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Video Game Preservation
An archive of commercial video game source code.
programming  games  history 
7 days ago by Z303
A tool for keyframe animation & fragment shader management for 64k executables.
tools  demoscene  programming 
22 days ago by Z303
Modern C++ for C Programmers: Part 3
Inheritance, polymorphism and templates
learning  c++  programming  c 
8 weeks ago by Z303
Atari ST source code repository
A large repository of Atari ST (and family) source code
atari  st  demoscene  programming  source 
june 2018 by Z303
is the easiest way to leverage the open source community
to incentivize or monetize work.
funding  development  opensource  programming  blockchain  github 
june 2018 by Z303
FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition
is a no-nonsense implementation of FizzBuzz made by serious businessmen for serious business purposes.
humor  funny  programming 
june 2018 by Z303
is a new generation of tools for automating your testing process. It combines human understanding of your problem domain with machine intelligence to improve the quality of your testing process while spending less time writing tests.
python  testing  programming 
may 2018 by Z303
Software Foundations
is a broad introduction to the mathematical underpinnings of reliable software.
algorithms  books  programming  coq  maths 
april 2018 by Z303
Godot Engine
Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine
development  gamedev  game  programming 
march 2018 by Z303
The Programming Journal
The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming aims at closing this gap by focusing primarily on programming: the art itself (programming styles, pearls, models, languages), the emerging science of understanding what works and what doesn’t work in general and in specific contexts, as well as more established engineering and mathematical perspectives.
programming  journal 
march 2018 by Z303
Kotlin Programming Language
Statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications
java  programming  Kotlin  android 
march 2018 by Z303
a free/open-source library for quantitative finance
finance  c++  programming  quant  trading 
february 2018 by Z303
Coding Interview Questions
interview  jobs  career  programming 
february 2018 by Z303
is a lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture CPU emulator framework.
cpu  arm  emulator  x86  programming  mips  sparc  68000 
january 2018 by Z303
Command-line-friendly tools for blockchain development
code  development  programming  blockchain  evm  ethereum 
january 2018 by Z303
is a generic proof assistant. It allows mathematical formulas to be expressed in a formal language and provides tools for proving those formulas in a logical calculus.
mathematics  programming  formalmethods 
december 2017 by Z303
Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns
collects and distils successful techniques in planning a re-engineering project, reverse-engineering, problem detection, migration strategies and software redesign.
design  book  programming  oop 
december 2017 by Z303
What's an Entity System?
Component/Entity Systems are an architectural pattern used mostly in game development. A CES follows the Composition over Inheritance principle to allow for greater flexibility when defining entities (anything that's part of a game's scene: enemies, doors, bullets) by building out of individual parts that can be mixed-and-matched.
design  game  programming 
december 2017 by Z303
Games Architecture
For indie developers who already know that making games is not easy
games  programming  design 
december 2017 by Z303
Travis CI
Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence
tools  development  testing  programming  ci 
december 2017 by Z303
Coding exercises for budding gophers
go  golang  programming  learning 
november 2017 by Z303
Clever Algorithms
Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes
algorithms  book  programming  ruby  via:hackernews  ai 
november 2017 by Z303
is an open source artificial intelligence programming challenge, where players build bots using the coding language of their choice to battle on a two-dimensional virtual board.
ai  games  programming 
november 2017 by Z303
is a new functional abstraction for wegbl.

using regl is easier than writing raw webgl code because you don't need to manage state or binding. it's also lighter and faster and has less overhead than many existing 3d frameworks. and it has a functional data-driven style inspired by react.
webgl  library  javascript  programming 
november 2017 by Z303
A Higher-OrderEffectful Language Designed for Program Verification
functional  programming  f#  ml  formalmethods 
october 2017 by Z303
OverTheWire: Wargames
The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games.
hacking  security  games  programming  ctf 
october 2017 by Z303
Productive C++
Discussing the state of the art in C++ projects
c++  blog  programming 
october 2017 by Z303
Virtual Machine Warmup Blows Hot and Cold
Virtual Machines (VMs) with Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers are traditionally thought to execute programs in two phases: the initial warmup phase determines which parts of a program would most benefit from dynamic compilation, before JIT compiling those parts into machine code; subsequently the program is said to be at a steady state of peak performance. Measurement methodologies almost always discard data collected during the warmup phase such that reported measurements focus entirely on peak performance. We introduce a fully automated statistical approach, based on changepoint analysis, which allows us to determine if a program has reached a steady state and, if so, whether that represents peak performance or not. Using this, we show that even when run in the most controlled of circumstances, small, deterministic, widely studied microbenchmarks often fail to reach a steady state of peak performance on a variety of common VMs.
paper  statistics  programming  virtualmachine 
october 2017 by Z303
provides countless small wins. The exercises are achievable mini-quests: small and well-defined, and with enough complexity to uncover bite-sized knowledge gaps.
education  learning  ruby  programming 
october 2017 by Z303
Programming Models for Distributed Computation
a book about the programming constructs we use to build distributed systems. These range from the small, RPC, futures, actors, to the large; systems built up of these components like MapReduce and Spark. We explore issues and concerns central to distributed systems like consistency, availability, and fault tolerance, from the lens of the programming models and frameworks that the programmer uses to build these systems.
distributed  programming  books 
october 2017 by Z303
Fix8 Open Source FIX Engine
High Performance C++ FIX Framework
programming  fix  finance  c++ 
september 2017 by Z303
Optimizing 6809 Assembly Code: Part 1
Quick and Easy Changes to Speedup Your Code
6809  Assembly  programming 
september 2017 by Z303
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