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🔥 Design Tips
Outstanding list of design tips and examples. Should revisit this often!
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5 weeks ago by _af
Shirley Wu Data Visualizations (React Rally) - YouTube
Great livecoding of a React + D3 visualization
d3  reactjs  dataviz  video  top 
august 2018 by _af
Effective ML - YouTube
The discussion of phantom types at the end is great
programming  ocaml  video  top 
july 2018 by _af
Pure UI Control – Adam Solove – Medium
UI states vs Control states. Thought provoking!
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march 2018 by _af
Domain Driven Design | F# for fun and profit
Great slides on encoding domain requirements into ADTs
functional  programming  top 
february 2018 by _af
ReasonML: functions
Excellent, thorough rundown of all of the capabilities of functions in OCaml/Reason
reasonml  functional  programming  top 
december 2017 by _af
How Generative Music Works
Amazing deck with lots of interactive examples of generative music
music  programming  top 
november 2017 by _af
Classical Guitar Tablature
Amazing resource for free classical guitar tabs!
guitar  top  music 
november 2017 by _af
Creating Your Lovely Color Scheme // Speaker Deck
Best reference for building vim color schemes I've ever seen
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november 2017 by _af
Powerful Start in Sketch - Design+Code
Wonderful collection of Sketch plugins, workflows, and tips
sketchapp  top  design 
october 2017 by _af
Redesigning Laravel.io – Refactoring UI – Medium
Probably the best "redesign" article I've ever read. Just fantastic
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october 2017 by _af
What’s New With Server-Side Rendering in React 16 – Sasha Aickin – Medium
Excellent runthrough of new SSR features and perf gains in React 16
reactjs  javascript  top 
september 2017 by _af
Dynamicland, seeing spaces, and design studio
Great read (with lots of interesting references) on Bret Victor's latest work and ideas
programming  learning  design  top 
september 2017 by _af
Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming
I love this, especially rule 5. Extremely pragmatic
programming  top 
september 2017 by _af
A React And Preact Progressive Web App Performance Case Study: Treebo
Extremely well done case study of optimizing a PWA. Great insights about SSR, and tradeoffs between time-to-first-paint and time-to-interactive
javascript  performance  pwa  top 
september 2017 by _af
What's Functional Programming All About?
"The core of Functional Programming is thinking about data-flow rather than control-flow"
functional  programming  top 
august 2017 by _af
Visual Vocabulary
Awesome compendium of chart types
dataviz  design  top 
july 2017 by _af
Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes – RDX – Medium
Engaging read; so many well-described antipatterns here
programming  top 
july 2017 by _af
Active Listening
"Listening is difficult because it involves suppressing your ego long enough to consider what is being said before you respond."
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july 2017 by _af
7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook - Wait But Why
Applies to all social media (and online communication)
top  self  facebook 
june 2017 by _af
Connect: behind the front-end experience
Some great front end tips from Stripe here
animation  css  javascript  design  top 
june 2017 by _af
Vim Tips & Tricks
Top-notch vim tips!
vim  top 
june 2017 by _af
Detecting use-cases for GADTs in OCaml
Easily the best intro to GADTs in OCaml that I've found
ocaml  functional  programming  top 
may 2017 by _af
Home | F# for fun and profit
Great articles on functional programming (using F#, but concepts are widely applicable)
programming  functional  top 
may 2017 by _af
Grid Garden - A game for learning CSS grid
Flexbox Froggy-like game for learning CSS grid!
css  top 
april 2017 by _af
Material Design
Lots of great Material resources (guidelines, rationale, icons, etc)
design  google  top 
march 2017 by _af
An Introduction to Reason · GitBook
Best intro resource I've found so far
reasonml  top  programming 
march 2017 by _af
Fun tweet-sized javascript demos
javascript  top  canvas 
february 2017 by _af
JavaScript Start-up Performance – Medium
Fantastic read on the costs of JS parsing and compilation
javascript  performance  top 
february 2017 by _af
Making a Change: One Small Step
Fascinating look at why incremental habit changes are more effective
productivity  self  top 
january 2017 by _af
How I Write Tests - Made of Bugs
Lots of nice insights and suggestions for writing tests
programming  testing  top 
january 2017 by _af
The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development
Finally, a decent framework for what constitutes a "senior" developer
programming  career  hiring  top 
july 2016 by _af
Remarks at the SASE Panel On The Moral Economy of Tech
HN comments explained:

"People who excel at software design become convinced that they have a unique ability to understand any kind of system at all, from first principles, without prior training, thanks to their superior powers of analysis. Success in the artificially constructed world of software design promotes a dangerous confidence."
programming  privacy  top 
june 2016 by _af
The Quiet Crisis unfolding in Software Development — Medium
Top-notch article on building effective software development teams
top  programming  career 
may 2016 by _af
A Protocol for Dying - Hintjens.com
Beautiful stoic thoughts from a man near death
death  self  top 
april 2016 by _af
How to work with SVG icons
Fantastic read on using svg sprites for icons
svg  icons  css  top 
march 2016 by _af
When I’m Gone — Medium
Staggeringly poignant and beautiful
july 2015 by _af
Static to Animated — Medium
Wonderful presentation on the current state of data visualiation for the web
dataviz  d3  web  top 
may 2015 by _af
7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) — Medium
Maybe the best "design for non-designers" post I've ever read
design  top 
november 2014 by _af
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