compromising users’ privacy or security. Our cross-site caching is designed so that you only need to load a font once, with any website, and we'll use that same cached font on any other website that uses Google Fonts.

Using the code generated by Google Fonts, our servers will automatically send the smallest possible file to every user based on the technologies that their browser supports. For example, we use WOFF 2.0 compression when available. This makes the web faster for all users—particularly in areas where bandwidth and connectivity are an issue. Now everyone can enjoy the same quality and design integrity in their products and web pages, no matter where they are in the world.
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WebGradients.com | Fresh Background Gradients
Come to WebGradients.com for 180 beautiful linear gradients in CSS3, Photoshop and Sketch. This collection is curated by top designers and totally free.

WebGradients is a free project of itmeo team. Simple and powerful, WebGradients contains 180 fresh backdrop gradients lovely served in Sketch, PSD, CSS and PNG formats. When you need to add a gradient in your project, WebGradients saves your valuable time in a smooth, handy and inspiring way. Bookmark the site to use it in your next project!

We are itmeo — a small team based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We make stunning products for those who create web.
Our mission is to build a solid connection between designers and developers, make their life easier and speed up their workflow.
Join our progress by following itmeo. Also, we are looking for passionate designers and developers to work with. If you live in Saint Petersburg and want to apply, drop your CV here: hello@itmeo.com

WebGradients is widely loved by thousands of people around the web. The project had totally exploded ProductHunt, Behance, Github, and many other design/development platforms.
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DomainHack Me - Domain-Hacking Tool
A domainhack is an unconventional domain name that combines domain levels, especially the Top-Level Domain (TLD), to spell out the full "name" or title of the domain. Domainhacks offer the ability to produce extremely short domain names.
WebDesign  Domains  Tool  names  short  Internet 
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OpenPGP | Email encryption. For all operating systems.
OpenPGP is a non-proprietary protocol for encrypting email communication using public key cryptography. It is based on the original PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software. The OpenPGP protocol defines standard formats for encrypted messages, signatures, and certificates for exchanging public keys.

Beginning in 1997, the OpenPGP Working Group was formed in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to define this standard that had formerly been a proprietary product since 1991. Over the past decade, PGP, and later OpenPGP, has become the standard for nearly all of the world’s encrypted email.

As an IETF Proposed Standard RFC 4880, OpenPGP can be implemented by any company without paying any licensing fees to anyone.
security  Encryption  Certified  Email  opensource  privacy  tools 
5 weeks ago
How to make a friend fast - the scientific method
From strangers to close friends in 45 minutes - the experimental generation of interpersonal closeness
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IFTTT | Maker’s Platform
Since we opened the IFTTT platform in November 2016, we’ve seen tremendous growth. IFTTT now has over 10 million users, we’ve expanded to over 440 partners, and we’ve seen a 50% increase in the number of Applets turned on each day.

You may not be aware that we also have a Maker community that’s grown to more than 200,000 people. They’ve been using our developer tools and services, such as Particle or Maker Webhooks. To encourage their creativity, we recently opened up our platform to them, via the free Maker tier.

Here’s what this update means for your service:

Makers will have the same set of Applet building tools that you have as a partner, including the ability to publish their Applets.

This is a huge opportunity for your service — Makers can uncover new use cases and build Applets that work with your service, potentially introducing you to brand new audiences and enhancing your users’ experiences.

Makers will not be able to publish services. That remains an exclusive capability for our partners.

Users will see, and be able to turn on, Applets published by Makers in two places: ifttt.com/discover and ifttt.com/search. As a partner, over the next couple of weeks you’ll start to see Applets built by Makers in the new Community section of the platform.

As part of this launch, we’ve also made the Applet building tool more powerful with the addition of “Filter.” Makers and partners can input Javascript code that changes how an Applet runs. For example, you could build an Applet that only runs during the weekday from 9-5 pm.

We see Makers as a win-win for both users and partners. The former will start to see more interesting, practical, and sophisticated Applets on IFTTT — but turning them on will still be as simple as flipping a switch. The latter will have an intelligent and engaged community building and sharing Applets that use their service.

