The Story Of Chiller, One Very Messed Up Video Game
Torture. Mutilation. Perfect theme for an arcade game.
centerweight  arcade 
9 weeks ago
Why Vero, a barely capable anti-Facebook app, is going viral.
The future will be Vero-vised? I'm not convinced. I'll stick with the devil I know.
february 2018
Wagen Werks - USA
One Stop Parts Shop for your VW Bug, Type 2 , Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Thing. Just a click away, Come browse around!
vw  bug  parts 
april 2017
Pizza and coffee house
vegan  restaurant  pdx 
march 2017
How Rogue One Is An Ode To The VFX Of The Original Trilogy
Nice little write-up of how the visual effects team studied the original trilogy to guide the direction of the look for Rogue One.
centerweight  linked-list 
january 2017
George Lucas on his decision to "break up" with "Star Wars"
Where George all but admits that making a film for the fans is a bad thing.
centerweight  linked-list 
november 2015
meta-tags - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for Ruby on Rails applications.
gem  plugin  rails  seo  open_graph 
september 2015
Multi-Level Push Menu - Demo 2
Multi-Level Push Menu: Off-screen navigation with multiple levels
jquery  menu  navigation  mobile  off-canvas 
september 2015
Remove duplicate scrobbles in your library of
Remove duplicate scrobbles in your library of
june 2015
Your Logo, as a Web Font Ligature - Tuts+ Web Design Article
Let's look at an alternative approach for displaying logos on a web page. Normally, you'll approach the challenge by using an <img> tag. Perhaps you'll use image replacement through CSS, perhaps you'll even venture into SVG files, but have you considered what's possible by designing your own web font ligature? | Tags: Site Elements, CSS, IcoMoon
pa-site  webfont  icomoon 
june 2015
Edit fiddle - JSFiddle
Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.
video  pa-site  html5  jquery 
june 2015
Sass News | Home
The Sass News Weekly Email Newsletter Website.
css  sass  frontend 
may 2015 catalogs the active human-made machines that freckle our solar system and dot our galaxy
Current information on the scientific probes sent into deep space by human beings of planet Earth
space  science  satellites 
march 2015
Create Your Own @font-face Kits | Font Squirrel
Create Your Own @font-face Kits by uploading the fonts you want to use.
webfonts  font  fonts 
august 2014
Richard Linklater - Before Midnight Q&A
As with most films nowadays, I anticipate listening to an episode of Jeff Goldsmith's 'The Q&A' with the film's creators. Once again this podcast does not disappoint as Jeff interviews 'Before Midnight's' director, Richard Linklater.
centerweight  linked-list 
june 2013
Anamanaguchi: The Ninja Turtles of Rock
If one band can take chiptune mainstream, it's these guys.
centerweight  linked-list 
may 2013
The BMX Boys of E.T.
Remember that awesome bike chase scene in E.T. Here are the heroes to thank for it.
centerweight  linked-list 
may 2013
FeedEk jQuery RSS/ATOM Feed Plugin
Easily add an RSS feed to your website via jQuery.
jquery  plugin 
may 2013
kuroir/SCSS.tmbundle at SublimeText2 - GitHub
git clone -b SublimeText2 git:// SCSS
sublime  css  sass  scss 
february 2012
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