Unlearning toxic behaviors in a code review culture — and what to do instead
Lots of great suggestions here. Reviewing both thoroughly and empathetically is difficult!
21 hours ago
Good to great UI animation tips – UX Collective
Some of these are really tricky to do with css, but worth aspiring to nonetheless
design  animation 
15 days ago
Why Gradients are back to rule in 2018? – UX Planet
Nice tip on gradients: don't go "through the center" of the colour wheel
design  colour 
19 days ago
Pure UI Control – Adam Solove – Medium
UI states vs Control states. Thought provoking!
design  programming  reasonml  top 
20 days ago
Plotting the Course Through Charted Waters
Interactive presentation on dataviz literacy
dataviz  design 
26 days ago
Stripe Atlas: Software as a Service, as a business
Excellent read on low- vs high-touch SaaS, benchmark churn rates, and other metrics to watch for
business  saas 
29 days ago
Chamber music | Britannica.com
Lots of music to check out here!
4 weeks ago
webpack 4: mode and optimization – webpack – Medium
List of settings that are automatically set based on webpack 4's new `mode`
4 weeks ago
Domain Driven Design | F# for fun and profit
Great slides on encoding domain requirements into ADTs
functional  programming  top 
5 weeks ago
Purely functional data structures
Have seen this recommended several times
functional  programming 
6 weeks ago
Why type-first development matters - Tomas Petricek
An argument for type design as the first phase in software development
functional  programming 
6 weeks ago
The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Frameworks
Useful if you're new to the insane number of options out there
8 weeks ago
Vim scripting cheatsheet
Very handy and well-designed vimscript reference
vim  programming 
10 weeks ago
Actions, not words, reveal our real values | Derek Sivers
"You say you want to, but your actions reveal the truth."
10 weeks ago
A chess program in OCaml
ocaml  programming 
11 weeks ago
ReasonML: functions
Excellent, thorough rundown of all of the capabilities of functions in OCaml/Reason
reasonml  functional  programming  top 
december 2017
Xavier Leroy - People of Programming Languages
Some interesting historical background on OCaml
ocaml  programming 
december 2017
Learning from a Prodigy – Student Voices
Learning tricks ("brain hacks", if you will) from watching Magnus Carlsen
self  psychology  chess 
december 2017
Why your programmers just want to code – Maker to Manager – Medium
Excellent read on how programmers become disillusioned, and how to prevent it
programming  management 
december 2017
Running in Circles – Signal v. Noise
Why Agile Isn’t Working and What We Do Differently
november 2017
JavaScript. The Core: 2nd Edition – ds.laboratory
Definitions of some core terms used to describe JS internals
november 2017
Read This If You Want To Keep A Journal But Don’t Know How - Darius Foroux
How do you expect to improve yourself if you don’t know yourself? You truly get to know the quality of your thoughts when you write them down.

Do you know how good of a thinker you are?
Do your decisions make sense?
How do you even make decisions?
Why do you do what you do?
When are you productive?
When are you not productive?
november 2017
How Generative Music Works
Amazing deck with lots of interactive examples of generative music
music  programming  top 
november 2017
Move Slowly and Fix Things – Signal v. Noise
Reflections on the ethics of software design
november 2017
Functional Programming Jargon
With examples (some are approximations) in JavaScript
functional  programming  javascript 
november 2017
Classical Guitar Tablature
Amazing resource for free classical guitar tabs!
guitar  top  music 
november 2017
Creating Your Lovely Color Scheme // Speaker Deck
Best reference for building vim color schemes I've ever seen
vim  top 
november 2017
Powerful Start in Sketch - Design+Code
Wonderful collection of Sketch plugins, workflows, and tips
sketchapp  top  design 
october 2017
OCaml Platform 2017 // Speaker Deck
Includes a teaser to the upcoming Cargo-like CLI tool (codename "bob")
october 2017
Pretty neat programmable music app
music  webaudio  javascript 
october 2017
Pencil and Paper Games
Some of these look really cool!
games  parenting 
october 2017
Uncle Bob and Silver Bullets • Hillel Wayne
Counterpoint to some of Uncle Bob's arguments
october 2017
Brandon Dail: Critical ReasonML'ing — ReactNext 2017 - YouTube
The video description perfectly captures why I'm so interested in Reason
reasonml  programming  video 
october 2017
Redesigning Laravel.io – Refactoring UI – Medium
Probably the best "redesign" article I've ever read. Just fantastic
design  top 
october 2017
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