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Wikimedia Commons
Vast source of freely usable imagery
images  assets 
january 2017 by _af
Visual Hunt
Incredible collection of public domain images
design  images  assets 
november 2015 by _af
Browse icon sets | Icon Search Engine
Lots of free icons, some of which are ok for commercial use
images  design  icons 
march 2011 by _af
A selection of ridiculous images
Mostly people in bizarre costumes
funny  images 
april 2008 by _af
awesome bitmap to vector conversion tool
october 2007 by _af
Flickr: Photos from webinteger
this guy takes some really nice pictures.
november 2006 by _af
Inkscape . Draw Freely
Open source cross platform SVG editor (ala Adobe Illustrator)
gimp  images  software 
march 2006 by _af

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