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Danger from the Deep
is a free (as in free speech), Open Source World War II german submarine simulator.
games  german  submarines  uboat  wwii  war 
june 2007 by Z303
The board games official home.
games  boardgames  Carcassonne  german 
august 2006 by Z303
Comedian Gayle Tufts on Life in Germany: "No. No. No. OK"
American-born comedian Gayle Tufts has taken the German comedy scene by storm. She now shares her best tips for foreign visitors with the Germany Survival Bible including: "Take your clothes off."
culture  german  comedy 
june 2006 by Z303
BBC Languages Homepage
Online courses in a number (of mainly European) languages.
Languages  french  german  Italian  Spanish  resource  learning  diymasters 
february 2005 by Z303

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