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PCity - Procedural Modeling and Rendering of Cities
The user has to provide only little input data like a configuration file and few maps (f.e. population density or height map).
programming  rendering  urban  opengl  interesting  modeling  procedural  city  generation  terrain 
february 2009 by Z303
City Engine
is a software for the creative and efficient creation of digital architecture. Scientific papers, movies, pictures and other information about this high-level design tool can be found in this section.
tools  procedural  city  engine  modelling  geometry  generation  urbanism  urban  architecture  research  building  academic  content  generative  cityengine 
november 2008 by Z303
The great generational robbery
Expensive pensions, no hope of getting on the housing ladder, and tens of thousands of pounds of debt just to go to university. Have the under-35s been mugged by the baby-boom generation that went before them?
age  culture  generation  housing  loans  money  society  babyboomers  pensions 
march 2007 by Z303
The Real Lesson of Rails
The main technique Rails uses to improve developer productivity is code generation, even though Ruby's dynamic nature makes the code generation less obvious. The technique is also called metaprogramming, which simply means writing programs that write prog
architecture  automation  codegeneration  development  DSL  frameworks  generation  via:digg  metaprogramming  models  Patterns  Programming  ruby  rubyonrails  software_engineering 
january 2007 by Z303
Generating Terrain
An overview of various terrain generation methods.
computers  fractals  generation  graphics  modeling  rendering  terrain  algorithms 
november 2004 by Z303

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