We’re excited to see how Makers evolve, and how our partners evolve alongside them. The next step for your Applets is already here: filters. Check out the documentation and build an Applet with a filter t
Automation  OnLine  Platform  makers  developers  Apps  Communication  Coding 
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MOD54 Photographic Supplies | Home to the MOD54 Film Processor
MOD54 is a Large format 4x5 5x4 inch sheet film processor designed by Morgan O'Donovan. MOD54 also supplies various other Photographic goods.

Like most things in life, invention is born out of neccesity. Many years ago while starting out in Photography producing my own shoots for little magazines with non existant budgets, Shooting 5x4 was a huge cash drain. Processing my own sheet Film was one way of cutting costs. . And after a bit of experimenting I started to build the first MOD54- a 5x4 sheet film adapter for the paterson developing system.
MOD54.com is now expanding from selling one item to being an online darkroom retailer selling all the kit you need to develop your photographic film. It's an extension of my darkroom and I only sell the items that I tend to use myself.

MOD54 was invented by Morgan O'Donovan an Irish photographer based in London, who specialises in shooting backstage at Fashion shows in New York, London, Milan & Paris. Clients have included DIOR, Chloe, H&M, Dunhill & Levis. Magazines such as British Vogue, French Vogue, Vogue Hommes, The International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, i-D, Dazed & Confused and Self Service Magazine to name but a few.
Analog  Equipment  eCommerce  Supplies  DarkRoom  Film  LargeFormat  Photography  UK 
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Dans Tools - Online tools for users and developers.
Below is a collection of various tools that I have found helpful for many years. They are all available here for free for the developers and users out there who might find them useful.
development  tools  OnLine  Resources  Linux  html  CSS  PHP  Python  javascript 
6 weeks ago
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
W3Schools is a web developers site, with tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, W3.CSS, and Bootstrap, covering most aspects of web programming.

The site derives its name from the World Wide Web (W3), but is not affiliated with the W3C.

W3Schools was originally created in 1998 by Refsnes Data, a Norwegian software development and consulting company.

W3Schools has focus on simplicity. Practices easy and straight-forward learning. Uses simple code explanations with simple illustrations of how to use it.

W3Schools' tutorials start from basic level and move all the way up to professional references.

W3schools presents thousands of code examples.

By using an online editor (Try It Yourself), you can edit examples and execute computer code experimentally, to see what works and what does not, before implementing it.

W3Schools is, and will always be, a completely free developers resource.
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6 weeks ago
The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings
A beautifully laid-out collection of 50 font pairings from Google Fonts.
WordPress  Typography  Google  WebDesign  Fonts  via:ttscoff 
6 weeks ago
WPBeginner | Beginner's Guide for WordPress
WPBeginner is the largest WordPress resource site for WordPress Beginners with easy to understand WordPress tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond.
wordpress  webdesign  howto  tutorial  resources  Coding  Top10 
8 weeks ago
Principles of secure WordPress code
-- David Hayes
WPShout | wpshout.com | w0 jun 2017
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8 weeks ago
RT : "My Budnitz rides likes it’s on rails, taunting you to push it faster. The more you do – the more control you have.…
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8 weeks ago
20 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools [updated for 2017]
InfoSec Institute is the best source for high quality information security training. We have been training Information Security and IT Professionals since 1998 with a diverse lineup of relevant training courses. In the past 16 years, over 50,000 individuals have trusted InfoSec Institute for their professional development needs!
hacking  Secutity  Security  Networking  computer  CIO 
9 weeks ago
Aircrack-ng | complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network security.
Aircrack-ng is a complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network security.

It focuses on different areas of WiFi security:

Monitoring: Packet capture and export of data to text files for further processing by third party tools.
Attacking: Replay attacks, deauthentication, fake access points and others via packet injection.
Testing: Checking WiFi cards and driver capabilities (capture and injection).
Cracking: WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2).
All tools are command line which allows for heavy scripting. A lot of GUIs have taken advantage of this feature. It works primarily Linux but also Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, as well as Solaris and even eComStation 2.
security  wifi  wireless  hacking  linux  tools  Multiplatform 
9 weeks ago
Metro Imaging - London | Professional Photographic Printing C type, Giclee and Black and White Prints, Photo Mounting and Framing Services
35 years in the photographic industry has taught us that every person who works here is as important as our clients. Our aim is for a flexible workforce with multi-skilled and cross-trained people so that our level of expertise is second to none.

