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Vector icon speed runs - Album on Imgur
Inspiring gifs of fast icon design
design  icons 
july 2017 by _af
Vector icon speed runs
Nice examples of vector editing tricks
design  icons 
may 2017 by _af
Dynamic Icons in Sketch – uxdesign.cc
Clever way to do multi-colored icon symbols
design  icons  sketchapp 
may 2017 by _af
How to work with SVG icons
Fantastic read on using svg sprites for icons
svg  icons  css  top 
march 2016 by _af
X-Icon Editor
Nice favicon tool
web  icons 
july 2012 by _af
Great collection of (mostly) public domain icons
design  icons 
february 2012 by _af
Another nice commercial icon set (with a font generator). $30.
icons  design 
november 2011 by _af
cool @fontface-based commercial icon set
design  icons 
april 2011 by _af
Browse icon sets | Icon Search Engine
Lots of free icons, some of which are ok for commercial use
images  design  icons 
march 2011 by _af

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