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Ethical Kink
Ethically Sourced, hand made BDSM products and Fetish Wear
Ethical  Kink  bdsm  fetish  clothes  shopping  vegan 
august 2015 by Z303
Tyre belts made from recycled bike tyres
recycled  gifts  ethical  clothes  belts  via:bealers 
february 2010 by Z303
Bristol's EcoJam
Shops and services, jobs, freecycle and meetings.
community  green  bristol  sustainability  environment  jobs  ethical 
june 2009 by Z303
organizes consumers to make purchases that give financial rewards to those companies who agree to make environmentally friendly choices.
action  flashmob  business  campaign  collective  consumer  Carrotmob  via:JohnBradford  crowdsourcing  culture  environment  ethical  Ethics  sustainability  socialmedia  politics  interesting  green  ideas 
july 2008 by Z303
Dress for Success
aims to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.
charity  business  clothes  donation  ethical  funding  interviews  nonprofits  via:askmefi  politics  Professional  Volunteer  society  Women 
november 2007 by Z303
Could do better
Is the Fairtrade label quite the guarantee of good practice that we imagine?
ethical  Fairtrade  sustainability 
may 2007 by Z303
Ethically produced, sweatshop-free t shirts
ethical  green  organic  T-Shirts  tshirts  clothes  shop  shopping  via:hippyshopper 
may 2007 by Z303
Eithical Man
Newsnights Justin Rowlatt tries to be eithical.
advice  environment  ethical  green  howto  blogs  uk  living  newsnight 
march 2007 by Z303
is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.
architecture  art  blogs  buildings  creativity  design  environment  energy  future  ethical  green  houses  housing  ideas  news  sustainability 
march 2007 by Z303
a campaign to highlight Tesco's impact on its supply chain both in the UK and internationally.
Activism  business  campaign  corporations  ethical  food  planning  politics  supermarkets  sustainability 
march 2007 by Z303
Fairtrade Tea, Fairtrade Coffee and Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate
chocolate  coffee  company  ethical  Ethics  fairtrade  politics  tea  zerofootprint  green  shop  shopping 
march 2007 by Z303
Discover the best specialist food and drink producers who deliver straight to your door.
ethical  fish  food  foodmiles  green  lifestyle  meat  organic  shop  shopping  uk  sustainable 
february 2007 by Z303
The Natural Store
Organic Cotton & Fair Trade Clothing. Organic & Green Baby. Ethical Fashion. Natural Luxury.
ethical  Fashion  green  lingerie  organic  products  shopping  sustainability  FairTrade  uk  shop 
february 2007 by Z303
The Green Shop
environmental products for a sustainable future
business  consumer  energy  environment  ethical  green  organic  products  shop  sustainable 
august 2006 by Z303
Dedicated to building wind turbines to provide renewable energy and wind power
alternative  carbon  energy  environment  ethical  green  house  power  Renewable  sustainability  UK  utilities 
august 2006 by Z303
Harvest Bristol
Ethical & Organic Vegetarian, Vegan & Fair Traded Foods & Goods
bristol  food  organic  green  fairtrade  Ethical 
july 2006 by Z303
It's Not Easy Being Green
Our aim:To live a 21st century lifestyle but to produce little or no waste and to remove our dependence upon fossil fuels. Companion site for the BBC tv series.
green  tv  ethical  environment 
april 2006 by Z303
National Association of Farmers' Markets
find your nearest suppliers of locally produced food.
environment  ethical  food  green  markets  organic  resources  shopping  uk 
february 2006 by Z303
Is ethical living practical?
Ethical living may salve your conscience, but is it practical? Kate Finnigan gives her shopping habits a moral makeover - and spends a week finding out. [via Reddit]
fairtrade  ethical  green  lifestyle  society 
february 2006 by Z303
Ethical living
Guardian's coverage on various issues to do with living in a more ethical way.
environment  ethical  green  news 
november 2005 by Z303
Epona Sport
Offering an ethical alternative in the sportswear market.
clothes  ethical  fairtrade  organic  shopping 
november 2005 by Z303
Indigo Clothing
T-shirt Printing and Embroidery.
Clothing  T-Shirts  ethical  organic  shopping 
november 2005 by Z303
Living Ethically
Organic, Ecological and Ethical shopping and information.
fairtrade  ethical  green  organic  shopping 
november 2005 by Z303
People Tree
Fair Trade and Ecology Fashion
clothes  ethical  shopping  fairtrade 
october 2005 by Z303
Beyond Skin
Beautiful ethical footwear
shop  shoes  footwear  ethical  green 
october 2005 by Z303
luxury hand made organic quality chocolate by montezuma's in sussex uk
chocolate  food  organic  shopping  fairtrade  ethical  green  shop  sweets 
october 2005 by Z303
No Sweat
Union-Made Sweatshop-Free Casual Apparel
Clothing  shopping  T-Shirts  ethical 
october 2005 by Z303
Ethical Wares
An ethically-based mail order company run by vegans who seek to trade in a manner which does not exploit animals, humans or the wider environment.
Clothing  ethical  organic  shopping  shoes 
october 2005 by Z303
Ethical Junction
An ethical businesses directory for the UK and Ireland.
directory  reference  green  shopping  UK  Ireland  ethical  business 
october 2005 by Z303

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