We enjoy working in a friendly atmosphere and we want you to feel welcome too. Walk through our doors and you’ll find us a very approachable enthusiastic sort, just take a look at our staff profiles for a sneak peek into who we are and our backgrounds. We know a lot about photography and we take the time to understand your needs and tailor our service to best suit you. This personal approach, means that whatever you throw at us we are confident we can exceed your expectations.

Don’t just take our word for it, drop in or give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you what Metro can do.
Film  Digital  printing  Service  highend  HighQuality  Photography  Professional  analog  EN  UK  scanning  DSLR  SLR 
9 weeks ago
Sales de Plata | Fotografía Analógica
Tienda de Fotografía Analógica Consumibles, Equipos, Cámaras y Servicio Técnico. Calle Lope de Vega, 10, 28014 Madrid
Film  Analog  Photography  eCommerce  Camera  Support  Blog  Equipment  developers  ES  MAD  Education  scanning  prints 
9 weeks ago
USB Microphone, Pop Filter and Studio Headphones
EditorsKeys.com offers USB Microphone, Dynamic Microphone, Studio Headphones, Shortcut Keyboard, Keyboard Covers at unbeatable prices.
mac  Keyboards  Photography  eCommerce  Accessories  shortcuts  photoshop  Apple  iMac  MacBookPro 
9 weeks ago
National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO): ESOP plans, stock options, restricted stock, phantom stock, and more
A self-sustaining nonprofit membership organization that provides practical resources and objective, reliable information on employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), equity compensation plans, and ownership culture.
ConsultingToMgmt  Enterprise  HR  Employees  Compensation  Startup  Equity  Options  Stock  Incentives 
10 weeks ago
The 100% Correct Coding Style Guide
I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. If you've ever argued about spaces vs tabs, well, "It took me years to find the right answers but I’ve finally done it and it turns out the answer is..."
Coding  Syntax  Python  Format  Standards  via:ttscoff 
10 weeks ago
Online IP CIDR / VLSM Supernet Calculator
CIDR Calculator
The CIDR Calculator enables CIDR network calculations using IP address, subnet mask, mask bits, maximum required IP addresses and maximum required subnets.

Results of the CIDR calculation provide the wildcard mask, for use with ACL (Access Control Lists), CIDR network address (CIDR route), network address in CIDR notation and the CIDR address range for the resulting CIDR network.

For classful subnets, use the IP Subnet Calculator. For a smart-phone optimized CIDR / VLSM Calculator, visit IP Calc. For ACL (Access Control List) wildcard mask calculations, use the ACL Wildcard Mask Calculator.
ip  calculator  Networks  Addresses  sysadmin  Router  CIO  computer  networking  tools  internet  ConsultingToMgmt 
11 weeks ago
Dashboard - Binded
Binded is democratizing copyright registration. Register your copyright and monitor how it is being used on the web. For free, in seconds.
Copyright  Photography  monitoring  OnLine  Digital  FREE 
12 weeks ago
SpreadShare - Find and Share Spreadsheets
Explore community-curated spreadsheets for startups and professionals.

SpreadShare let's you explore community-curated spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be anything. Contact lists, product comparisons, financial tools, dashboard templates and whatever you can imagine.
spreadsheet  Resources  list  directory  FREE  EN  Soho 
may 2017
Tutorials Hub
Hacking, Exploiting, Programming, and Video Tutorials
Tutorial  Security  hacking  Linux  Wifi  Howto  Reference 
may 2017
Surf Forecast and Surf Reports Worldwide | Surf-forecast.com
Surf forecasts and surf reports for over 7,000 of the world’s best surf spots. Check the beach cams, wind forecast and our free Wave Finder before going surfing.
Diving  Surf  Weather  Travel  Photography  Sea  DSLR  ProAm  Tide  Calculator  Reference  Resources  Worldwide 
may 2017
All Tech Hope | all about the technology and blogging content
All Tech Hope is a Technology magazine, Which focuses on Tech tips and tricks. Here we feature Tech News too
Howto  Torrent  Social  Mobile  News  Tricks  Tech 
may 2017
the guide to panoramic photography by Arnaud Frich
Guide to panoramic photography by Arnaud Frich - Stitch a panoramic photography or create a virtual tour : learn all about the panoramic photography, panoramic software, panoramic equipment,...
Computer  photography  guide  Reference  Professional  Screen  VR  Panorama  Gear  Apps  Howto  panoramic  camera  Equipment  Resources 
may 2017
Color management guide by Arnaud Frich - Summary.
Summary to color management guide : calibrate your monitor or display, a printer, manage ICC profils... on Color management guide by Arnaud Frich
Computer  photography  ColorManagement  guide  Reference  printing  Mac  iPad  Professional  Calibration  Printers  Screen  ScreenColor  photoshop  Lightroom  Howto  Resources 
may 2017
Fotocasión - Tienda online de fotografía y vídeo. Cámaras y accesorios.
Fotocasion cuenta con una trayectoria de 30 años dedicadaa la vente de material fotográfico tanto nuevo como de ocasión.

