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Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi
diy  arcade  emulator  gaming  RaspberryPi 
july 2016 by Z303
Geek Hoodies
Gamer, Nerd and Hoodie Outfitters.
shopping  gaming  clothes  hoodies 
january 2016 by Z303
An API for emulators and games
retro  emulators  gaming  api 
january 2016 by Z303
3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface. Can use arbitrary resolution of elevation data, refining it to centimetre resolution using fractal algorithms.
gaming  engine  3d  terrain 
june 2015 by Z303
Insert Coin
Video game inspired t-shirts and hoodies
clothing  gaming  shopping  videogames 
june 2015 by Z303
Not in the Kitchen Anymore.
I am a 23 year old gamer, who specializes in first person shooters (at the moment, Call of Duty specifically). When I game online, I record audio in the lobbies of people reacting to playing against a female gamer. Sometimes the reactions are humorous, or confusing, and sometimes they are downright insulting. Even though female gamers are becoming more and more common, we are still largely treated as an anomaly.
gaming  gender 
june 2012 by Z303
COGS Bristol
The University of Bristol Computer Gaming Society
Bristol  university  computer  gaming  community 
october 2011 by Z303
Mecha Damashii
The wonderful world of mecha gaming
meacha  giantrobots  gaming  blog 
september 2011 by Z303
Combat Storm
The Wargame Rulebook for Modern and Classic Plastic Army men
wargame  gaming  via:hatchetjob 
march 2011 by Z303
Indie Game: The Movie
is a feature documentary about video games, their creators and the craft. It examines independent game developers as a way to understand the medium and the theory behind video games. Throughout, the film focuses on the human side of the creative process, and the connections between game and game-maker.
documentary  game  gamedev  programming  video  play  indie  gaming 
august 2010 by Z303
A Life Well Wasted
is an internet radio show about videogames and the people who love them.
culture  videogames  games  geek  history  gaming  entertainment  podcast  alifewellwasted  via:wrestlevania 
november 2009 by Z303
ds brut
is an open source hardware prototyping platform for the Nintendo DS, developed by and for electronics enthusiasts, artists and game developers.
programming  homebrew  avr  hardware  diy  gaming  arduino  ds  nds 
october 2009 by Z303
Engineering Game Development
on Software Engineering, Game Development, Education and the bits in-between
programming  development  games  c++  gaming  industry  portfolio  computers  softwareengineering 
march 2009 by Z303
Reformat the Planet
is a feature length documentary which delves into the movement known as chiptunes, a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original music using old video game hardware.
video  music  retro  gaming  8bit  chiptunes  geek  film  documentary  chiptune 
march 2009 by Z303
Play Money
A documentary about making real money in unreal places
documentary  gaming  goldfarming  mmo 
march 2009 by Z303
Mod DB
Games and mods development for PC XBOX Playstation Nintendo
tools  HowTo  programming  mods  games  maps  videogames  hl2  development  design  database  gamedev  tutorials  gaming 
november 2008 by Z303
Notes from Playful
Playful is a one-day event all about games and play – in all their manifestations, throughout the contemporary media landscape.
conference  playful  2008  games  gaming  presentation  events  talks  play  notes  arg 
november 2008 by Z303
A history lesson in video games
The UK's first official national video game archive has been launched in a bid to preserve the history of gaming.
The archive has been set up in partnership between Nottingham Trent University and the National Media Museum in Bradford in the north of England.
UK  history  games  computer  gaming  IT  Museum 
october 2008 by Z303
Halo Corpse Alphabet
is a rather macabre project with the goal being to represent every letter of the alphabet by the twisted, curved, stretched, and otherwise dead Spartan and Elite bodies from Halo 3.
alphabet  art  halo  humor  pictures  typography  gaming  geek  funny  death  via:Wrestlevania 
july 2008 by Z303
LEGOd Video Games
A growing library of combining LEGO and video games!
80s  flickr  retro  Toys  KatamariDamacy  lego  Nintendo  geek  gaming  sculpture  via:rooreynolds 
july 2008 by Z303
Project Aon
The classic "Lone Wolf" gamebooks back in the 80s
gaming  adventure  lonewolf  80s  via:reddit 
april 2008 by Z303
Double Buffered
A Programmer’s View of Game Design, Development, and Culture
blogs  gaming  gamedev  design  programming  via:mefiprojects 
february 2008 by Z303
An open collection of libraries and utilities for addressing common challenges in game development.
gaming  Opensource  programming  ps3  Wiki  via:beyond3d  libraries 
february 2008 by Z303
Rethinking the MMO
We looked at Everquest and reasoned that someone would improve on this formula. Instead, we have seen a parade of copycats that fails to appeal to a large portion of the potential market, despite far bigger development budgets than any offline games.
analysis  computer  mmo  rpg  research  gaming  development  mmorpg  games  gamedesign  gamedev 
march 2007 by Z303
a tool that uses computer graphics to make computer programming more accessible as well, adopting a drag-and-drop interface that allowed users to construct stories from pre-existing graphic elements.
animation  computerscience  3d  computergraphics  maths  programming  resources  gaming  Tutorials 
march 2007 by Z303
Does the BBC understand video gaming?
like any large organisation, the BBC is full of gamers - although some are more nervous than others when it comes to revealing their pastime. Related to Aleks Krotoski piece in the Guardian ealry in the week.
bbc  media  gaming  culture 
march 2007 by Z303
Why I take my playtime very, very seriously
Everything we do is expected to have a purpose, or it's just not worth doing. So people look down on Adults that play games but thats much better than sitting comatose in front of the latest Wife Swap.
freetime  gaming  gamers  games  time  media 
march 2007 by Z303
Action computer games can sharpen eyesight
A study by scientists at the University of Rochester shows that people who play action video games for a few hours each day over the course of a month can improve their performance in eye examinations by about 20%.
health  eyesight  gaming 
february 2007 by Z303
The Video Game Revolution
Made by gamers for gamers. From the very first machine to the rise and fall of Atari upto present day 2004.
documentary  gaming  movie  Video  via:digg 
february 2007 by Z303
Tetris - From Russia With Love
A documentary about Tetris and its creator Alexey Pajitnov. Also covers the rivalaries between Nintendo and Atari.
80s  Tetris  video  business  computer  culture  documentary  film  gaming  history  marketing  programming  Russian  BBC 
november 2006 by Z303
The Death of a Legacy: Battlefield 1942 - Battlefield 2142
Great post summing up mostly how I feel EA/DICE have messed up the battlefield franchise.
Battlefield1942  dice  ea  gaming  fps  Battlefield2142  Battlefield2  Battlefieldvietnam  rants 
august 2006 by Z303
The Mushroom Kingdom
Super Mario Bros. downloads and information
SuperMarioBros  gaming  platformers  resource  Nintendo  FAQ  nes  smb 
july 2006 by Z303
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