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Awk Tutorial, part 1 | Jonathan Palardy's Blog
Awesome intro to awk, which I've put off learning for far too long
unix  programming  toread 
july 2017 by _af
cool looking daemon monitoring software
linux  unix  software 
april 2009 by _af
Sockets bound, stuck and such
a good explanation of how TIME_WAIT, FIN_WAIT, etc work for tcp sockets
networking  linux  unix 
january 2009 by _af
Early Unix history and evolution
interesting look at the early evolution of unix, including changes to the file system and process control
october 2008 by _af
Sed - An Introduction and Tutorial
Looks like a really good intro to sed
bash  unix  linux 
august 2007 by _af
How to Use Emacs
quick shortcuts for emacs
unix  emacs 
october 2006 by _af
Vim Cookbook
a bunch of vim tricks and tips
vim  unix 
september 2006 by _af
BSD For Linux Users :: Intro
differences between Linux and BSD
unix  linux 
september 2006 by _af
Mac OS X Unix tutorial
Looks like a great resource
mac  unix  tutorials 
april 2006 by _af
List of Bash commands
for Linux, but most also apply to OSX
unix  mac  linux 
april 2006 by _af
Graphical vi/vim Cheat Sheet and Tutorial
What a fantastic reference for learing vim
unix  linux  tutorials  vim 
march 2006 by _af

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