La nueva sede de Fotocasion cuenta con un gran espacio distribuido en tres plantas:

-Planta baja: departamentos aficionado, semiprofesional, digital, material de ocasión, colección, foto químico, librería, vídeo, microscopios, prismáticos, telescopios y astronomía.
-Planta primera: departamento profesional (analógico y digital)
-Planta segunda: sala de exposiciones y departamento de formación.

C/ Ribera de Curtidores 22. 28005 Madrid, (España)
tels.: (+34) 91 467 6491, (+34) 91 539 7490, 682621317
fax: (+34) 91 467 8406
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may 2017
AlternativeTo.net | All Best Apps and Software
Best apps and software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets, Web Apps, Online, Windows Tablets and more based on recommendations from users like yourself. AlternativeTo lets you find new software and apps by recommending alternatives to apps you already know..
Apps  Apple  Mac  iOS  Alternative  review  Resources  Multiplatform 
may 2017
Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit library. Founded in 1996, our mission is to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge. We collect published works and make them available in digital formats. We are building a public library that can serve anyone in the world with access to the Internet.

We began in 1996 by archiving the Internet itself, a medium that was just beginning to grow in use. Like newspapers, the content published on the web was ephemeral - but unlike newspapers, no one was saving it. Today we have 20+ years of web history accessible through the Wayback Machine and we work with 450+ library and other partners through our Archive-It program to identify important web pages.

As our web archive grew, so did our commitment to providing digital versions of other published works. Today our archive contains:

279 billion web pages
11 million books and texts
4 million audio recordings (including 160,000 live concerts)
3 million videos (including 1 million Television News programs)
1 million images
100,000 software programs

Anyone with a free account can upload media to the Internet Archive. We work with thousands of partners globally to save copies of their work into special collections.

Because we are a library, we pay special attention to books. Not everyone has access to a public or academic library with a good collection, so to provide universal access we need to provide digital versions of books. We began a program to digitize books in 2005 and today we scan 1,000 books per day in 28 locations around the world. Books published prior to 1923 are available for download, and hundreds of thousands of modern books can be borrowed through our Open Library site. Some of our digitized books are only available to the print disabled.

Like the Internet, television is also an ephemeral medium. We began archiving television programs in late 2000, and our first public TV project was an archive of TV news surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. In 2009 we began to make selected U.S. television news broadcasts searchable by captions in our TV News Archive. This service allows researchers and the public to use television as a citable and sharable reference.
archive  internet  library  history  video  books  reference  search  tools  AudioBooks  Audio  Music  Movies 
may 2017
eGPU.io | The Beginner's eGPU Setup Guide for Mac
Our goal with this post is to provide a comprehensive beginner’s setup guide so that Mac users can build an external graphics card (eGPU) for their computers. To get started, you’ll need the following hardware:

-Thunderbolt-equipped Mac computer
-Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 2 PCIe enclosure
-Nvidia or AMD PCIe graphics card
-Power supply based on your enclosure & GPU pairing
-External monitor with either HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort
-HDMI headless display adapter (optional)
-External graphics cards work with all Thunderbolt-equipped Macs. A -2011 MacBook Pro with the first generation Thunderbolt and the latest 2016 MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 can both harvest the power of an external graphics card.
mac  Apple  GPU  hardware  Upgrades  diy  Howto  guide  MacBookPro  macbookair 
may 2017
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