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is a minimal Linux distribution designed to turn the Raspberry Pi mini computer into a low-cost thin client.
thinclient  linux  RaspberryPi 
january 2016 by Z303
Linux Terminal Server Project
s an add-on package for Linux that allows you to connect lots of low-powered thin client terminals to a Linux server. Applications typically run on the server, and accept input and display their output on the thin client display.
vnc  xwindows  thinclient  technology  useful  desktop  linux  networking  sysadmin 
march 2006 by Z303
non-intrusively converts any Unix/Linux OpenGL application into a thin client application, allowing for real-time interaction on a modest LAN regardless of data or geometry size.
opengl  linux  rendering  computergraphics  thinclient  vnc 
march 2006 by Z303

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