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Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon
A one-day event where participants conceptualize and create projects that have no value whatsoever.
humour  diy  Hackathon 
may 2018 by Z303
A platform for bad ideas
humour  kickstarter 
may 2018 by Z303
Blockchain 3.0 Generator
Want to impress your friends? Having trouble generating a whitepaper for your next scam project? Seize your blockchain oracle status with this whitepaper generator.
Blockchain  humour 
june 2017 by Z303
Screen shots of computer code
Images of the computer code appearing in TV and films and what they really are.
blog  movies  programming  humour 
january 2014 by Z303
emergency compliment
A steady supply of Emergency Compliments to be used at times of great insecurity
compliment  humour  emergencycompliment  compliments 
april 2013 by Z303
A Cunt Compendium
The continuing adventures of a total wank stain. Sourced from the delightfully funny, frighteningly accurate, TVGoHome
funny  humour  media  nathanbarley  TVGoHome 
april 2012 by Z303
Happy Place
The Latest Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Tweets, Funny Ecards and More!
humour  pictures  videos  via:rah_rah 
september 2011 by Z303
Not Always Right
Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes
blog  customers  funny  humour 
august 2011 by Z303
Normal in Shoreditch
find normal stuff in a not-so-normal place.
london  humour  Shoreditch  nathanbarley 
january 2011 by Z303
Tea and Kittens
For the removal of stress in office environments
kittens  cats  teaching  humour  funny 
december 2010 by Z303
is for fun and the name says it all: We post lame and funny pictures, status updates, and other gems found on your favorite social networking site.
media  funny  web  internet  humour  lamebook  facebook  culture  socialnetworking  via:paparatti 
november 2009 by Z303
The Church of Google
believe the search engine Google is the closest humankind has ever come to directly experiencing an actual God (as typically defined). We believe there is much more evidence in favour of Google's divinity than there is for the divinity of other more traditional gods.
culture  joke  Atheism  internet  geek  humour  parody  religion  satire  spirituality  cyberculture  via:MikeSynonymous 
october 2009 by Z303
IKEA Heights
is a melodrama shot entirely in the Burbank California Ikea Store without the store knowing.
video  drama  melodrama  sitcom  ikea  comedy  humour  funny 
september 2009 by Z303
A unique idea or insight a person has while they are under the influence of cannabis that most likely would have not existed otherwise (like the one for this site).
culture  communities  internet  humour  inspiration  aggregator  ideas  drugs 
may 2009 by Z303
Bacolicio.us ~Mmmm, Bacon~
Need a side of bacon on your web site
tools  funny  food  humour  meme  bacon  joke 
december 2008 by Z303
one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion
music  album  cover  record  culture  art  funny  photography  humour  photos  creativity  sleeveface  via:emargee 
november 2008 by Z303
The Twat-O-Tron
A collection of ignorance, narcissism, stupidity, hypocrisy and bad grammar. All the comments quoted were found on the BBC "Have Your Say" site. Yes, people really have written them. On purpose as far as I can tell.
ArtificialIntelligence  satire  idiocy  spoof  humour  BBC  news  media  internet  politics  UK 
august 2008 by Z303
RollTube - The Rick Roll Firefox Addon
is a Rick Roll Firefox Extension that switches every YouTube video with the infamous Rick Roll video.
firefox  evil  geek  humour  internet  meme  music  pranks  projects  Rickroll  silly  technology  video  YouTube  via:waxy 
march 2008 by Z303
offsets your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat. This neutralises the pain and unhappy emotion and leaves you with a clear conscience.
carbon  carbonfootprint  climatechange  comedy  relationships  satire  sustainability  happiness  funny  humour  website  via:malbec 
january 2008 by Z303
Exposing Scientology Through Streaming Video
religion  Scientology  video  xenu  humour  cults  crime 
january 2008 by Z303
Stephen Fry: Welcome to dork talk
He owns the second ever Macintosh computer sold in Europe, and has never met a smartphone he hasn't bought. To introduce his new column, Stephen Fry explains why he's deeply dippy for all things digital
blogs  computers  gadgets  humour  internet  media  people  StephenFry  technology 
october 2007 by Z303
open-source filter software that detects rampant stupidity in written English using weighted Bayesian analysis and rules-based processing
computerscience  bayesian  tool  datamining  filtering  idiots  humour  internet  people  project 
october 2007 by Z303
Antisocial networking for the masses
community  Spoof  web2.0  humour  socialsoftware  satire  people  Parody  funny 
october 2007 by Z303
The Daily Mash
is a satirical news website which exposes the absurdities of modern life to rigorous scrutiny with "hilarious results".
comedy  culture  humour  media  newspaper  satire  Spoof  uk  via:malbec 
october 2007 by Z303
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