SVG Filters 101 | Codrops
Great intro to how svg filters work
svg  web  programming 
4 days ago
Inter UI font family
It's a variable font as well!
design  font 
16 days ago
How Not To Be Stupid
Lots of great insights here. Also liked this quote: "if you’re in any field and you want to find ways to innovate, focus on words that are commonly used and try to define them simply"
17 days ago
Vimways ~ Transactions Pending
Great read on creating custom text object mappings with onoremap/xnoremap
22 days ago
The Book of Shaders
Looks like a really well put together resource!
programming  opengl  webgl 
5 weeks ago
Worrydream - Index of /refs
Lots of seminal writing on computing and UI to chew on here
books  reference  reading  programming 
6 weeks ago
🔥 Design Tips
Outstanding list of design tips and examples. Should revisit this often!
design  ux  top 
10 weeks ago
Canada Interest Rate history
See right sidebar for list of many historical economic metrics
economics  canada 
october 2018
Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation
Not really in my wheelhouse, but apparently it's a really good book
programming  books 
october 2018
Texture Ninja
Tons of free, public domain textures
textures  design 
october 2018
Logo Lab - Test Your Logo
Nifty tool for seeing how logos perform in a wide variety of scenarios
logos  design 
september 2018
Vim Script for the JavaScripter - w0rpzone
Excellent runthrough of basic vimscript data types and control flow
vim  programming 
september 2018
Composable Error Handling in OCaml
Promising approach using polymorphic variants with Result
ocaml  programming  functional 
september 2018
Select Star SQL
Interactive SQL teaching tool
sql  toread 
september 2018
The Tables from Jon Bunning on Vimeo
Beautiful video about the people playing ping pong in Bryant Park, NYC
august 2018
GRID: A simple visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout
Maybe the most convenient CSS Grid reference I've seen yet
august 2018
Ancient Philosophers
Interesting network visualization. Wish there was a time scrubber though
philosophy  dataviz 
july 2018
QWERTY, DVORAK, and COLEMAK, Oh My - Beehive Media
Comparing usage patterns of different keyboard layouts
july 2018
Effective ML - YouTube
The discussion of phantom types at the end is great
programming  ocaml  video  top 
july 2018
Attract-Mode Emulator Frontend
Worth checking out. Cross-platform and apparently lets you save high scores
games  toread 
june 2018
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