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Good Tech Conf
Using technology for social good
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High-Performance Graphics
the leading international forum for performance-oriented graphics systems research including innovative algorithms, efficient implementations, and hardware architecture. The conference brings together researchers, engineers, and architects to discuss the complex interactions of massively parallel hardware, novel programming models, efficient graphics algorithms, and novel applications.
computergraphics  conference  research 
january 2018 by Z303
is a series of technical conferences for engineers who build or maintain systems that are designed for scale.
facebook  conference 
may 2017 by Z303
Reasons to
is the award winning 3 day international conference with a festival vibe, held annually in Brighton UK, every first Mon, Tue, Weds of every September. Each year the very best international creative and developer speakers take to the stage to inform, inspire, entertain, thrill and educate designers and coders that attend from all over the world.
conference  creativecode 
april 2017 by Z303
is on a mission to empower women software developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors.
conference  development  women  technology 
march 2016 by Z303
enables event organizers to easily manage their call for papers and talk submissions, without relying on tools such as Google Forms, WuFoo Forms, and other less than perfect systems.
speakers  conference  cfp  tools 
february 2016 by Z303
is a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting women artists where they are under-represented in the fields of new media, computer arts, and technology.
design  conference  electronics  arts 
january 2016 by Z303
A community for developers and users of Python data tools.
datascience  python  conference 
may 2015 by Z303
Meeting C++
A independent C++ Conference, and the attempt to establish a european network for C++. Meeting C++ focuses on C++ and its frameworks like boost, Qt and others.
C++  Conference  community 
december 2013 by Z303
C++ Now
is a conference dedicated to discussion and education about C++, an open and free language and standard.
conference  c++  programming 
march 2013 by Z303
The Hack Day Manifesto
Some basic requirements to make your event a success, and avoid the common pitfalls that could otherwise ruin it.
conference  events  manifesto  hackday 
april 2012 by Z303
The 99 Percent
we focus on what happens after inspiration. Based on the belief that, as creative professionals, we often focus too much on idea generation and not enough on execution.
business  design  technology  conference  art  productivity  marketing  ideas  creativity  innovation  99percent  via:dmje 
september 2009 by Z303
broadcasts seminars and live feed from annual Assembly demoparty in Finland.
demoscene  conference  video  Assembly  demoparty  talks 
august 2009 by Z303
High Performance Graphics
Graphics Hardware and Interactive Ray Tracing
graphics  3d  raytracing  conference  brdf  hardware  computergraphics 
april 2009 by Z303
is the UK branch of Eurographics, a world-wide organisation devoted to the needs of professionals in computer graphics and all related visual disciplines. Membership of the UK Chapter comes from being an EG member living in the UK.
eurographics  conference  uk  computergraphics 
february 2009 by Z303
Understanding Web Design
Jeffrey Zeldman answers the question: what does a web designer need most? Skills and knowledge of software, of course, but empathy—the ability to think about and empathize with your user—is by far the most important. Good useful education is hard to find, and within companies there is often no departmental standardization. Good graphic design is not the same as good user experience design, he explains. In fact, “good web design is invisible”—it feels simple and authentic because it’s about the character of the content, not the character of the designer.
zeldman  presentations  conference  alistapart  aiga  business  design  web  webdesign  usability  inspiration  presentation  talks 
december 2008 by Z303
Notes from Playful
Playful is a one-day event all about games and play – in all their manifestations, throughout the contemporary media landscape.
conference  playful  2008  games  gaming  presentation  events  talks  play  notes  arg 
november 2008 by Z303

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