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Open-source data for due diligence
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january 2018 by Z303
The Hack Code of Conduct
All attendees, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff at our hackathon are required to agree with the following code of conduct.
people  code  social 
april 2016 by Z303
tag your friends and find like-minded people
people  search  skills  startup  twitter 
march 2012 by Z303
Find all online public information about you (and other people)
socialnetworking  people  tools  monitoring  reputation  searchengine  identity  via:lifehacker 
january 2010 by Z303
Alice and Kev
An experiment in playing a homeless family in The Sims 3. I created two Sims, moved them in to a place made to look like an abandoned park, removed all of their remaining money, and then attempted to help them survive without taking any job promotions or easy cash routes.
art  research  games  homelessness  simulation  videogames  thesims  money  society  people  interesting  experiment  homeless  via:boingboing 
june 2009 by Z303
Enter your twitter username to see a tag cloud from the 'bios' of your twitter flock.
tools  microblogging  visualization  tagcloud  people  applications  analytics  fun  twitter  socialnetworking  twittertools  via:zombie 
may 2009 by Z303
Diary of a Graphics Programmer
Wolfgang Engel is working in Rockstar's core technology group as the lead graphics programmer. He is the editor of the ShaderX books, the author of several other books and loves to talk about graphics programming. He is also a MVP DirectX since July 2006 and active in several advisory boards in the industry.
programming  graphics  blogs  rendering  people  blog  developer  gamedev  shader 
december 2008 by Z303
Pete Shirley's Graphics Blog
Thoughts on computer graphics in general and rendering in particular.
algorithms  software  blogs  computergraphics  people  raytracing  cg  programming 
november 2008 by Z303
Delia Derbyshire
archive site for Delia who was a pioneer in electronic music and the BBC radiophonic workshop
drwho  music  deliaderbyshire  bbcradiophonicworkshop  doctorwho  experimental  electronica  people  person  synth 
july 2008 by Z303
God hates Goths.com
The greatest threat to today's society is the rise of the gothic subculture.
funny  Goth  people  religion  strange  stupid 
may 2008 by Z303
How to Ignore Marketing and Become Irrelevant in Two Easy Steps
Steve Yegge of the Google presents his keynote:from O'Reilly Media's Open Source Convention, July 26, 2007.
branding  business  developers  future  marketing  people  video  via:reddit 
april 2008 by Z303
Life Before Death at the Wellcome Collection
The difference between flesh animated and the empty vessel gigantic and unmistakable, even when the before-death shot is of someone terribly ill. Life's marvellous and inexplicable.
death  art  health  life  people  photography  society  via:boingboing 
april 2008 by Z303
Uncle dirty
Although he stopped working out a few years ago, he still spends much of his time admiring the body that a lifetime of weight training has given him by taking digital photos and videos of himself in his various homemade thongs.
photography  culture  nsfw  people  lifestyle  society 
march 2008 by Z303
"t" is a ten-part, slice-of-life documentary series that uses the mythic landscape of New York City to explore the lives of ten male to female transsexual women as they uniquely and personally define what it means to be "t".
people  transsexual  documentary  video  newyork 
february 2008 by Z303
Stephen Fry: Welcome to dork talk
He owns the second ever Macintosh computer sold in Europe, and has never met a smartphone he hasn't bought. To introduce his new column, Stephen Fry explains why he's deeply dippy for all things digital
blogs  computers  gadgets  humour  internet  media  people  StephenFry  technology 
october 2007 by Z303
open-source filter software that detects rampant stupidity in written English using weighted Bayesian analysis and rules-based processing
computerscience  bayesian  tool  datamining  filtering  idiots  humour  internet  people  project 
october 2007 by Z303
Antisocial networking for the masses
community  Spoof  web2.0  humour  socialsoftware  satire  people  Parody  funny 
october 2007 by Z303
Broken pieces of a lost life
Andrew Smith lay undiscovered for two months before his body was found — and there was nothing in his home to identify him. He is one of thousands of people who die alone and unmourned in the UK every year.
death  people  via:monkeyfilter  society 
september 2007 by Z303
Why does del.icio.us for people not exist yet?
This would be a means of tagging people with words; annotating their interest areas, likes and dislikes, how you know them, where you met them and probably many other aspects of meta data.
del.icio.us  attention  folksonomy  individuals  interests  metadata  people  tagging  tags  annotation 
july 2007 by Z303
How to Deal with a Nightmare Boss
You don’t have to like your boss. Keep in mind that it is business, not personal, and always ask yourself “how can I use this situation to my advantage?”
management  career  boss  people  productivity  work 
june 2007 by Z303
How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community
Angry people looking for fights will inevitably try to poison successful Internet communities. Columnist Cory Doctorow looks at ways to remove the poison without killing the discussion too.
blogging  advice  groups  jerks  collaboration  community  corydoctorow  cyberculture  discussion  Ethics  forums  tactics  Tips  society  socialsoftware  socialnetwork  psychology  people  moderation  management 
may 2007 by Z303
Growing Up digital
An examination of the first generation to be bathed in bits since birth. These 88 million children of the baby boomers in the U.S and Canada are combining demographic muscle and digital mastery to become a force for social transformation.
academic  book  Cyberculture  learning  innovation  people  research  tools  Web  society  socialsoftware 
april 2007 by Z303
Introverts of the World, Unite!
Interview with Jonathan Rauch, the author of "Caring for Your Introvert."
personality  psychology  social  depression  culture  relationships  communication  geek  introvert  Introverts  people  interaction 
march 2007 by Z303
Ambient Intimacy
is about being able to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible.
networking  relationships  social  socialsoftware  people  twitter  flickr  communication 
march 2007 by Z303
Trusted Places
A word of mouth community where people can remember, share and discover great places.
Recommendations  cafe  folksonomy  restaurants  reviews  maps  people  pubs  tags  Tools  useful  web2.0  local  Community  service  socialsoftware 
february 2007 by Z303
Trapped in the wrong body
Jenny Kirk, 27, almost felt jealous when she heard that a 12-year-old in Germany had been diagnosed as a transsexual and was receiving treatment
transsexual  lgbt  uk  people  transgender  queer 
february 2007 by Z303
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